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Anastasia Palma
Sakura Wars Artwork Anastasia Palma.png
Anastasia Palma
Series New Sakura Wars
Age 19
Birthdate 1921
Relations Unnamed Parents (deceased)
Birthplace Greece
Weapon Guns
Spiricles Mugen
Spiricle Color Blue
Gender Female
Hair Gray
Eyes Blue
First Appearance
New Sakura Wars

Episode 2

Last Appearance
New Sakura Wars
First Appearance
Sakura Wars the Comic
First Appearance
New Sakura Wars the Animation

Episode 1 : The Curtain Rises! The New Combat Revue

Last Appearance
New Sakura Wars the Animation

Episode 12 : The Grand Finale! Hope for Tomorrow!

Media Portrayal
Japanese Voice Ayaka Fukuhara
English Voice Stephanie Young

Anastasia Palma (アナスタシア・パルマ, Anasutashia Paruma) is a member of the Imperial Combat Revue's Flower Division. She is one of the primary female characters in New Sakura Wars.


She is a tall, dark-skinned Greek woman with dark silver hair and deep blue eyes. she wears a dress with open back and bibs, with a blue ribbon, the upper part is white, while from the abdomen downwards light red wine, which extends to below the knees, wears blue dress pants, in addition to light blue heels. As accessories, she has a pair of gold bracelets on her left arm and a blue and white bracelet on her right wrist


Anastasia is quite confident and determined, in her turn very cautious. In the fight she stands out for not hesitating when fighting and always supporting her teammates above all. from the way he usually acts, he shows that it can be something cold or very serious, in the same strict way. Besides that, she shows that she has a great passion for singing and theater, due to her past.



New Sakura Wars

New Sakura Wars the Animation

In 1941, a year after Genan's defeat, Anastasia and the Flower Division were left in the care of their comrade Sakura, who was been named Acting Captain to lead the Flower Division in the absence of Seijuro Kamiyama (who was sent on a secret mission in Russia).

Episode 1 : The Curtain Rises! The New Combat Revue!

A week after Seijuro's departure, the Flower Division prepares itself for the new show, Freezing Soul, which serves as Sakura's first production as Acting Captain. As Sakura expresses her excitement, Anastasia then calls the girl. When Sakura asks the older woman if something is wrong, Anastasia says it's nothing dire as she demands to adjust her outfit which is a little tight in the back. Sakura asks if now is the moment but Anastasia replies that she's a perfectionnist. Sakura then runs out of the dressing room in search of Azami (who left after rehearsal was over) as she says that she'll run costumes while she's at it. Anastasia thanks the girl.

Anastasia and the other members of the Flower Division join Sakura to greet Seijuro in the hallway before noticing that a new girl is alongside him. When Azami asks for the girl's identity, Seijuro introduces her as Klara and that she's joining the Flower Division as part of a trial basis. Sakura and her comrades express their surprise at Klara joining the Flower Division.

The girls return to the dressing room to prepare themselves for the show. Sakura is frowning due to Klara's arrival when Anastasia says that stage makeup could be quite unforgiving to maidens. Sakura thanks her while wondering why she was frowning. Hatsuho says that she understands her friend's worries due to Seijuro coming back from a mystery assignment with a secret smile and a new girl at his side which is a lot to take in. As Anastasia and Azami agree with Hatsuho's comments, Sakura tells her friends to stop being dramatic and that Seijuro probably brought Klara at the theater for a reason. When Anastasia asks to what end, Hatsuho questions Klara's identity as probably a secret love child of Seijuro before Azami and Claris calling him a villain. Frustrated, Sakura asks the girls if they're crazy and what do they think Seijuro is with Anastasia calling him a giggolo. Kaoru enters the room and tells everyone to take their places for the beginning of the show. Anastasia and the girls do really well as their performance impresses Klara who watching the show from afar alongside Seijuro.

After the show, Anastasia praises her comrades' performances as she shares Clarissa's thoughts that the show could have a great run.

Later on, Anastasia and the Flower Division meet in the Control Room where Sumire tells the Flower Division that a major incident happened in the outskirts of Petrograd in Russia a week ago. Sumire tells the cover story for the incident was an unfortunate explosion but that the truth was far more disturbing : the Moscow Combat Revue was attacked which caused their airship to crash. She says that only one member of the Revue was accounted for while the other are considered missing for the time being. It is revealed that Seijuro and members of other Revues, which include Lancelot of the London Combat Revue and Elise of the Berlin Combat Revue, were dispatched to investigate and secure Klara who is the only surviving member of the attack. When Anastasia questions why they will secure Klara, Seijuro reveals that two mysterious individuals appear to be after Klara, one of them being as powerful as a greater demon. Concerned about Klara's welfare, Anastasia asks Seijuro if he has any information regarding the assailants. The young man says he does not as they haven't attacked since that night. The young man says he brought Klara because she needed somebody to stand for her as she has lost her comrades. The girls understand the situation as they're like one big family. Anastasia and the girls promise Seijuro they'll take good care of Klara.

Suddenly, sirens are heard as demons appear in the capital, running straight for the theater. In response, Seijuro orders the Flower Division to deploy and fight the demons. Anastasia and the girls climb aboard their robots and land in front of the theater, ready to fight against the enemy. Anastasia succesfully vaporizes the demons by shooting a massive beam from her umbrella while her friends kill the remaining monsters, succesfully defending the theater.

After the fight, the Flower Division go outside to say goodbye to Seijuro as he's about to return to the WLOF to complete the necessary paperwork. Anastasia and the others watch Seijuro leaving the theater without knowing that a mysterious black-caped individual is watching from afar

Episode 2 : Identity Unknown! A Mysterious Foe Appears

Anastasia is singing while playing the piano in the Music Room when two of her comrades, Sakura and Klara, enter the room as part of Sakura's ''grand theatrical tour''. Sakura claps her hand in admiration before praising Anastasia's marvelous performance and asking her if there is anything that she can't do. The actress happily tells Sakura that she's too kind. When Anastasia asks Klara if she can sing, the young girl says that she can just a little. After Anastasia says that Klara must sing more than a little to become part of the Revue, Sakura reassures Klara that they can practice anytime they want. Anastasia says that being a performer is more than a curtain call and that Klara will have her work cut out for her. When Klara asks if they could do it together, Sakura says they could. She tells her friend to not feel intimadated by Anastasia's words as it is the older woman's way of being nice.

Episode 3 : Tokyo Trembles! The New Moscow Combat Revue!

Anastasia and her comrades run outside in the courtyard to see the Sevastopol. Suddenly, five masked individuals jump off from the airship and land in the courtyard. Hatsuho angrily insults the arrivants for suddenly appearing in Tokyo while demanding for their identity and if they're searching for a fight. She also comments that they're messing with the Imperial Combat Revue. Then, a young man lands in front of the members of the Imperial Combat Revue's Flower Division. Telling the group not to be alarmed by his ominous arrival, the young man politely introduces himself as Valery Kaminski, Captain of the Moscow Combat Revue.

Anastasia and her comrades follow Kaminski in the Dining Hall. He sits down with Kaoru Rindou while the Flower Division and Klara watch. Sakura then asks Kaminski about the conflicting reports that the Moscow Combat Revue was taken down in an attack. Kaminski tells the Flower Division that he and his Revue were about to welcome a new member in the outskirts of Petrograd as part of a task given to them by the WLOF until their airship was attacked by an unknown adversary. He mentions that while the entire Revue survived the attack, they will forever be carrying burdens and be scarred by horrible burn injuries, forcing them to wear long black coats and metal helmets. However, he says that because of the attack, the group was able to revive from their ashes like a phoenix as the ''New Moscow Combat Revue''. Kaoru says that she's relieved that Kaminski's group are safe but asks what is the purpose of their visit. Hatsuho tells Kaminski that a sudden arrival in Tokyo will lead to people thinking he's up to no good. He states they have come as part of a family matter.

Right after he spoke, one of the Moscow Combat Revue members, who is revealed to be called Leyla, steps forward and takes off her coat and mask, revealing herself as a beautiful silver-haired young woman. The woman approaches Klara as Hatsuho tells her to back off as she is scaring the young girl. Leyla tells her to come along but Klara does not seem to remember her, much to Leyla's shock. Kaoru tells Kaminski that Klara doesn't remember anything from her past and that while her amnesia could be temporary, they can't be certain. However, Kaminski says that it does not matter and that his Revue will personally take care of Klara's recovery as she's one of their own. Klara is again approached by Leyla who keeps telling her to come back but the young girl is terrified. Leyla is stopped by Hatsuho who angrily says that she does not like the idea of returning an amnesiac defenceless Klara and that she's a member of the Imperial Combat Revue. The other members of the Flower Division agree with Hatsuho that they will never give a terrified child to strangers with Azami stating that her village rules will never allow such a thing. But Leyla responds by saying they will take Klara by force if necessary. Hatsuho provokes Leyla by attempting to punch her but the other girl's right eye glows red granting her unknown strength to tighten Hatsuho's fist. Kaminski tells Leyla to stop as Revues are made to fight demons and not others. Kaminski insists the Flower Division to give Klara back but Sakura refuses, telling him that they were ordered by their Captain, Seijuro Kamiyama, to watch over Klara and they will keep her until further notice or news from him. Kaminski then asks where Seijuro is and when will he return. Even though Kaoru says that he's currently on a mission in Europe and that the date of his return is unknown, Kaminski still insists for Klara's return.

Sumire unexpectly enters the room asking what is happening. Kaminski, surprised to see a legendary performer of the Imperial Combat Revue, stands up and calls her the heroic woman of Tokyo. The young man creates a full rose bouquet with Azami noting that he only gave one single rose to Sakura (Anastasia says it's because Sakura is not as famous as her Commander much to Sakura's annoyance). When Sumire asks what this is, Kaminski says that Sumire's beauty could thaw the coldest heart while noting the cold Siberian tundra possibly froze his. Wanting to give some thanks of her own, Sumire brings Kaminski to her office where they both discuss about Klara.

Anastasia and her friends follow Sumire and Kaminski to Sumire's office. The two are talking while the Flower Division is eavesdropping. Sumire says that while she's the Commander, her hands are tied up as it was Captain Seijuro Kamiyama who ordered the Flower Division to watch over Klara and that the young girl will remain with them under Kamiyama's orders to the Flower Division's relief. However, Kaminski says that he will forcibly request Klara's return under a sanction's decree. He says that an official injonction will not take too much time and that they will meet again. After his meeting with Sumire, Kaminski leaves the theater with Leyla and his group with Anastasia and the others watching.

Later, Sumire summons Anastasia and the Flower Division to her office to tell them she received a call from the WLOF which confirmed Kaminski is indeed with the Moscow Combat Revue. She tells them that since Kaminski told the truth, it will not take long before an official order tells them to give them Klara. Hatsuho is frustrated by the news but Clarissa says that they cannot ignore an order coming from above. Klara is worried until she feels a repulsive feeling. When Sakura asks her what's wrong, Klara tells her that ''they're coming''. The others are concerned about her words just before the alarm rings, alerting them that the demons are coming. The Flower Division deploys to fight the demon while Klara goes to observe the battle from the Control Room.

Sakura leads the charge against the invaders who appeared near Tokyo Bay but are surprised to find only one demon of a gargantuan size. Sumire says that the demon's size does not matter as they clearly outnumber it. However, Hatsuho starts acting strange by immediately attacking. Sakura tries to reason with her friend but Hatsuho says that she's in a bad mood today and that she wants to release some anger. Hatsuho gets hit away by the demon who is revealed to be surprisingly fast despite its great size. After Hatsuho got hit by the demon, Sakura runs to protect her friend who was about to get squashed by the demon's foot. Anastasia, Azami and Clarissa attack to distract the beast while Sakura asks her friend if she's alright.

Kaminski suddenly contacts the Flower Division during their battle asking them if they desire assistance as their airship is located not far from their current location. Hatsuho talks back by refusing, saying that if it is discovered that they had to rely on another Combat Revue for assistance, it will not do any favors to the Flower Division's reputation. Kaminski replies by saying that such thing is not important in times of crisis and turns over to Sakura to leave her to make the choice as Captain. Sakura refuses saying they do not need any help. Kaminski understands the decision and tells Sakura the Moscow Combat Revue will remain in standby in case they should mobilize and leaves. Sakura says that it's not up to the Moscow Combat Revue to defend Tokyo but them. Under Sakura's words, the Flower Division follow the demon which keeps advancing towards the Imperial Theater.

The Flower Division corner the beast which couldn't advance any further bacause of the rising bridge. Sakura asks the others if they're ready with Hatsuho replying that she will take the demon down this time. However, Sakura says she won't and that while she was lucky it didn't kill her, it will be better and safer to fight as a team. Hatsuho sacarsticaly answers back with her friend asking her what's her problem. Unknownly to Sakura, her childhood friend has bitter feelings about not being chosen as Acting Captain by Seijuro. Hatsuho says that can do this on her own and ask Sakura to stand down. Hatsuho charges much to Sakura's surprise. While Sakura is worried, Anastasia suggests to use Hatsuho's tenacity to their full adavantage and create coordinated attacks. Everyone weakens the demon with Hatsuho using her special attack Ceremonial Hammer to deal the final blow. With the demon seemingly down, Hatsuho expresses her excitement but Sakura sees the demon stand up and tries to warn Hatsuho. However, before Hatsuho can react, the demon knocks Hatsuho's hammer into the river leaving her defenceless and knocking her Mugen down on the floor. Sakura tries to save her friend but gets knocked away while Anastasia, Azami and Clarissa attack from afar but to no avail. Unable to move, Hatsuho screams as she's about to get crushed before a massive energy blast comes from the sky and hits the beast. Five mysterious black Spiricle Strikers belonging to the Moscow Combat Revue land down in front of the demon. Leyla, who was piloting one of them, mocks the Flower Division's lack of power and tells them to witness true power. The Moscow Combat Revue attack in tandem to succesfully destroy the beast surprising the Flower Division. After witnessing that, Hatsuho slams her own fists in frustration on her command board.

Later, Anastasia and the Flower Division are on the bridge as Hatsuho's Kobu gets carried away by Reiji. Kaminski and Leyla approach while taunting the Flower Division. Kaminski looks at Klara and warns Sumire that demons will keep appearing in Tokyo as long as Klara remains in the city. Both he and Leyla leave the scene, with Sakura lowering her head in disapointment thinking Kaminski says they failed to protect the city and Klara. The Flower Division remain silent as Hatsuho screams to the heavens in frustration for her actions.

Episode 4 : Friendship in Full Bloom! Thousand Year Cherry Blossoms!

Anastasia, alongside Clarissa and Azami, are leaning on the Control Room's door to listen a conversation between Sumire and Seijuro about the mysterious resurgence of the Moscow Combat Revue. The door accidently opens making the three girls drop in. Standing up, the three girls salute Seijuro with the latter asking where are Sakura and Hatsuho. All girls make a sad face before telling Seijuro about Hatsuho's depression after their last battle.

Anastasia and the others are brought into the Parlor by Sakura who shows them a note from Hatsuho saying that she went back home. With a grim face, Clarissa worries that they might not see Hatsuho ever again. Sakura tries to say that it's fine and that maybe Hatsuho went back for the spring festival season. Azami says that she might come back when the festival is over. Anastasia says that she'll be glad to teach Hatsuho some lessons when she'll come back. Sakura and Klara, who wants to come along, then leave the Theater with Komachi telling them goodbye.

Episode 5 : The Goofball Detective Combo! Find Klara's Secret!

Anastasia is seen practicing behind the curtain of the big scene when she's approached by her comrades Azami and Clarissa. The girls ask the older woman if she has seen Klara, who they've been spying on all day, with the actress saying that she has not. Azami and Clarissa leave the room with Anastasia wondering what they're doing.

Episode 6 : Strange and Bizarre! The True Identity of Black Cape!

One morning, Anastasia is going to the Dining Room with the other girls for breakfast and encounter Sakura's swordmaster Hakushuu who was awaiting them. Realizing Klara and Hakushuu never met directly, Sakura introduces her friend but is surprised when Hakushuu already knows Klara's identity. When Sakura asks her master how she already knows about Klara, Hakushuu says she's heard rumors about the new member of the Flower Division being a young girl from Russia and that Tokyo is all over her. Hakushuu and Klara shake hands with the young girl being pleased to meet her. Hakushuu tells Sakura and Klara to come to the orphanage she works at to help her clean a storage room. The three women leave the Theater while the others remain behind.

Later, Anastasia, Hatsuho, Clarissa and Azami receive an anonymous tip from Hakushuu who warns them that Black Cape has returned to try another attempt at capturing Klara. The girls get to the orphanage while bringing Sakura's Mugen for them. The Flower Division, now completed, joins Hakushuu in a fight against Black Cape.

After launching attack after attack on the mysterious individual, Black Cape's clothes get burned down revealing its true nature as a robot-like entity. It then attacks with increased agility and speed by jumping on Clarissa's Mugen. Hakushuu jumps and attacks Black Cape but her attack is stopped when the robot moves his arms backwards. Despite its speed, Black Cape gets damaged by its enemies which causes it to levitate nearby rocks and fuse with them.

Black Cape reappears in its true form : a rock monster with purple crystals all over its body which shocks the Flower Division. With its newly found strength, Black Cape fights against Hakushuu who transforms into White Cape. The masked woman is able to hold back her own against it much to the surprise of the Flower Division. After a small scuffle, White Cape instructs Sakura and the Flower Division to attack the demon and aim for the demon's core which is the blue crystal located in its chest. Despite its best efforts, Black Cape is destroyed when Sakura uses her special attack Cherry Blossom Blizzard to destroy the demon's core. The core's destruction causes Black Cape's body to be engulfed in a red explosion, destroying the demon once and for all. However, the explosion, which is witnessed by Klara, triggers the young girl's memory to return in the form of a vision where Klara watches the Moscow Combat Revue fall in front of her. Horrified by the memory, Klara screams which alerts Sakura. Sakura exits her Mugen and hugs a teary Klara to comfort her as Anastasia, Naoya and the Flower Division look at them with a worried look.

Later at the Theater, Anastasia and the others learn from Hakushuu that she was using Klara as bait to lure out Black Cape in the open as she knew they will come after Klara. Sakura reprimands her master for putting her friend in danger but Hakushuu says that Klara's safety was her top priority and that she brought Sakura to protect her as she knew her student was able to do so. The other girls then talk about Black Cape's identity as a robot with Anastasia suggesting that someone must have builded the robot to capture Klara. As they wonder about who their unknown enemy is, Sakura is disappointed that they are at the same place as they were before and that the ''nightmare'' is not over yet. However, she also says that she and her friends will keep protecting Klara as she's part of their family. Afterwards, Anastasia and her friends watch Klara and Hakushuu talk before Hakushuu leaves the Theater.

Episode 7 : Stealth Mission! Tail the Date!

Anastasia and the Flower Division greet Seijuro who has recently came back from his mission in Europe. When Sakura tells her Captain that it's great to see him, Klara ran to hug him much to the surprise of Seijuro and the girls. Everyone is perplexed when they see Klara in tears.

Wanting to win Seijuro's attention, Sakura decides to cook a meal for her Captain. While the young swordswoman is tasting her cooking, Hatsuho arrives and asks her friend when did she started to cook. Surrounded by her friends, Sakura says that she's making something that will make Klara cheer up while also making something that will give Seijuro the ''taste of home''. After waking up from a romantic vision, Sakura sees that her comrades including Klara have all decided to cook for Seijuro much to her dismay. While cooking, Anastasia asks Clarissa if she knew olive oil was a staple of Greek cuisine. Clarissa comments on how her homeland Luxembourg is close to Greece and that they must use the same ingredients as a result.

After Sakura gives a bowl of miso soup to Seijuro, Anastasia arrives with her own dish which is a moussaka. This interests Seijuro as he never had Greek before. The other girls arrive with their own dish for Seijuro (Hatsuho has onigiri, Clarissa has steamed mussels, Klara has beef and Azami has the ''Ninja Surprise Pot''). The girls then ask Seijuro what he's going to eat first. However, Seijuro suggests that they all eat together because there is so much food. Everyone agrees and sit down to enjoy their meals.

The next day, Anastasia, Hatsuho, Clarissa and Azami are summoned to the Control Room where Reiji reveals a video of Seijuro, Sakura and Klara leaving for a date in the city. Anastasia is confused as to why Seijuro has hidden this from everyone. Reiji summons Itsuki Saijou and Hiromi Hongou of the Moon Division to assist the Flower Division in their ''mission'' while Komachi thinks the whole plan is absurd.

During the ''mission'', Anastasia, who was wearing sunglasses, spied on Seijuro, Sakura and Klara as they were having their date. At some point, the actress and her Flower Division get themselves lost in a crowd with Hatsuho desperatly asking which way they should go

Anastasia and the girls try to follow Seijuro's trio on a boat but were stopped by an employee as the boat was full. They then watch a disguised Kaminski and Leyla, who were also following the trio, run jump over the river to try to land on the boat only to fail and fall into the river.

After the boat left, the Flower Division comments that since Klara was with Seijuro and Sakura, they realize that they weren't really on a date with Anastasia saying that they were just taking Klara out. Anastasia and the girls drop their communication watches, much to Reiji's dismay, and leave the scene with Hatsuho asking the girls if they're ready for some fun.

Episode 8 : Nonstop Chaos! The Combat Revue Challenge!

Anastasia and the Imperial Combat Revue are challenged by the Moscow Combat Revue to live broadcast competition that will determine Klara's future. The actress and her comrades support Sumire as she confronts Valery Kaminski for putting them in a position where they cannot back out without having their reputation be tarnished.

In the Imperial Combat Revue's loge, Klara apologizes for causing problems but Hatsuho pats the young girl's head and tells her that because ''they wanted a fight, they're giving them one''. After Anastasia and the other girls tell Klara that there is nothing to worry about and that they will protect Klara, the young girl nods with a few tears on her face.

For the first round, which is a dance battle, Anastasia and the Flower Division watch Hatsuho perform with traditional Shinto dancing. Everyone looks in admiration as they feel confidant about a possible victory. Afterwards, Anastasia and her friends watch Leyla perform the Black Swan ballet, with Clarissa commenting on how Leyla looks like she's flying, which allows her to claim victory with 196 points against Hatsuho's 182 points. While the Flower Division is disappointed that they didn't win the first round, Sakura says that they're still in and that they will ''kick butt'' for Klara.

After Azami's victory in the second round (due to Kaminski withdrawing), Anastasia and the girls greet the young ninja as she returns to the loge. Azami casually mentions that she won but Clarissa points out that she only won by default. Anastasia claims that despite Kaminski's withdrawal, a victory is still a victory. Sakura and her friends say with confidence that they will win the third round which consists of a mock battle.

During the third round, where the winner is determined by who reaches Klara first, Anastasia and Clarissa remain in the the Flower Division loge to watch Sakura, Hatsuho and Azami battle Leyla and the Moscow Combat Revue. When the Flower Division first appears to have the upper hand, two other members of the Moscow Combat Revue attack Sakura when she was on top of the tower. A confused Clarissa asks Anastasia if these are new members. The Greek actress says that the Moscow Combat Revue members that were defeated by Hatsuho and Azami are still motionless on the ground.

After Sumire tries to order Kaminski to stop his team in vain, she orders Anastasia and Clarissa to stop the young man in his loge. The two women enter Kaminski's loge and order him to stop what he's doing. However, to the surprise of both women, the figure turns around and reveals itself to be Black Cape who was supposed to be defeated. The two Flower Division members fight against Black Cape.

Afterwards, Anastasia and Clarissa could only watch helplessly as the Moscow Combat Revue's actions cause the stadium to be destroyed while Klara flies away after awakening her powers.

Episode 9 : Unbelievable! The Truth About Klara!

Following the events at the stadium, Anastasia returned to the Imperial Theater alongside Sumire, Kaoru and the Flower Division. An angry Hatsuho asks Sumire why the media think the Flower Division are working with the Moscow Combat Revue. Sumire says it's because they cannot allow the public to learn the truth about the events they're currently facing. Anastasia also says it's because they cannot reveal that there are demons working inside the WLOF. Knowing that Anastasia accuses Klara of being a demon, the shrine maiden answers back by saying that Klara is no demon but Anastasia, Azami and Clarissa all suspect that Klara, whose sister Leyla is a demon, faked her amnesia as a way to infiltrate the group. Flabbergasted, Hatsuho was unable to respond when the group receives a video transmission from Seijuro.

Anastasia and the Flower Division listens to the young man as he informs his comrades about what he discovered in Russia during his investigation. He reveals that after travelling around Russia, he discovered that the Moscow Combat Revue truly perished when their airship fell down and that Valery Kaminski's Moscow Combat Revue are actually frauds. On top of that, he tells the Flower Division how he was in contact with a woman called Natalia Ruzhkova. Natalia, who was a scientist researching on Demons, met up with Seijuro one night and revealed how she used cells harvested from a certain greater demon to create human-demon hybrids known as Nadezhda. She almost gave up due to many failed experiments until two Nadezhda that she created were born : Leyla and Klara. She also told Seijuro on how Kaminski, joined the project as a ''volunteer'' to further Natalia's research. However, Kaminski, who mysteriously knew about the Nadezhda, secretly joined the project to use the Nadezhda's power to rule the world. After Natalia discovered Kaminski's plans, she escaped with Klara and contacted the WLOF to warn them. The WLOF sent the Moscow Combat Revue to pick up Klara near Petrograd but Kaminski, who knew about it, arrived and attacked the Moscow Combat Revue's airship, killing the entire Revue in the process.

After hearing Seijuro's story, Sumire asks the Flower Division what will they do now that they know the truth. Anastasia and the girls are uncertain of their next move until Sakura speaks out and says that the entire truth about Kaminski and the Nadezhda is too much to take. However, she says how much she loved being with Klara, how she doesn't want to see the girl suffer anymore and that she just want to tell her ''Welcome Home'' should she returns to the Theater. After hearing that, Anastasia and the other Flower Division members agree with their friend when Kaoru informs them that the Sevastopol has just appeared. Noticing that the Sevastopol was hiding underwater, the Flower Division wonders on why has Kaminski's forces reappeared now with Sumire theorizing that they might have found Klara. Sumire tells the girls to find Klara before Kaminski's forces and bring her home.

Anastasia and the Flower Division arrives to fight Leyla and her comrades. After Hatsuho reveals that they know that Leyla's group are not the real Moscow Combat Revue, Leyla sends her comrades to fight the Flower Division. Leyla keeps running away as her comrades are being taken down one by one by the Flower Division who are joined by White Cape. Now cornered, Leyla turns into her Nadezhda form and pins down Hatsuho's Mugen on the ground. Leyla turns over to Klara and tries to persuade her that no one will accept her as they will see her as a monster. White Cape, who reveals herself to be Hakushuu Murasame, the friend of Klara and Leyla's mother, Natalia, frees Klara from Leyla's Ekaterina.

Klara tells her older sister that she chooses to remain with Sakura and the Flower Division. As Klara reaches out to grab the hand of Sakura's Mugen, Kaminski uses the Sevastopol to launch an energy beam on the Flower Division causing a massive explosion that seriously injures Sakura and makes her lose consciousness. Hakushuu gets Sakura out of her Mugen before it explodes. As Kaminski keeps firing on the Flower Division, Anastasia and her comrades try to defend themselves from his attcks but were unable to move as a powerless Klara is taken by Leyla before flying away.

Episode 10 : The Destruction of Tokyo? The Rage of Tunguska!

After the last battle against Leyla, Anastasia and the Flower Division return to the Imperial Theater with their Mugen seriously damaged. In the Hangar, Anastasia asks Reiji how long it will take him to fix everything with the young man saying it could take him maybe 12 hours to get everything in a working condition. Hatsuho and Clarissa fear that another attack could happen in that time and ask Reiji about putting them to work as a way to resolve the situation faster but Reiji says that this one is on him and that the girls should just rest. Sakura, who has now healed her severe injuries, approaches the group with Anastasia and the others asking for their's friend's health. After Sakura tells her friends that she's alright, the black-haired woman asks Reiji how bad her Mugen is. Unfortunately for the young swordswoman, the brown-haired young man tells her that her Mugen is unsalvagable.

Anastasia, the Flower Division, Sumire, Kaoru, Hakushuu and Reiji assemble in the Control Room to watch Valery Kaminski's live broadcast where he uses a crystal-like weapon known as the Rage of Tunguska to destroy a mountain in a matter of seconds. After demonstrating his powers, Kaminski gives all of the world governments an ultimatum : disband and recognize him as their supreme ruler or be destroyed.

After that, Anastasia and everybody else are contacted by Seijuro who tells them that the director of the WLOF was Kaminski's mechanical puppet and that Kaminski probably took advantage of the Genan Incident from one year ago to plant his puppet. The young man says that while the WLOF is safe now, European nations are concerned about Kaminski's display of power earlier and are already considering surrendering. When Anastasia and the Flower Division refuses to back down and abandon Klara and Tokyo, Seijuro agrees with their decision and turns to Sakura who says that she use a Type-3 Kobu to replace her unsalvagable Mugen. Seijuro turns over to Hakushuu who is waiting in the shadows of the Control Room and asks her to watch over his girls until he manages to come back home. After everyone agrees, Seijuro leaves.

In the Hangar, Anastasia and the Flower Division get aboard their Spiricle Strikers before entering in bullet-like capsules that will be shot to the Sevastopol. Hakushuu, dressed in her White Cape garments, also boards a capsule. With everybody ready, Reiji launches the Flower Division and Hakushuu all the way to the Sevastopol.

After arriving inside the Sevastopol, Anastasia, Hakushuu and the Flower Division make their way only to be confronted by Kaminski's mechanical dolls which are called the ''Moscow Fakers'' by Hatsuho. Suddenly, all of the dolls turn into golem-like demons which remind the girls of Black Cape's true form with Azami confirming that Black Cape was another one of Kaminski's minions and that he was behind everything. While Clarissa fears that they cannot fight all of those demons due to them struggling with Black Cape before, Hakushuu tells the girls that it's not time to rest as she runs to attack the demons. Anastasia and the Flower Division immediately join the battle with Anastasia and Clarissa attacking from the back. With the girls easily gaining the upper hand, Hakushuu leaves the scene after telling Sakura to take care of the remaining demons themselves as she will go to take care of the Rage of Tunguska.

Sakura is contacted by Reiji who warns her that the Type-3 Kobu is reaching its limits. Sakura tries to fight more but as the Kobu's status worsens, Reiji tells her to get out as it will get too dangerous for her. As Anastasia, Reiji and the Flower Division try to persuade Sakura of leaving by saying they could never face Klara if something happens to the swordswoman, the young swordswoman refuses as she cannot leave Klara. Her courageous declarations remind Sumire of her missing comrade Sakura Shinguji which prompts the Commander to ask Sakura if she's ready to go all the way to save Klara. Sumire then convinces Reiji to send the prototype Obu to the Sevastopol.

When the Obu arrives, Anastasia and the girls cover Sakura as she runs out of her Kobu and into the prototype Obu. The young swordswoman easily destroys every beast which impresses her comrades. With their path clear, Anastasia and the Flower Division move forward in search of Klara.

Episode 11 : A Fantastic, Tragic Love! Leyla's Heart!

Episode 12 : The Grand Finale! Hope for Tomorrow!

Powers and Abilities

Master Gunswoman : Anastasia is experienced in wielding a gun.