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Gemini Sunrise
Gemini Sunrise portait.png
Gemini Sunrise
Series Sakura Taisen V: Episode 0
Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love
Sakura Wars: New York
Also Known As Masked Woman (by the Star Division)
Age 16 (Sakura Taisen V: Episode 0 and Sakura Wars V)
17 (Sakura Wars : New York)
Birthdate June 21st, 1911
Relations Unnamed Parents
Geminine Sunrise (twin sister)
Birthplace Texas, United States (of mixed Japanese-American heritage)
Likes Horses, Japanese culture, meat, New York, her sister Geminine, her friends and the Star Division
Dislikes Being mistreated, being alone and losing her friends
Martial Talents Katana with a revolver
Weapon Gun Barrel Sword
Spiricles Rodeo Star (STAR V)
Spiricle Color Orange
Gender Female
Height 155 cm (5'1")
Weight 48 kg
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Blood Type O
First Appearance
Sakura Taisen V: Episode 0
Last Appearance
Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love
Chapter 8 : Sakura Skyscrapers
First Appearance
Sakura Wars: New York
Episode 1 : Me and My Girlfriend
Last Appearance
Sakura Wars: New York
Episode 6 : Far Beyond New York
Media Portrayal
Japanese Voice Sanae Kobayashi
English Voice Laura Bailey
"Knock our future out of the park!"

Gemini Sunrise (ジェミニ・サンライズ, Jemini Sanraizu) is a member of the New York Combat Revue's Star Division. She is the main female protagonist in Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love and Sakura Taisen V Episode 0.


Gemini has long, curly red hair tied in a low ponytail and has blue eyes. She wears an orange cropped jacket over a yellow shirt, orange denim skirt with a brown bolster belt wrapped around her waist, orange gloves, orange boots and a brown Stetson hanging on her back. She also has some rope tied around her right thigh.

While working at the Littlelip Theater, Gemini wears some light clothes such as a white buttoned shirt which shows her bellybutton and orange pants. She also wears a brown belt pouch and a white small white cleaning scarf around her head.

Gemini's Star Division uniform is white and orange. As a member of the Five-Rings Warriors, Gemini has the Five-Ring mark on her butt.


Gemini has a split-personality named Geminine who is actually her twin sister. Geminine was supposed to be a living person, however Gemini was the only one born and is described as having two hearts in one body. Gemini herself never knew of her sister's existence until she got to New York where Geminine would dominate the body more often (which is mostly due to Gemini's depression).

Gemini's Personality

Gemini is a cheerful but clumsy cowgirl who traveled from Texas to New York on her master's dying wish. She joins the Little Lip Theater as the theater's cleaning girl who has dreams of one day performing and becoming a part of the Star Division and becoming a proper lady in the process. She has a very bright and friendly personality though she is prone to daydreaming.

Gemini attempts to fit in with the people of New York but has a hard time due to her cowgirl personality. Because of this, she gets easily depressed whenever the other citizens see her as nothing more as a country hick, even considering moving back to Texas. Being trained as a samurai, she has a great love and respect for the Japanese culture and would love to travel to Japan herself someday. Her love for Japan puts in a very close relation with her friend Shinjiro who came from Japan.

Geminine's Personality

In contrast to her sweet-hearted sister, Geminine is agressive and focused on avenging her master while honouring the samurai code. Geminine's obssession with avenging her master drives her to confront the demons attacking New York in search of Ranmaru regardless of danger. The young woman believes she will never move on with her life unless Mifune is avenged and breaks down in tears when Shinjiro Taiga tries to tell her that she's doing things that Mifune and Gemini will never want her to do.

Geminine's relation with he sister is very important as most of Geminine's appearances are caused by Gemini's depression. While her quest for revenge puts Gemini's body in danger, Geminine really cares for her sister who remains the only family that she has. After accepting to give up on revenge, Geminine asks Shinjiro to watch over Gemini before going back to sleep.


Gemini was born on June 21st 1911 in Texas, USA. Gemini and her sister Geminine were originally supposed to be born as two separate people but only Gemini was born. Gemini grew up with both her and her parents thinking Geminine died. At some point, Gemini met Mifune and trained under him as a swordswoman and lover of Japanese culture. Geminine, who secretly lives within Gemini as a split personality, will suddenly emerge and dominate the body during training but nobody other than Mifune knew about her existence. Gemini will then grow up without ever finding up about Geminine. She also gets a horse which she calls Larry.

In 1926, the Japanese demon Ranmaru appears in Texas in search of the Book of Five Rings that holds information about the Five-Ring Warriors. Against Gemini's pleas, Mifune sacrifices himself to prevent Ranmaru from getting the Book. With only one half of the Book, Gemini cries over the loss of her master. Following Mifune's wishes to go to New York City should something ever happen to him, Gemini and her horse Larry leave Texas for the Big Apple.

If the player chooses Gemini as Shinjiro's love interest, it is revealed Gemini is a reincarnation of the Nameless Nun, a member of the original Five-Ring Warriors who has been in a romantic relationship with Shinjiro's previous life Koya Hijiri before sacrifing herself to seal away Nobunaga.


Sakura Taisen V: Episode 0

In 1927, one year after the death of her master Mifune, Gemini leaves Texas with her white horse Larry for New York City. As she’s travelling, Gemini meets Juanita Cushing, a young woman imbued with great magical abilites who’s being targeted by the sorcerer Patrick Hamilton. Gemini then team up with Brad Basileus and Chamber Westwood to fight against Hamilton and his knights to protect Juanita. Following Hamilton’s defeat, Gemini parts way with her friends as she makes her way to New York.

Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love

After arriving in New York City, Gemini bought an appartment in the Village and got a job as a cleaning girl at the Littlelip Theater. While Gemini enjoys working at the theater, she longs to become a real New Yorker and one day, join the New York Combat Revue. Gemini also faces scrutiny from New York citizens who see her as nothing more than a country hick. The challenges of trying to adapt herself to the city lifestyle makes Gemini fall into a depression, forcing her alter ego Geminine to resurface. Geminine starts then fighting crime as the Masked Woman, a vigilante who rides a horse and fights with a katana. However, Gemini does not shares any memories with Geminine. Gemini ends up discovering about Geminine's actions and learns that she's the sister she never knew about before arriving in New York. Gemini, who originally came to the Big Apple to get revenge for her master's death, wants to drop out and tries to convince her sister to give up in vain. As a result, Gemini tries to control her life between living in New York and Geminine's vigilante activities.

Chapter 1 : A Samurai Makes His First Stand

A year later, in 1928, Geminine first appears by stopping a bank robbery which is witnessed by Shinjiro Taiga, a Japanese young man that just arrived in New York to join the New York Combat Revue's Star Division. Following a small interaction with Shinjiro, Geminine's horse then kicks a bag of money into the boy's hands before leaving the scene as people are cheering.

Later on, Gemini is walking in the streets while trying to find her way back to her apartment. Distracted, she accidently bumps into Shinjiro Taiga and apologizes. When he mentions going to the Village, the young woman asks him if she could tag along with him as she's been trying to get there all morning. Shinjiro introduces himself as originating from Japan which pleases Gemini who has a love for samurai. After losing herself in a small samurai fantasy (which she calls her sky saddle), the young girl introduces herself as a young girl from Texas who dreams of becoming an actress. Gemini asks Shinjiro if she could call him Shiny to which he agrees. After a small talk, both proceed to arrive at the Village. Once there, Gemini goes her way while Shinjiro makes his way towards his new apartment.

Chapter 2 : Law of the People, For the People, By the People

Chapter 3 : Rosita in Spirit

Gemini goes eating some hot dogs with Shinjiro after which she goes at the bank. There, both witnessed some bank robbers being arrested by Rosarita Aries, a Mexican bounty hunter who fights with guns. Gemini then concludes Rosita is the young girl that Sunnyside was looking for recently. They both take Rosita to Sunnyside who asks the young girl to join the New York Combat Revue.

Chapter 4 : Hamlet in Central Park

Chapter 5 : A Melancholy Intellect

Chapter 6 : Gemini the Twin

Gemini's depression about wanting to fit in with New York reaches a new low which causes Geminine to appear more frequently. Geminine then hunts for Ranmaru, the demon who killed her master Mifune in Texas two years ago. Geminine battles Ranmaru and expresses her desire for revenge as the Japanese demon mocks her. Geminine also confronts Shinjiro multiples times as her rampaging habits are getting out of control. Sunnyside tells Shinjiro about the Five-Rings Warriors, a group of people that will unite to defeat the Demon Lord. Each member bears the Five-Ring mark somewhere on her body. Cheiron, Rosita, Diana and Subaru all bear the mark while Shinjiro suspects the Masked Woman could be the last member.

Meanwhile, Gemini's mood and clumsy habits get the attention of her co-workers who end up worrying about her state. With Cheiron's suggestion, the group goes along with Gemini as she goes to run an errand at 5th Avenue. However, a robot attacks and seemingly engulfs Gemini in an explosion much to her friends' horror. However, Geminine takes over and, now in full costume, destroys the robot. As she tries to escape, Geminine gets her mask shot down by Rosita's bullets exposing her as a Gemini lookalike. Geminine then escapes with only Shinjiro seeing her true face. Gemini then reappears, having survived the explosion. While Cheiron, Rosita and Diana are glad that Gemini is alright, Shinjiro and Subaru, who also saw Geminine's face, start suspecting that the Masked Woman is related to Gemini in some way.

After going back at the Littlelip Theater, Gemini then tells Cherry that she doesn't feel good and wants to go back home. Cherry then tells Gemini it's okay and that she will tell Ratchet about it. Gemini's strange behaviour raises concern about the rest of the group who, along with Cherry and Anri, decide to visit the young woman after work. At Gemini's place, the group offers to cook and eat dinner much to the Texan girl's relief. When her friends ask her if something is wrong, Gemini then reveals to them that the Masked Woman is her sister that she never learned about before coming to New York. She also says that her sister lives at the same apartment but is always out on her own adventures (Subaru suspects something as there is no way that two people could be living in the same apartment).

After everyone left, Shinjiro goes back to Gemini's and offers to chat with her. Gemini then asks Shinjiro if he ever felt homesick ever since coming to America to which he complies. Gemini then tells him that she might be thinking of going back to Texas as she doesn't feel at her place in New York and misses the open landscapes of her home state. Gemini also tells him about the death of her master Mifune, who sacrificed himself to protect her from Ranmaru who was trying to steal the Book of Five Rings (Gemini has one half while the other is in Ranmaru's possession). She also says that her master told her to go to New York should something ever happen to him. Gemini admits that she came to the city to get revenge but that she's torn about moving forward with it especially as Geminine still tries to. With Shinjiro's support, Gemini then concludes that her master didn't want to be avenged as he would never have wanted for her student to be in danger. Gemini then asks Shinjiro to translate a word on a belt giving to her by her master (which represents the best part of her) but Shinjiro is embarrassed as the kanji means ''butt''. Gemini then asks Shinjiro to stay at her place this night as she didn't want to be alone. With Shinjiro sleeping on the couch, Gemini is relieved about not being alone.

In the middle of the night, Geminine takes over her sister's body and accidently alerts Shinjiro to her presence as she leaves the apartment with Larry. Shinjiro tries to wake Gemini up but is confused by her absence. The young man follows Geminine to the Bay Area where the Masked Woman tells him her name and her plans to avenge her master. Shinjiro tries to convince the swordwoman of dropping her revenge for Gemini but Geminine stands by her ideals while also calling Gemini weak for being too kind. Despite her agressive behaviour, Geminine asks Shinjiro to watch over Gemini as she's the only family she has left. Shinjiro promises and watches as the Masked Woman leaves with Larry. Shinjiro goes back at Gemini's apartment and decides to wait for the young woman to come back.

Geminine comes back the next morning where Gemini reverts to her own self. She gets asked about her whereabouts last night but confuses Shinjiro when she says she was asleep the whole time in her bed. Gemini then asks Shinjiro to do some sword practice with her at Central Park to which he happily accepts. After some practice, Gemini then decides to go at the Littlelip Theater early on and take a shower. However, she forgets to bring in a bath towel to which Shinjiro brings her one. However, while trying to tell her about an important message from Cherry, Shinjiro accidently sees Gemini with nothing but a towel around her which angers her. Shinjiro tries to leave but slips on the floor and hits his head.

After waking up, Shinjiro sees Gemini dressing up and sees the Five-Ring mark on her butt. Embarrassed, Gemini gets really mad and slaps Shinjiro which makes him fall unconscious. Concerned about her friend, Gemini takes Shinjiro to the Rooftop Garden and waits for him to wake up. After waking up, Shinjiro tells Gemini about the Five-Ring mark and the Five-Ring Warriors who are said to be the ones to defeat the Demon Lord should he appear. The two conclude that Gemini is the last Five-Ring Warrior and the final member of the Star Division much to Gemini's delight. Both teenagers meet up with Sunnyside who welcomes Gemini into the Star Division. Overjoyed, Gemini then leaves Sunnyside's office to tell the good news to her friends.

Meanwhile, Shinjiro learns from Sunnyside about Gemini's split personality and how Geminine was originally supposed to be born alongside her sister but only Gemini was born. He says two different personalities live in the same mind which explains why Gemini and Geminine never met. He also reveals he has received a letter from Mifune two years earlier who told Sunnyside about Geminine and how Gemini had a great amount of Pneuma in her body. Ratchet then informs that they examined Gemini's body but found out that her Pneuma was normal. Sunnyside then tells Shinjiro he met Geminine several times and her Pneuma was totally disorganized due to her agressive behaviour to the point of calling her ''nuts''. He says that the Star Division needs Gemini but cannot fully trust her as long as Geminine is on the loose. Sunnyside then suggests that Gemini goes through psychotherapy which will forcibly erase Geminine's existence through the use of hypnosis and electroshocks. Shinjiro is horrified by this and declares he will help Gemini in a better way.

Shinjiro meets Gemini at the Bay Area. Gemini then tells Shinjiro about how happy she is about joining the Star Division and that her master probably sent her to New York knowing she'll find happiness. Shinjiro promises her that they will be happy together. However, Geminine emerges and declares her intentions about avenging her master. Geminine summons Larry and they leave the scene. Geminine didn't come back the night.

The next day, Shinjiro is told by Anri that Gemini is waiting for him on the Rooftop Garden. However, the young man only finds Geminine who is searching for information about Ranmaru's whereabouts. As Shinjiro tries to dissuade Geminine, the alarm rings of an upcoming demon attack. Geminine then barges into the Conference Room where her erratic behaviour confuses the rest of the Star Division (Subaru immediately confirms that the young woman is not Gemini). As the screen shows Ranmaru appearing on the Brooklyn Bridge, Geminine then goes in pursuit of the demon. Shinjiro then tells his teammates about Gemini's split personality. Suddenly, the group learns that robots are attacking the area around the Littlelip Theater and that the Ranmaru on the bridge was a fake. Shinjiro volunteers to go after Geminine while the other girls hold up the robots in Times Square.

Shinjiro confronts Geminine on the Brooklyn Bridge who stubbornly resists his pleas. Geminine then attacks the young man but he blocks her attacks as her hatred ''clouds every movement that she makes''. Shinjiro then says Gemini's sword is much sharper than Geminine's as her sword is fueled by hatred. Shinjiro tries again to stop the swordswoman by asking her if she's willing to go against her master's teachings and her sister's memory. Geminine goes through a breakdown as she says that she can't move on until she gets her revenge. After more sparring, Geminine then drops her katana and breaks down in tears. She then receives a vision from Mifune who tells her that she cannot master the sword with impure thoughts. After receiving some emotional support from both Mifune and Gemini, Geminine finally drops her desire for revenge allowing Gemini to re-emerge. Shinjiro and Gemini then go back to the Littlelip Theater to prepare for battle.

In the Conference Room, Gemini and Shinjiro learn that their friends got captured by the enemy. While Gemini feels guilty that they got captured because of her actions, Shinjiro reassures her that they will save them. Arriving in Times Square, Gemini sees Ranmaru who recognizes her through her Pneuma as the Masked Woman. After freeing their friends, Gemini joins the group into confronting Ranmaru in his giant robot. Following the demon's defeat, Gemini declares Ranmaru has lost with the demon pleading for his life by promising he will never come back. Gemini brings her sword out and prepares to slay the demon. However, she decides to spare Ranmaru by citing Mifune's motto : ''Punish the offense, pity the offender''. After Ranmaru left, Cheiron asks Gemini if she's truly okay with leaving Ranmaru alive with the Texan woman saying that revenge will not bring back her master. She then happily accepts her place within the New York Combat Revue by doing a victory pose with her friends.

After that, Gemini has started to join her friends onstage as a performer. During a party celebrating Gemini joining the group, Gemini then takes Shinjiro somewhere as Geminine has something to tell him. Geminine then emerges and tells Shinjiro that she'll go back to sleep for a while. After making peace, the samurai promises the swordswoman to watch over Gemini as they both bid farewell. Shinjiro then tells Gemini about Geminine going away. While Gemini is sad at first, she happily assures that she will return one day. Gemini happily accepts her position as a member of the New York Combat Revue as she and Shinjiro go back to the party.

Chapter 7 : The Slumbering Lamb

Chapter 8 : Sakura Skyscrapers

Gemini's Ending

Sakura Wars: New York

Episode 1 : Me and My Girlfriend

Episode 2 : X... and the City

Episode 3 : In the Clear, Starry Night

Episode 4 : Mother, I Want to Sing!

Episode 5 : The Forbidden Paradise

Episode 6 : Far Beyond New York

Other appearances

Project X Zone - Gemini.png

Project X Zone

Gemini is one of the playable Sega characters in the crossover tactical role-playing game, Project X Zone. She is paired with Erica Fontaine.

Project X Zone 2

Gemini is one of the playable Sega characters in the crossover tactical role-playing game, Project X Zone 2. She is paired with Sakura Shinguji.

Granblue Fantasy

Gemini is one of the playable Sakura Wars characters alongside Ichiro Ogami, Sakura Shinguji, Erica Fontaine and Shinjiro Taiga.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Gemini appears as a playable character in Star Ocean: Anamnesis as part of a collab with the franchise.

Powers and abilities

Expert swordsmanship : Gemini is a skilled swordswoman.


Red Dawn : A katana that is used by both Gemini and Geminine.

Colt Single Action Army revolver : A gun used by Gemini.


Gemini's astronomical namesake refers to the zodiacal constellation Gemini as well as your zodiac sign Gemini. It also refers to Gemini and Geminine being twin sisters.

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