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Hakushuu Murasame
Hakushuu Murasame.jpg
Series New Sakura Wars
Also Known As White Cape (by the Flower Division)
Age Unknown
Birthplace Japan
Gender Female
Hair White
Eyes Grey
First Appearance
New Sakura Wars

Episode 2

Last Appearance
New Sakura Wars
First Appearance
New Sakura Wars the Animation

Episode 1 : The Curtain Rises! The New Combat Revue

Last Appearance
New Sakura Wars the Animation

Episode 12 : The Grand Finale! Hope for Tomorrow!

Media Portrayal
Japanese Voice Miyuki Sawashiro
English Voice Luci Christian

Hakushuu Murasame is a character that appears in New Sakura Wars. She serves as Sakura Amamiya's swordmaster. Hakushuu was a minor character in New Sakura Wars before becoming a major character in New Sakura Wars the Animation where she operates as a masked vigilante known as White Cape.


Hakushuu is a white short-haired woman with grey eyes. She has pale skin and red lipstick on her lips.

Hakushuu's usual clothing consists of a black outfit with a white cape-like coat. She is seen wearing black boots and carrying her sword with her.

As White Cape, Hakushuu wears a white musketeer-like outfit with a white cape, a big white hat and a white mask.


Hakushuu is a silent woman with a gentle personality. She also has the habit of doing word puns.


Not much is known about Hakushuu other than she appears to be a celestial being that fell from the sky in a crystallized rock. After falling on Earth, she flew away as the rock she came on was absorbed by Valery Kaminski, who witnessed her appearance.

At some point, she came to Japan and became Sakura Amamiya's swordmaster. Hakushuu also goes to work in an orphanage in Tokyo where she houses demon children that have nowhere to go. She's also revealed to have known Natalia Ruzhkova who calls her a friend.


Sakura Wars (2019)

New Sakura Wars the Animation

Episode 1: The Curtain Rises! The New Combat Revue!

In 1941, Hakushuu first appears in Russia as White Cape. She attacks a train carrying Klara M. Ruzhkova, a mysterious young girl connected to the Moscow Combat Revue which has recently disappeared. She attacks Klara's bodyguards and takes the young girl with her. As she flees, a black-winged demon, also in pursuit of Klara, appears and pursues the swordswoman. Both opponents then fight on top of the train for Klara until their battle is interrupted by three individuals: Lancelot of the London Combat Revue, Elise of the Berlin Combat Revue and Seijuro Kamiyama of the Imperial Combat Revue (all three were dispatched to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the Moscow Combat Revue). After the three individuals suggest White Cape to release Klara, the woman did so before leaving the scene and making her way back to Japan.

Episode 2 : Identity Unknown! A Mysterious Foe Appears

Hakushuu's activities as White Cape become known of the public after several appearances which include saving a young demon boy from two men after he stole some bread. Her sightings annoy Hatsuho Shinonome of the Imperial Combat Revue who considers her a menace.

White Cape reappears later when Sakura and Klara are attacked by a black-caped individual. Despite the assistance of the other Flower Division members like Hatsuho, Clarissa, Azami and Anastasia, Black Cape took Klara and looked like he was going to escape until White Cape stopped him in his tracks. White Cape jumps down in the alley and puts down Klara on the ground before fighting Black Cape in a sword battle. Sakura is surprised to see that the attacks of both opponents are countering each other. Sakura is then taken out of her thoughts by White Cape who calls her by her name and says that she's not a spectator. Understanding the swordswoman's words, Sakura takes her sword and slashes Black Cape in the stomach. With Black Cape cornered, White Cape praises Sakura who thanks her. However, Black Cape jumps on a rooftop and escapes. Sakura then goes to Klara and asks if she's okay while White Cape silently steps away. Seeing White Cape leave the scene, Sakura runs in pursuit wondering how this masked woman knew her name. She follows White Cape into another alley but instead finds her swordmaster Hakushuu who asks why she's so worked up. Sakura asks her if she has seen someone peculiar with a white mask pass by with Hakushuu stating that a very dashing individual might have passed. When Sakura asks where did this dashing individual went, Hakushuu says that White Cape ran away on the roofs. Hakushuu salutes Sakura and leaves the scene with the young girl being suspicious of her swordmaster's answer.

Episode 3 : Tokyo Trembles! The New Moscow Combat Revue!

Hakushuu, disguised as White Cape, is on a roof where she watched Kaminski's Moscow Combat Revue easily destroy a demon on a bridge when the Flower Division were overwhelmed because of Hatsuho's reckless actions.

Episode 5 : The Goofball Detective Combo! Find Klara's Secret!

Hakushuu reappears again as White Cape at night where Klara is once again kidnapped by Black Cape. Black Cape hangs to a balloon to escape with Klara still in his arms. However, it is then stopped when his balloon is cut by White Cape who arrives to save Klara. Klara falls from the sky and loses consciousness before being caught by Clarissa Snowflake. The young noblewoman and Azami Mochizuki then watch as Black Cape and White Cape confront each other. However, Black Cape simply retreats with White Cape leaving soon after.

Episode 6 : Strange and Bizarre! The True Identity of Black Cape!

Hakushuu appears in the Imperial Theater's Dining Room where she salutes the Flower Division. The group joins Hakushuu for breakfast where Sakura presents her to Klara who has never met Hakushuu before. However, to her surprise, Hakushuu already knew Klara's identity and origin which prompts Sakura to ask her master how did she knew her about friend. Knowing that she could not tell Sakura the truth without revealing her identity as White Cape, Hakushuu lies by saying that she heard rumors in Tokyo about the Flower Division hiring a new member coming from Russia. Hakushuu and Klara shake hands with the young girl being pleased to meet her. The older woman also asks Klara is she's happy around with Klara saying that everyone is being considerate to her. Klara then notices that Hakushuu looks familiar and asks her if they have met before. However, Hakushuu ignores the question and says that now she's had breakfast, she's ready to go. She then adresses her student which makes the latter look with a confused face.

Hakushuu leaves the Theater with Sakura and Klara. She says she wants the girls to help her clean a storage room at the orphanage she's working at. In reality, this is a ploy to use Klara to lure the person who was pursuing Klara. While Sakura tries to tell her master that she's has more important stuff to do and that Klara doesn't need to come, Hakushuu says that Klara is probably happy to go out more often with Klara saying that she's happy to. All three women take the tramway to the orphanage not knowing they were being watched by Black Cape.

After arriving at the orphanage, Klara is intrigued by the orphanage being a shrine but Hakushuu and Sakura say that it is a temple and that shrines and temples are different due to different religions and that temples are similar to churches. After entering the temple, the three women are greeted by children who ask Hakushuu why she hasn't come to visit them recently. Hakushuu says that things have come hectic and that she will try to make an effort next time. The children's attention turn over to Klara whose pretty and exotic looks intrigue the children. They surround Klara in curiosity and ask her where she's from. Klara answers that she's Moscow which prompts the children to ask her if it's far away. Hakushuu tells the children to now overwhelm Klara that much. One young boy called Naoya approaches and asks Hakushuu if Klara is the girl she told him about with Hakushuu nodding.

Klara and Sakura help Hakushuu by cleaning the storage room. As Sakura is moving some boxes, Hakushuu tells Klara about how she's friends with the priest of the temple and that he offered the temple to help children. She also asks Klara is she's truly happy as things are now but the young platinum-haired girl says that she doesn't know. Suddenly, an explosion occurs with the children outside screaming. Hakushuu looks up saying that ''they'' have arrived earlier then predicted.

Klara runs outside to find Sakura confronting Black Cape. Seeing her friend, Sakura tells her friend to run but Klara was unable to move out of fear. Black Cape moves and tries to grab Klara who could only close her eyes in fear. Hakushuu suddenly grabs Klara with her left arm and easily pushes back Black Cape with her right arm and leg. Her movements attract Klara's attention who thinks she has already seen those moves before. Naoya takes Klara to safety while she and Sakura fight against Black Cape.

Hakushuu and Sakura are suddenly joined by the rest of the Flower Division who have been tipped anonymously by Hakushuu a few minutes ago. Sakura climbs aboard her Mugen which was brought along. The Flower Division and Hakushuu then pursue Black Cape to the forest in the nearby mountain for a fight.

Hakushuu assists the Flower Division in their fight against Black Cape. After launching attack after attack on the mysterious individual, Black Cape's clothes get burned down revealing its true nature as a robot-like entity. It then attacks with increased agility and speed by jumping on Clarissa's Mugen. Hakushuu jumps and attacks Black Cape but her attack is stopped when the robot moves his arms backwards which impresses Hakushuu. Despite its speed, Black Cape gets damaged by its enemies which causes it to levitate nearby rocks and fuse with them.

Black Cape reappears in its true form : a rock monster with purple crystals all over its body which shocks the Flower Division. With its newly found strength, Black Cape fights against Hakushuu who transforms into White Cape. The masked woman is able to hold back her own against it much to the surprise of the Flower Division. After a small scuffle, White Cape instructs Sakura and the Flower Division to attack the demon and aim for the demon's core which is the blue crystal located in its chest. Despite its best efforts, Black Cape is destroyed when Sakura uses her special attack Cherry Blossom Blizzard to destroy the demon's core. The core's destruction causes Black Cape's body to be engulfed in a red explosion, destroying the demon once and for all. However, the explosion, which is witnessed by Klara, triggers the young girl's memory to return in the form of a vision where Klara watches the Moscow Combat Revue fall in front of her. Horrified by the memory, Klara screams which alerts Sakura. Sakura exits her Mugen and hugs a teary Klara to comfort her as Naoya and the Flower Division look at them with a worried look. White Cape silently watches from afar.

Later at the Theater, Hakushuu reveals that she was using Klara as bait to lure out Black Cape in the open as she knew they will come after Klara. Sakura reprimands her master for putting her friend in danger but Hakushuu says that Klara's safety was her top priority and that she brought Sakura to protect her as she knew her student was able to do so. Sakura then asks Hakushuu how did she knew that Klara was being pursued by someone. Hakushuu responds by asking what kind of master she will be if she does not know what was happening to her pupil recently. The other girls then talk about Black Cape's identity as a robot with Anastasia suggesting that someone must have builded the robot to capture Klara. As they wonder about who their unknown enemy is, Sakura is disappointed that they are at the same place as they were before and that the ''nightmare'' is not over yet. However, she also says that she and her friends will keep protecting Klara as she's part of their family.

Before leaving the Theater, Hakushuu talks to Klara and says that Naoya told her about how Klara has already found the place that she belongs to. Klara tells Hakushuu that she's really happy living at the Theater with the Flower Division.

Episode 7 : Stealth Mission! Tail the Date!

Hakushuu takes the orphanage children out to town where she bumps into Sakura who is with Seijuro. Sakura asks her master what she's doing there while Hakushuu asks Sakura is she's on a date with her Captain. Sakura blushes until Klara steps forward revealing that this wasn't really a date.

Hakushuu notices that Itsuki Saijou was spying on Sakura from afar. Hakushuu tells her student that she's being followed which leads to Sakura thinking that someone is trying to capture Klara again. With a smile, Hakushuu suggests Sakura to take Seijuro and Klara elsewhere with the young girl agreeing. Hakushuu sees Sakura take her friends away as she tells Sakura and Klara to have fun.

Episode 8 : Nonstop Chaos! The Combat Revue Challenge!

Standing above a cliff, Hakushuu watches over the stadium holding the competition between the Imperial Combat Revue and the Moscow Combat Revue. She watches a massive column of white light (caused by Klara) invading the skies which prompts her to jump down and make her way to the stadium.

Episode 9 : Unbelievable! The Truth about Klara!

After witnessing the terrible events at the stadium, Hakushuu found an unconscious Klara who flew away from the stadium after awakening her powers. Hakushuu decided to bring Klara to her orphanage.

Hakushuu greets Klara when she wakes up from a terrible nightmare. The white-haired woman tells her about how she found her and brought her back to the orphanage. Hakushuu mentions that she couldn't leave Klara by herself but Klara answers back by saying that maybe she should have. Klara tries to stand up but almost falls before being caught by Hakushuu. The older woman tells her to rest but Klara says that if she doesn't go, she will bring trouble. Hakushuu asks Klara is she has regained her memories to which the young girl says yes and that as a result, she could never go back to the Imperial Theater. Klara is then approached by Naoya, the boy she met last time, who reveals that she should stay in the orphanage. Naoya approaches with his eyes glowing red, revealing his identity as a demon. Hakushuu proceeds to tell a surprised Klara that no children in the orphanage will ever judge her. While watching the other children, Klara deduces that the orphanage children are actually demons just like Naoya.

The young girl reveals her story about how she and Kaminski's henchwoman Leyla, who is her real sister, are actually human-demon hybrids known as Nadezhda. Both of them were created by the scientist Natalia Ruzhkova who has hoped that the Nadezhda will lead to a new age of coexistance between humans and demons. All three were living happily until Kaminski approached and joined the project as a volunteer while promising Natalia that he will further her research. Unfortunately, Kaminski secretly desired to acquire the Nadezhda's powers to rule the world. To that end, Kaminski seduced Leyla into joining him and attempted to get Klara as well. When Natalia found out, she escape with Klara and contacted the WLOF to retrieve Klara and protect her from Kaminski. Klara went to meet up with the Moscow Combat Revue near Petrograd but the Revue's airship was shot down by Kaminski's forces. The airship fell down and was engulfed in an explosion that killed the Moscow Combat Revue and caused Klara to develop amnesia.

Klara fears that now that the Imperial Combat Revue knows about her true identity, they will try to kill her as it is their duty to destroy demons. However, Hakushuu and Naoya reveal that they are people like Natalia who desire for humans and demons to coexist and that it will take time for that world to become a reality. After mentioning that the children at the orphanage befriend one another regardless of race, Hakushuu asks Klara who her family is. As Klara agrees that the Flower Division will accept her no matter what, Leyla lands at the orphanage after tracking down Klara. After attacking Naoya, Leyla threatens to have the Moscow Combat Revue harm all of the present children should Klara not come with her. Leyla grabs Klara and runs away with the rest of the Moscow Combat Revue. Hakushuu orders Naoya to watch over the other children as she runs in pursuit of Leyla.

Now dressed as White Cape, the swordswoman arrives to save Sakura from one of Leyla's comrades. While Sakura and Hatsuho are shocked to see White Cape again, the vigilante tells to not stand and keep fighting Leyla's group. After seeing her comrades eliminated by the Flower Division, a cornered Leyla turns into her Nadezhda form and pins down Hatsuho's Mugen on the ground. Leyla turns over to Klara and tries to persuade her that no one will accept her as they will see her as a monster and that Kaminski will embrace her with open arms and accept her for what she is. However, White Cape frees Klara from Leyla's Ekaterina which makes the young girl fall before landing on the book of Clarissa's Mugen. White Cape rejects Leyla's claims by saying that Klara needs someone who needs her and vice-versa. When Klara questions why White Cape would know that, the vigilante reveals herself to be Hakushuu, the friend of Klara and Leyla's mother, Natalia.

Hakushuu watches Klara tell her older sister that she chooses to remain with Sakura and the Flower Division. As Klara reaches out to grab the hand of Sakura's Mugen, Kaminski uses the Sevastopol to launch an energy beam on the Flower Division causing a massive explosion. The attack seriously injures Sakura and makes her lose consciousness. Hakushuu runs to rescue Sakura from her exploding Mugen and succeeds but fails to rescue Klara who is taken away by Leyla.

Episode 10 : The Destruction of Tokyo? The Rage of Tunguska!

After Klara was taken away by Leyla, Hakushuu and the Flower Division returned to the Imperial Theater with a severely injured Sakura to figure out what is their next move.

Later, Hakushuu, Sumire, Kaoru, Reiji and the Flower Division assemble in the Control Room to watch a live broadcast of Valery Kaminski who uses a weapon known as the Rage of Tunguska (powered up by an unconscious Klara) to wipe out a mountain near Tokyo and threaten the entire world to surrender to him or be destroyed.

Afterwards, Hakushuu and the Flower Division are contacted by Seijuro who, along with Lancelot of the London Combat Revue and Elise of the Berlin Combat Revue, has slain the director of the WLOF who was revealed to be a puppet planted by Kaminski a year ago. After Sakura and the Flower Division decide to not abandon Klara at the hands of Kaminski, Seijuro turns over to Hakushuu who steps out of the shadows. Confirming that she's the friend that Natalia Ruzhkova told him about, Seijuro says that while he has many questions for her, he doesn't have the time. He asks Hakushuu to watch over his girls until he manages to come back home. Hakushuu is unsure about his demand but agrees to do so.

In the Hangar, as the Flower Division and their Mugen are preparing to be shot to the Sevastopol, Hakushuu (dressed as White Cape) approaches Sumire. Sumire asks her if the White Cape getup is necessary with Hakushuu saying that the Flower Division has their customs while she has hers. The swordswoman tells her that she will follow the Flower Division as she promised Seijuro that she will watch over the girls. Reiji then brings Hakushuu inside one of the capsules and says that he cannot promise a safe journey as they were not built to hold one person. With everybody ready, Reiji launches the Flower Division and Hakushuu all the way to the Sevastopol.

After arriving inside the Sevastopol, Hakushuu and the Flower Division make their way only to be confronted by Kaminski's mechanical dolls which are called the ''Moscow Fakers'' by Hatsuho. Suddenly, all of the dolls turn into golem-like demons which remind the girls of Black Cape's true form with Azami confirming that Black Cape was another one of Kaminski's minions and that he was behind everything. While Clarissa fears that they cannot fight all of those demons due to them struggling with Black Cape before, Hakushuu tells the girls that it's not time to rest as she runs to attack the demons. The Flower Division immediately join the battle with the girls easily gaining the upper hand. After slaying a few demons, Hakushuu then tells Sakura to take care of the remaining demons themselves as she will go to take care of the Rage of Tunguska. With her student agreeing, Hakushuu leaves the scene.

Episode 11 : A Fantastic, Tragic, Love! Leyla's Heart!

Episode 12 : The Grand Finale! Hope for Tomorrow!

Powers and Abilities

Master Swordswoman : Hakushuu is a strong swordswoman who taught Sakura Amamiya how to wield the sword. Hakushuu is talented enough that she can hold her ground against a demonized Leyla while carrying Klara with one arm and a completly transformed Black Cape.

Flight : Hakushuu is able to fly with her wings.