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Komachi Ohba
大葉 こまち
Komachi Shin Sakura Taisen.jpg
Series New Sakura Wars
New Sakura Wars the Animation
Age 23 (New Sakura Wars
24 (New Sakura Wars the Animation)
Birthdate June 8th, 1917
Birthplace Osaka, Japan
Gender Female
Height 145 cm (4'8")
Weight 39 kg
B/W/H 72/53/74
Hair Orange
Eyes Orange
Blood Type AB
First Appearance
New Sakura Wars
Episode 1 : Winds of Change
Last Appearance
New Sakura Wars
Episode 8 : Passing the Torch
First Appearance
New Sakura Wars the Animation
Episode 1 : The Curtain Rises! The New Combat Revue
Last Appearance
New Sakura Wars the Animation
Episode 12 : The Grand Finale! Hope for Tomorrow!
Media Portrayal
Japanese Voice Ryoko Shiraishi
English Voice Tia Ballard
"Hehehe, I’ll give ya a bargain for anything!"

Komachi Ooba (大葉 こまち?) is one of the shopping managers of the Grand Imperial Theatre and a member of the Imperial Combat Revue's Wind Division.


Komachi is a young Japanese girl with orange hair.


Komachi is a young girl who loves doing business and selling merchandise. Although she is super bright, she also talks incessantly like a machine gun. She normally covers the Imperial Theater Shop which covers a broad range of items from daily necessities like newspapers to merchandise of the Theater stars.

Besides that, she's also in charge of the Flower Group's material provisions. Her creed is to "procure anything"; if one asks her, she can procure everything. When the Flower Group is sortieing in battles, she supports the commander in the Strategy Command Room and in the Shogei Maru. She has a strong loving boyfriend who will protect her merchant feet at the first sign of trouble.


Komachi is a super merchant originating from Osaka.


New Sakura Wars

Chapter 1 : Winds of Change

Komachi first appears near her shop where she calls over to Sakura and the young man who is walking alongside her. When she asks Sakura who the young man, the latter introduces himself as Seijuro Kamiyama, the new Captain of the Imperial Combat Revue's Flower Division. Komachi introduces herself as the manager of the Theater's shop and a member of the Wind Division along with Kaoru Rindou.

New Sakura Wars The Animation

Episode 1 : The Curtain Rises! The New Combat Revue!

Komachi appears at the entrance of the Imperial Theater where she tells the audience that there is merchandise for everyone who came to see the show.

Later on, sirens ring, meaning that a group of demons have appeared in the city. Komachi runs outside and is shocked to see demons running for the theater. She panics and says this is the last thing that they needed before running back inside the theater.

Episode 2 : Identity Unknown! A Mysterious Foe Appears

Komachi is visited at her shop by Sakura and Klara who declares that she could give them anything they ask for which includes anything ''from toilet paper to an aerial battleship'' for the right price. When Klara expressed her disbelief at the idea of buying a battleship, Komachi says that she can give a discount. Komachi then looks at the young girl's face and comments that has a sweet face. When Klara asks her what she's talking about, Komachi expresses her desire to create merchandise with Klara's face as her sweet appearance could be a gold mine.

Episode 4 : Friendship in Full Bloom! Thousand Year Cherry Blossoms!

Komachi tells Sakura and Klara goodbye was they leave the Theater to find Hatsuho at the Shinonome Shrine.

After they left, Azami jumps in front of Komachi with the latter saying that she scared the crap out of her. Azami asks her for assistance with Komachi saying that help is her middle name for the right price. Azami asks to investigate the truth about the incident behind the Moscow Combat Revue. Komachi says that if Azami is asking her to get all the way up to the Sevastopol, it's going to cost her around 1000 yen. Azami takes out her wallet to check on her money but replies that she can't afford it as the price is far too steep. However, Komachi says that the Captain already asked her to be on the case. She then pats Azami's head with the young girl smiling.

After Azami comes back from shopping, Komachi waves her hand at Azami to see her at her shop. Komachi then shows a picture which was taken the day of the incident. While the picture appears to just show a crater, Komachi uses a magnifying glass on the picture to show Klara standing in the middle of the crater much to Azami's surprise. Komachi comments on how Klara was unharmed from the incident but that her comrades were not as lucky. After that, Azami leaves the Theater to search for Klara who went with Sakura to the Shinonome Shrine.

Episode 5 : The Goofball Detective Combo! Find Klara's Secret!

Komachi witnesses Azami and Clarissa spying on Klara who was cleaning outside. Wondering what they're were doing, Komachi calls them and asks if they're alright. Azami and Clarissa run back to Komachi and hide behind her counter while telling her to remain silent as they're on hot pursuit. Komachi says she will not rat them out and that she will help them out if the price is right. Klara enters the Theater having just finished cleaning and leaves the room as Azami and Clarissa keep observing her.

Episode 7 : Stealth Mission! Tail the Date!

Komachi is in the Control Room where she sees Reiji organizing a ''mission'' to ruin Seijuro and Sakura's date with Klara. While Komachi finds the whole plan dumb, both the Flower Division and the Moon Division take the plan seriously as they aim to follow the trio.

When the Flower Division and the Moon Division abandon the plan, Reiji pathetically tries to take matters into his own hands even though Komachi tells him he should consider giving up. Reiji refuses saying that the Imperial Combat Revue's good name is at stake. The young woman silently leaves the scene when Sumire appears behind Reiji, leaving the young man alone to face the Commander's wrath.

Episode 8 : Nonstop Chaos! The Combat Revue Challenge!

Komachi and Reiji serve as the host and commentator for the competition between the Imperial Combat Revue and the Moscow Combat Revue. Komachi is upset that because since there is no audience for the show, she could not sell any merchandise.

Both Komachi and Reiji observe the first round, which is a dance battle, and praise Hatsuho's traditional Japanese dancing which they call dazzling. After Leyla follows up with a ballet, both of them evaluate the two performances and declare Leyla as the winner of the first round.

For the second round, which is a ''bread-eating obstacle scavenger hunt'', Komachi and Reiji watch as Azami shows up for the event. However, to the surprise of everyone, Kaminski does not show up as he declares that the Moscow Combat Revue to be too refined to particpate in something so uncouth. While Komachi is dumbstruck by Kaminski's words, Reiji then announces that because Kaminski forfets from the second round, the Flower Division wins by default.

During the third round, a blackout caused by Kaminski engulfs the stadium in darkness. Komachi could only stand helpless while Reiji uses a robot-like invention of his to restore power to the stadium.

Episode 12 : The Grand Finale! Hope for Tomorrow!

Komachi joins Seijuro and the other Combat Revues in assisting the Flower Division in their final battle against Kaminski.

Following Valery Kaminski's death, Komachi is seen at her shop waiting for clients to come.


  • Komachi's surname Ooba means "big, great" (大) (o) and "leaf, plane, lobe, needle, blade, spear, counter for flat things, fragment, piece" (葉) (ha/ba).