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Ichiro Ogami's Struggles ~Sakura Wars Song Show~ From the "red lizard" (大神一郎奮闘記~サクラ大戦歌謡ショウ「紅蜥蜴」より~ Ōgami ichirō funtō-ki ~sakura taisen kayō shō `kurenai tokage' yori~) is a Digital fan disk for the Sega Dreamcast. In the game the drama "Red Lizard" will be performed by the Imperial Opera Company. However, an unexpected situation occurs during the training for the play. Sumire Kanzaki, the lead actress in the play, injures her leg. Will it be possible for the Imperial Opera Company to be able to safely perform the "Red Lizard"?


The purpose of the player is to become the main character, Ichiro Ogami, and to create the stage work "Benshuu" with the Hanagumi members; with the live-action video that is effectively interwoven during the story mode realistically reproduces the realism of the main song.

In addition to LIPS in the familiar adventure part, of course there are 6 types of various mini-games such as "flyer distribution" and "Mogiri" by SD characters. A large database of "Song Show" such as performance images, rehearsal images, signatures of each character and bromide is also included. The types of items that can be received vary depending on the event that occurs, so it has repeatability such as collecting items. This is the DreamCast's first "multi-stream playback" is adopted as the most revolutionary system this time. The player becomes a video director, and can edit and record videos shot from three different viewpoints as desired. Since telops can be introduced where necessary, you can create a full-scale performance video and also watch it.​​​​​​​


Handing out flyers of flame

A game that distributes flyers to passers-by in front of the Teigeki. Ogami can move only forward and backward (up and down), but the behavior pattern of passersby is also constant. Original Neta 1981 of the United Kingdom movie is " Chariots of Fire ".

Thank you Mogiri tonight

A mini-game that guides customers through a ticket mogi-ri and drives back customers with fake tickets. Ticket mistakes are difficult to find for some things. Original Neta 1967 of the Japanese film is a " night fog I thank you tonight in", Yujiro Ishihara According to the theme song is also the same title.

Bathroom bathroom

One-to-one mini game. It's like adding air hockey to billiards, and winning the one who hits the opponent's goal or the middle tub and breaks the opponent's tub more for two minutes. Both players can only move sideways. The original story is the American movie " Duel in the Wilds " of 1946 .

Mitsutake inspection No abnormalities

A game in which parts of the puzzle track are moved to create a path for Mitsumu to be housed in the target hangar. The Lenny machine is the last to be accommodated, so it is the most difficult. The original story is an American movie from the 1930s " Nothing on the Western Front ".

Crisis right above

A type of shooting launched from bottom to top. As the demons line up and attack, they shoot it down from below with the power of Mitsutake. Mitsutake has 3 remaining aircraft, and if it hits the meteor or the energy launched by Mitsutake, it will be damaged and the aircraft will decrease. If you are attacked by a devil, your score will decrease, and on the contrary, the more you can shoot down and the longer you can keep Mitsutake, the higher the benefits. Red Demon has a high score, but caution is required because it comes down quickly and irregularly. As time goes by, the number of meteorites, the number of demons, and the proportion of red demons increase. The heroines will support us. The original story was an American movie in 1994, "The Crisis That Is Now ".


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