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Hiromi Hongou
本郷 ひろみ
Hiromi Shin Sakura Taisen.jpg
Series New Sakura Wars
Age 22
Birthdate 1918
Birthplace Japan
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Gold
First Appearance
New Sakura Wars

Episode 1

Last Appearance
New Sakura Wars
First Appearance
New Sakura Wars the Animation

Episode 7 : Stealth Mission! Tail the Date!

Last Appearance
New Sakura Wars the Animation

Episode 12 : The Grand Finale! Hope for Tomorrow!

Media Portrayal
Japanese Voice Haruka Terui
English Voice Caitlin Glass

Hiromi Hongou (本郷 ひろみ, Hongō Hiromi) is one of the new characters appearing in the New Sakura Wars. She's the owner of a shop which sells many sweets. By the time Sotetsu Genan's endgame started, Hiromi became a member of the Imperial Combat Revue's Moon Division alongside Itsuki Saijou.


Hiromi is a beautiful well-endowed Japanese girl with long brown hair and gold eyes. She is wearing a white apron over a green yukata with birds represented on it.


Hiromi has a kind attitude with a soft and comfortable smile that makes many customers line up to the store just to see her.


Hiromi is the clerk at Okashidokoro Mikazuki stationed around Ginza street. While she normally sells Japanese sweets, she is also hardworking at making new sweets. However, the new samples tend to cause bizarre effects when eaten, so they are feared by many.


New Sakura Wars

New Sakura Wars the Animation

Episode 7 : Stealth Mission! Tail the Date!

When Seijuro, Sakura and Klara go out to hang out together in the city, Reiji organizes a plan to ruin the ''date'' by having the other members of the Flower Division follow them and spy on them. Hiromi and her Moon Division comrade Itsuki join the Flower Division in the ''mission''.

During the mission, Hiromi and Itsuki cross paths with a disguised Valery Kaminski and his ally Leyla who were also following Seijuro's trio. After Kaminski and Leyla leave the scene, Hiromi wonders if she has seen those people before.

Hiromi and the girls try to follow Seijuro's trio on a boat but were stopped by an employee as the boat was full. They then watch Kaminski and Leyla run jump over the river to try to land on the boat only to fail and fall into the river. Itsuki comments on how their fall in the water made a big splash with Hiromi agreeing with her comment.

When the Flower Division discovers that Klara was with Seijuro and Sakura, they realize that they weren't really on a date and that they were just taking Klara out. Hiromi and the girls drop their communication watches and leave the scene when Hatsuho asking the girls if they're ready for some fun. Itsuki says that she's really happy at the idea of hanging out with the Flower Division that she could die. Hiromi replies by saying that while she doesn't like to die, she wants to have fun.


  • Hiromi's surname Hongou means "base, root, origin" (本) (hon) and "township, home town, village, native place, district" (郷) (gou).