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Kaoru Rindou
竜胆 カオル
Kaoru Shin Sakura Taisen.jpg
Series New Sakura Wars
New Sakura Wars the Animation
Age 24
Birthdate 1916
Birthplace Japan
Gender Female
Hair Black
First Appearance
New Sakura Wars
Chapter 1 : Winds of Change
Last Appearance
New Sakura Wars
Chapter 8
First Appearance
New Sakura Wars the Animation
Episode 1 : The Curtain Rises! The New Combat Revue
Last Appearance
New Sakura Wars the Animation
Episode 12 : The Grand Finale! Hope for Tomorrow!
Media Portrayal
Japanese Voice Yui Ishikawa
English Voice Monica Rial
"Compared to the joy of serving Ms. Sumire, everything else is trivial."

Kaoru Rindou (竜胆 カオル Rindō Kaoru) is a member of the Imperial Combat Revue's Wind Division and the secretary of Sumire Kanzaki.


Kaoru has the appearance of a Japanese woman in her twenties with black hair tied up in a ponytail. She also wears glasses.

Kaoru's outfit is a black business suit with brown shoes.


As Sumire Kanzaki's personal accountant, Kaoru is a very strict woman on the Revue's budget who often times found arguing with Komachi Ooba.


Kaoru is a spectacled woman with a quick mind, proficient with numbers and boasts photographic memory. Kaoru serves an important figure to all of Sumire Kanzaki's needs within the Grand Imperial Theatre, Kanzaki Heavy Industries and the Combat Revue whom she trusts undoubtedly in return.

She handles all the theatre's finances and overall office work, and during missions, she supports the Flower Division through mission control aboard the Shougeimaru.


New Sakura Wars

Chapter 1 : Winds of Change

New Sakura Wars The Animation

Episode 1 : The Curtain Rises! The New Combat Revue!

Kaoru appears at the entrance of the Imperial Theater to greet the audience who came to see Freezing Soul. She later went to the dressing room to tell the Flower Division members to take their places for the beginning of the show.

After the end of the show, Kaoru went to watch over Klara, the girl that Seijuro rescued in Russia, as she fell asleep because of the trip. Meanwhile, Seijuro was having a meeting with Sumire and the Flower Division to tell them about Klara's past. However, a frown appeared on Klara's face which worried Kaoru until the alarm rings, telling of an uncoming demon attack.

After Klara woke up, both Kaoru and the young girl ran for the Control Room. She and the others watch as Seijuro orders the Flower Division to mobilize against the demons. The Flower Division succesfully defeat the enemy forces.

After the fight, the Flower Division go outside to say goodbye to Seijuro as he's about to return to the WLOF to complete the necessary paperwork. Kaoru and the others watch Seijuro leaving the theater without knowing that a mysterious black-caped individual is watching from afar

Episode 2 : Identity Unknown! A Mysterious Foe Appears

Kaoru is working in her office when Sakura and Klara are visiting the Theater as part of Sakura's ''grand theatrical tour''. Kaoru then notices Sakura's presence and tells her she showed up at the perfect timing. When Sakura asks her why, Kaoru says that when she reviewed the receipts that the young girl submitted yesterday, she noticed that several of them appeared to be from last month. Trying to brush things aside, Sakura timidly says it's weird and that she must have forgotten. Kaoru reprimands Sakura by saying that this is not the first time that the young girl did this and asks her for this time to be the last as it makes her job needlessly complicated. When Kaoru asks Sakura if they have an understanding, Sakura says she understands. Kaoru also turns to Klara and tells her to learn from her comrade's mistakes with Klara timidly agreeing to.

Kaoru later receives a call from Sakura who has stopped with Klara by a teashop. The secretary tells her to be back no later than 15:00. Sakura agrees before she turns over to the window and spots a black-caped individual watching her from a nearby rooftop. Kaoru, who was still listening, asks the young swordswoman what is wrong. Sakura tells her about the ''weirdo in a cape'' before screaming. Kaoru keeps calling Sakura's name but to no avail as the girl ran away with Klara. Concerned, Kaoru alerts the other members of the Flower Division who deduce Sakura must have been attacked by White Cape.

Episode 3 : Tokyo Trembles! The New Moscow Combat Revue!

Kaoru sits meets up with Valery Kaminski, Captain of the Moscow Combat Revue, who has suddenly appeared in Tokyo while the Flower Division and Klara watch. Kaminski comments on the tea while asking his hosts if they have any jam. Sakura then asks Kaminski about the conflicting reports that the Moscow Combat Revue was taken down in an attack. Kaminski tells the Flower Division that he and his Revue were about to welcome a new member in the outskirts of Petrograd as part of a task given to them by the WLOF until their airship was attacked by an unknown adversary. He mentions that while the entire Revue survived the attack, they will forever be carrying burdens and be scarred by horrible burn injuries, forcing them to wear long black coats and metal helmets. However, he says that because of the attack, the group was able to revive from their ashes like a phoenix as the ''New Moscow Combat Revue'' which perplexes Sakura. Kaoru says that she's relieved that Kaminski's group are safe but asks what is the purpose of their visit. Hatsuho tells Kaminski that a sudden arrival in Tokyo will lead to people thinking he's up to no good, he states they have come as part of a family matter which confuses both Sakura and Hatsuho.

Right after he spoke, one of the Moscow Combat Revue members, who is revealed to be called Leyla, steps forward and takes off her coat and mask, revealing herself as a beautiful silver-haired young woman. The woman approaches Klara and tells her to come along but Klara does not seem to remember her, much to Leyla's shock. As Sakura worries about the way Leyla talks to Klara, Kaoru tells Kaminski that Klara doesn't remember anything from her past and that while her amnesia could be temporary, they can't be certain. However, Kaminski says that it does not matter and that his Revue will personaly take care of Klara's recovery as she's one of their own. Klara is again approached by Leyla who keeps telling her to come back but the young girl is terrified. Leyla is stopped by Sakura and Hatsuho who angrily says that she does not like the idea of returning an amnesiac defenceless Klara and that she's a member of the Imperial Combat Revue. The other members of the Flower Division agree with Hatsuho that they will never give a terrified child to strangers but Leyla responds by saying they will take Klara by force if necessary. Hatsuho provokes Leyla but the other girl's right eye glows red granting her unknown strength to tighten Hatsuho's fist. Klara can only watch in fear until Kaminski tells Leyla to stop as Revues are made to fight demons and not others. Kaminski insists the Flower Division to give Klara back but Sakura refuses, telling him that they were ordered by their Captain, Seijuro Kamiyama, to watch over Klara and they will keep her until further notice or news from him. Kaminski then asks where Seijuro is and when will he return. Even though Kaoru says that he's currently on a mission in Europe and that the date of his return is unknown, Kaminski still insists for Klara's return.

Episode 5 : The Goofball Detective Combo! Find Klara's Secret!

Kaoru is seen standing next to Sumire when the latter is visited by Valery Kaminski who has come to make an offer regarding Klara's future.

When a demon suddenly appears in Tokyo at night, Sumire orders the Flower Division to deploy but Kaoru tells her Commander that that the Mugen are not ready to be deployed. When Sumire asks her why, Kaoru says she blames Reiji (as the young man did not worked at all during the day).

Episode 8 : Nonstop Chaos! The Combat Revue Challenge!

During the competition between the Imperial Combat Revue and the Moscow Combat Revue which will determine Klara's future, Kaoru stays by Sumire's side as the rounds of the competition happen.

In the last round, which is a mock combat, Kaoru and Sumire watches the Flower Division battle the Moscow Combat Revue in a three vs three battle where the group that frees Klara from the top of the tower is declared the victor. After the battle begins, Sakura races to the top of the tower while Hatsuho and Azami defeat two of the opponents. Kaoru mentions that something is not right as it's being too easy. Suddenly, Sumire spots two more Moscow Combat Revue members appear out of nowhere and assault Sakura.

Kaoru and Sumire could only watch helplessly as the Moscow Combat Revue's actions cause the stadium to be destroyed while Klara flies away after awakening her powers.

Episode 9 : Unbelievable! The Truth About Klara!

After the events behind the competition, Kaoru returned to the Imperial Theater alongside Sumire and the Flower Division. As Sumire explains the current situation to the Flower Division, Kaoru approaches Sumire to tell her that she has a video transmission. The Commander tells her she doesn't have time and that they should call later but Kaoru tells her it comes from Seijuro.

Episode 10 : The Destruction of Tokyo? The Rage of Tunguska!

Kaoru, Sumire, Reiji, Hakushuu and the Flower Division assemble in the Control Room to watch Valery Kaminski's live broadcast where he uses a crystal-like weapon known as the Rage of Tunguska to destroy a mountain in a matter of seconds. After demonstrating his powers, Kaminski gives all of the world governments an ultimatum : disband and recognize him as their supreme ruler or be destroyed. Afterwards, Kaoru and everybody else listen to Seijuro who contacts the Flower Division with a message to talk about their next move. As her Mugen is unsalvagable, Sakura suggests using a Type-3 Kobu which makes Kaoru worry that using such a relic could have unknown consquences but Sumire decides to let Sakura do as she pleases.

In the Hangar, Kaoru and Sumire watch Reiji as he helps the Flower Division assemble in their repaired Mugen as they prepare to infiltrate the Sevastopol. When Kaoru says that they haven't considered how the Flower Division will infiltrate the airborne Sevastopol, Reiji reveals that he has built a launching mecanism that will send a Spiricle Striker to its target in an instant : the Great Bow, a giant crossbow-like machine that shoots big bullet-like capsules holding the Flower Division members. The reveal makes Karou ask the mechanic when did he have the time to create such a contraption.

Kaoru, Sumire and Reiji remain in the Control Room as the Flower Division and Hakushuu confront a group of Kaminski's mechanical dolls who have transformed into golem-like creatures. Reiji contacts Sakura to warn her that the Type-3 Kobu is reaching its limits. As Reiji and the Flower Division try to persuade Sakura of leaving, the young swordswoman refuses as she cannot leave Klara. Her courageous declarations remind Sumire of her missing comrade Sakura Shinguji which prompts the Commander to ask Sakura if she's ready to go all the way to save Klara. Kaoru and Reiji, who understand Sumire's words, try to convince Sumire that using the prototype Obu could drain Sakura's entire spirit energy and possibly kill her but Sumire manages to convince Reiji to send the prototype Obu to the Sevastopol.

Episode 12 : The Grand Finale! Hope for Tomorrow!

During the battle against Valery Kaminski, Kaoru remains in the Control Room alongside Sumire to provide updates of the situation.

Following Valery Kaminski's defeat, Kaoru is serving tea to Sumire in her office.


  • Kaoru's surname Rindou means "gentian, bellflower" (竜胆).