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President G
President G Shin Sakura Taisen.jpg
Also Known As Sotetsu Genan (true name)
Gender Male
Hair Light Blue
First Appearance
New Sakura Wars
Last Appearance
New Sakura Wars
Media Portrayal
Japanese Voice Ryotaro Okiayu

President G is the President of the World Luxury Operatic Federation (WLOF) and the one in charge of the Combat Revue World Games. He is in reality Sotetsu Genan, a sinister demon who plans to break the seal on Shadow Tokyo and revive the Archdemon. He serves as the main antagonist of New Sakura Wars.




Not much is known about Sotetsu Genan aside that he was a Demon who was part of the Archdemon's forces.

In 1930, during the events of the Great Demon War, the Archdemon was defeated and sealed away in Shadow Tokyo by an alliance that consisted of the Imperial Combat Revue, the Paris Combat Revue and the New York Combat Revue. Following the loss of his leader, Genan assumed a human form known as President G and became the leader of the World Luxury Operatic Federation (WLOF), an organization which formed the creation of many new Revues around the world.

Without anyone knowing, President G worked a plan to summon Shadow Tokyo and revive the Archdemon. One of his moves involved adopting Anastasia Palma, a young girl whose parents were killed by other humans who accused the pair of being allies to the Demons. The demon raised Anastasia to be an assassin by taking advantage of her desire for revenge. He also creates the Demon known as Yasha by using a flock of hair from Sakura Shinguji, a member of the Imperial Combat Revue.


New Sakura Wars

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