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Hanagumi Wars Columns 2 (花組対戦コラムス2) The second instalment of "Hanagumi Wars Columns" subseries. The game is columns puzzle game based around the Sakura Wars Franchise. It includes a story mode, a battle mode, an endless columns mode, and a puzzle mode. The game featured the ability to play other over the internet with the "Hanagumi Battle Columns 2" network match service. The service which started on January 6, 2000; the communication fee for network battle (KDDI line usage fee of 10 yen / minute) will be borne by the customer. The service later ended on August 31, 2001.


The members of the Sakura Wars Hanagumi meet together and confront again with the falling object puzzle. Compete with Sakura fans all over the country while staying at home for online matches! Using the communication function of Dreamcast, you can play online. You can test your skills with "Hana Kora" fans nationwide at home. Of course, you can also enjoy Sakura-related information on the Internet. A variety of game modes with a story and a single play! A variety of game modes are available, including the Red Boy vs Red Lizard Mode, where members of the Hanagumi clash over the protagonist, the 2P battle mode in which players compete with each other, and the 1P mode in which columns are played intently. Of course, there is also a story mode where you can get a glimpse of the daily lives of the Hanagumi members.

How to play

  1. First, select "Download" from the puzzle download page and save the puzzle in the inserted visual memory.
  2. Press the left trigger to bring up the menu and select "Return to game".
  3. When the game of Hanagumi Battle Columns 2 starts, press the start button from the title screen.
  4. Select "Play alone" "Puzzle" and select "Memory card".
  5. If the puzzle has been downloaded successfully, the "Pazuru" icon is displayed. Select it.
  6. Select the puzzle file you want to play.
  7. The puzzle will start automatically, so just like the main part, select the character's face and select the puzzle.

Fan-Made English Release

On May 3, 2021 a fan-made rom hack that patched in an English translation for all of the games content was released by Derek Pascarella (Lead Programmer) and his team (burntends2, blaster_mania, and Danbo_4) on Github. Later on May 11 version 1.1 of the patch was released, which fixed typos and programming errors. The Github page for the patch: