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London Combat Revue
London Combat Revue

The "Knights of the Round Table"
Nationality England
Headquarters Grand Imperial Hotel
Affiliation WLOF
Captain(s) Arthur
Spiritual Arms Bridven
Status Active
First Appearance
Shin Sakura Wars: Episode 3

The London Combat Revue (倫敦華撃団 Rondon Kagekidan?) is one of the national anti-demon squadrons in the New Sakura Wars series stationed in London, England.


One of the new combat revues established by WLOF stationed in London as England's new defense force. Based on the Arthurain legends, their combat division is named Knights of the Round Table (円卓の騎士 Entaku no Kishi?) where the revue addresses its members by knight order.


Name Division Status
ArthurRound TableActive
LancelotRound TableActive

Military Arms



  • All the characters are designed by artist, BUNBUN.


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