List of Autographs

Imperial Assault Force

Characters Autograph Summary
Ichiro Ogami Ogamisig.png Romaji cursive "Ogami Ichiro"
Sakura Shinguji Autograph Sakura S.jpg Kanji and hiragana "真宮寺 さくら" in a vertical manner.
Sumire Kanzaki Autograph Sumire.jpg Kanji and hiragana writing of her full name in the vertical manner.
Maria Tachibana Autograph Maria.jpg Romaji script "Maria T".
Iris Chateaubriand Autograph Iris.jpg Romaji script "Iris" with "Jean Paul" at the end.
Kohran Li Autograph Kohran Ri.jpg Kanji "李 紅蘭" with a heart at the end.
Kanna Kirishima Autograph Kanna.jpg Kanji and hiragana "桐島 カンナ".
Orihime Soletta Autograph Orihime.jpg Romaji script "Soletta Orihime" within a heart and at the end of script "ciao" down.
Reni Milchstraße Autograph Leni.jpg Romaji script "Reni Mi" with a star at the end.

Paris Assault Force

Characters Autograph Summary
Erica Fontaine Autograph Erica.jpg Cursive romanji "Fontaine erica", surname first with longer "F" with a small flower at the beginning name "erica".
Glycine Bleumer Glycine Autograph.jpg Romaji script "Glycine Bleumer".
Lobelia Carlini Lobelia Autograph.jpg Romaji script "Lobelia".
Hanabi Kitaoji Hanabi Autograph.jpg Romaji script "Hanabi. K".
Coquelicot Coquelicot Autograph.jpg Romaji "Coquelicot" with a "Nyannyan" for the "C" and a star above the "i".

New York Combat Revue

Characters Autograph Summary
Shinjiro Taiga Shinjirosig.jpg Kanji "大河 新次郎" in a vertical manner.
Gemini Sunrise Autograph-Gemini.jpg Romaji script "Gemini" with a swirled sun in the G and a sun at the end.
Sagitta Weinberg Autograph-Sagitta.jpg Romaji script "Sagitta Weinberg" of her full name.
Diana Caprice Autograph-Diana.jpg Romaji cursive "Diana Caprice".
Rikaritta Aries Autograph-Rikaritta.jpg Romaji script "Rika" with "Noko" at the end.
Subaru Kujou Autograph-Subaru.jpg Kanji writing of her full name in the diagonal manner.
Ratchet Altair 146px

Imperial Assault Force(Shin Sakura Wars)

Characters Autograph Summary
Seijuro Kamiyama
Sakura Amamiya Sakura Amamiya Autograph.png Kanji and hiragana "天宮 さくら" in a vertical manner.
Hatsuho Shinonome Hatsuho Shinonome Autograph.png Stylised kanji "東雲 初穂"
Azami Mochizuki Azami Mochizuki Autograph.png Kanji and hiragana "望月 あざみ" writing with brush letter in a vertical manner.
Clarissa Snowflake Clarissa Snowflake Autograph.png Romaji cursive script "Claris" with the name underlined that ends into a wing.
Anastasia Palma Anastasia Palma Autograph.png TBA



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