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Juanita Cushing
Stv ep0 Juanita.jpg
Birthplace USA
Gender Female
Hair Reddish Brown
Eyes Blue
First Appearance
Sakura Wars V: Episode 0
Last Appearance
Sakura Wars V: Episode 0
Media Portrayal
Japanese Voice Ikue Ōtani

Juanita Cushing (フワニータ・カッシング, Fuwanīta Kasshingu) is a young girl appearing in Sakura Wars V: Episode 0. She is being pursued by the sinister sorcerer Patrick Hamilton who wants to take advantage of her powers. With the help of Gemini Sunrise, Juanita eventually escapes Hamilton's clutches before parting ways with her friend.


Juanita is young girl with reddish brown hair with two braids. Her eyes are blue.

She is wearing a dress with a sand-colored top and a dark blue long skirt. Underneath her sand top is white striped shirt. She also has a green circular jewel. She has dark purple boots.


Juanita is a shy but caring girl.


Not much is known about Juanita aside that she was imbued with mysterious powers.


Sakura Wars V: Episode 0

In 1927, Juanita is being pursued by the sorcerer Patrick Hamilton who plans to remake Eden through her powers. However, Gemini Sunrise, a young samurai from Texas, comes to her help alongside Brad Basileus and Chamber Westwood. Following Hamilton's demise, Juanita bids goodbye to Gemini as the young samurai leaves for New York City while Juanita goes traveling alongside Brad.

Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love

In 1928, in a conversation with her friend Shinjiro, Gemini mentions she has received a letter from Juanita and Brad who are currently in Mexico.

Powers and Abilities

Immense Magic : Juanita has mysterious powers which attract the attention of evil.