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The Fleur Division (Flower Division) (花組 Hanagumi) is the main force of the Paris Combat Revue and foreign branch of the original Flower Division starting from Sakura Wars 3.


With Demons even appearing in other locations, the local governments decided to follow Tokyo's example and establish their own cover operations. The Paris Combat Revue was founded with their star actors gathered into a division of the same name, mimicking Tokyo in adoration.

However as of Taisho Year 19[1], the Great Kouma War happened where the Combat Revues of Tokyo, Paris, and New York commenced Operation Twin Capitals as the final resort. This resulted with all three revues sacrificing themselves to seal the Archdemon inside Shadow Tokyo and restoring peace.


Name Position Faction Fighting Style Status
Ichiro Ogami Captain/Theatre Owner Tokyo/Paris Niten Ichi-ryū MIA (after SW5)
Erica Fontaine Paris MIA (after SW5)
Lobelia Carlini Paris MIA (after SW5)
Glycine Bleumer Paris MIA (after SW5)
Hanabi Kitaoji Paris MIA (after SW5)
Coquelicot Paris MIA (after SW5)