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Ciseaux (シゾー Shizō) is an enemy character from Sakura Taisen 3 voiced by Wataru Takagi.

Appearance and Personality

Ciseaux is a short, rabbit-like humanoid that always wears a silk hat, sunglasses, and a scissor that he uses to cut people, being a ripper that caused an uproar in Paris. Despite his rabbit-like appearance, he hates being called a rabbit.

He also pilots a large steam powered rabbit-like machine named Prelude (ウサギ型蒸気獣プレリュード), which can do high jumps with its powerful springs and has a strong scissor above the head that resembles rabbit ears.

In the games

Sakura Taisen 3

Sakura Taisen Monogatari: Mysterious Paris

Other appearances

Project X Zone

Ciseaux is one of the enemy Sega characters in the crossover tactical roleplaying game, Project X Zone. He is first encountered in Chapter 6: Justice Among the Skyscrapers.

Project X Zone 2

Ciseaux returns as a enemy character, reprising his role and first appearing in Chapter 20: The Power to Change Fate. He is first fought in the Great Oak Tree, the Phantoms of Paris's true base.


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