Azami Mochizuki
望月 あざみ
Azami Mochizuki
Series Shin Sakura Taisen
Age 13
Birthdate May 15th, 1927
Relations Yattansai Mochizuki (foster parent)
Place Japan
Martial Talents Ninjitsu
Weapon Kunai
Gender Female
Hair Marine Blue
Eyes Lilac
First Appearance
Shin Sakura Taisen: Episode 2
First Appearance
New Sakura Wars the Comic: Chapter 1
First Appearance
Shin Sakura Wars the Animation: Episode 1
Japanese Voice Hibiku Yamamura

Azami Mochizuki (望月 あざみ Mochizuki Azami) is one of the primary female characters in Shin Sakura Taisen. She is a member of the Teikoku Kagekidan's Hanagumi.


A young low-average size girl wearing a unique yellow outfit crossmixing with a maid's apron and violet skirt, long kimono sleeves, kunoichi stockings and high sole sandals.


Azami is shown to be very dedicated to her role as both a ninja and a member of the Flower Division. The young kunoichi would usually perform her training and make a habit of hiding around the Grand Imperial Theatre and keep an eye on anyone whom she finds suspicious. Such cases include performing water ninjustu arts in the bathhouse despite not intending to bathe and trying to capture some of Mr. I's henchmen who were pursuing her.

The young kunoichi also tends to correct her peers whenever they do not think of her as a ninja. When Seijuro Kamiyama points out her bright colored outfit does not fit the image of a ninja, she would counter by explaining that her clothes allow her to blend in with civilians and that ninjas wearing black clothing just only cries out the obvious to anyone who thinks of that stereotype.

Despite her role as a ninja, Azami has a childish personality and curiosity that befits her age. Most of her time, she would go to Hiromi Hongou's shop to buy manju sweets and once even could not resist pressing the buttons on a Peanut statue to find out its functions. Her foster grandfather Yattansai Mochizuki also holds onto her picture diary that contains records of daily training as a kunoichi when she was much younger.

Azami also has a tendency to bring up some of her '108 village rules' she learned to suit the occasion, even if some of those rules sound unnecessary and have almost nothing to do with being a ninja. For example, when Seijuro attempted to calm her down by offering snacks as a LIPS choice, Azami would recite a village rule where she must 'not take snacks as bribes' (after she was almost tempted to accept the offer).

After Seijuro gave her encouraging advice and treated her like a real ninja during her final test to become the master of the Mochizuki Ninja Arts, Azami would treat her relationship with her captain in an affectionate, familial manner. Such cases include hanging out together in her room to do some ninja training while treating it as a game, and when she and Seijuro go on a 'date' to a Santa dress-up festival.


In the games

Shin Sakura Taisen


  • The name Azami means "thistle" (あざみ).
  • Azami's surname Mochizuki means "hope" (望) (mochi) and "moon" (月) (zuki).



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