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Dramatic Dungeon Sakura Wars -Because you are there-
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Developer(s): Global Entertainment R&D Dept. 2, Nextech, Red Entertainment
Publisher(s): SEGA
Release Date: February 21, 2008
Genre: Dramatic Dungeon RPG
Platform(s): Nintendo DS
Mode(s): Single-player
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Dramatic Dungeon: Sakura Wars ~Because you are there~ (ドラマチックダンジョン サクラ大戦 〜君あるがため〜 Doramachikku danjon Sakura Taisen ~ Kimi aru ga tame ~) is a side story game that takes place after Sakura Wars V. It is a Nintendo DS tactical/strategy RPG that uses some of the characters from Sakura Wars 1, Sakura Wars 2, Sakura Wars 3, Sakura Wars 4, and Sakura Wars 5. This is a top-down adventure that takes place in Tokyo, Paris, and New York. If you have friend codes then you can play against your friends up to 4 players, but everyone needs their own copy of the game in order to play.

In the game the player is Ichiro Ogami.  He can recruit some of the characters from Sakura Wars 1~4. They fight beside him. For the New York stage, some of characters of Sakura Wars 5 will be avaliable for recruiting. All of the characters cannot use koubu and must fight on foot with their special abilities and attacks against demons.


Spring of Taisho 12 years. It all started on the day that a young officer, Ichiro Ogami, was transferred to the Imperial Huagumi Corps and Hanagumi, which was formed for the spiritual defense of the Imperial City, as captain. Ogami leads the Imperial Hanagumi / Hana-gumi, and Europe has 13 members of the Paris Hanaghan / Hanagumi, which was created in the flower capital of Paris. In 1616, he took the position of Commander of the Imperial Huaghan Corps. 1928 (Taisho 17): A new world of freedom and hope, string training. Ogami's nephew, Shinjiro Okawa, joins the squadron group, Hoshigumi. Shinjiro, who was recognized for his strength in the star group, commanded his unit as captain. Protected the string from the hands of the evil demon and restored peace to the city. And now ... Spring 1918, spring. The new performance of the Imperial Opera Company, Hanagumi, "The Girl of Orleans" has begun, and here the Ginza and Great Imperial Theater was shrouded in great cheers . But now, no one has yet to know that a new evil hand is threatening the peace of the Imperial City ...


Command Room

You can organize a party in the dungeon in the Operations Room. You can use the stalls to sort out into dungeons. Since there is a limit to the number of items you can have at one time, store unnecessary items in the basement warehouse. If you fall down in the dungeon, you will lose items. Ask for a password rescue so that it does not happen.

Looking Around

During the game, you can go around the theater or go around the city before going out on the catastrophe (to advance the main story). During the tour, various events take place. During the tour, when an event using the microphone input occurs, you can actually call the members. While watching, you may be invited to a so-called “quest” by a member of the Hug Team.

"LIPS" system

During a conversation with a character, an option with a time limit called “LIPS” may appear. The choices you make must be carefully selected, as they will change the trustworthiness and scenario of the other person. Those who have increased their trust will also increase their abilities such as attack power, so that the subsequent dungeon part capture will be smoother. LIPS using a touch pen. Touch one letter at a time to create a single word. LIPS by slot. Press the button at the right time to align the rotating pattern.

Companion abilities

Companions who roam the dungeons together have various abilities, such as being"capable of long-range attacks"or" identifying unidentified items " that they have acquired. However, while some comrades have powerful abilities, there is also a weakness such as "I hate certain monsters", so when you take to the dungeon you need to think carefully and choose.

Special Attacks / Cooperation Attacks

A powerful technique that consumes a value called “SP” and emits it is “Death Attack”. (SP is indicated by a red bar in the upper left of the screen.) TheSpecial Attack is also equipped with friends, and it is automatically used by each will. It is also possible to set not to use. SPs (and HPs) gradually recover over time (as the turn progresses).

Commanding orders

You can issue commanding orders in the dungeon. Unlike the whole order, you can direct the actions of your allies individually. Protect your set of friends (which can be anywhere in the dungeon). "Kaba" can be used up to 3 times per floor. Captain Taiga can use the "Help Me" command. It is a convenient command that can be assembled in an instant when you or your friends are separated.

Item Usage

There are many items in the dungeon, and their effects vary. The effect of the item is of course also effective for friends, and if you recover HP etc., the reliability will increase, so let's aim to clear the dungeon while using it well. If you get a weapon or armor that has a "word spirit" that expresses the special effects of weapons and armor in "words", search will be advantageous! By using items and the abilities of some demons, it is possible to combine multiple words into one piece of equipment.


4 player co-op

Two to four players can be played by Wi-Fi or DS wireless communication. You'll win if you reach the destination floor first!


There are also rules for fighting, such as: Items will return to their original state after the match, so use them as much as you want!

Distrupting the opponent

During a match, you can use Sealed Paper against rivals. Those who run at the top are also at risk of concentrated attacks ...


The match ends when someone arrives at the destination floor first. Winners will receive gorgeous prizes, and losers will also receive entry prizes.


Fan-Made Chinese Release

On August 08, 2009 a fan-made rom hack was released by the Chinese translation group called "GV胜利汉化组" (Gorgeous Victory). This rom hack patched in a Chinese translation into Dramatic Dungeon Sakura Wars. Translation group's website / Game Download

Packaging Artwork

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