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Ratchet Altair
Ratchet Altair portait.png
Ratchet Altair
Series Sakura Taisen V ~Saraba, Itoshiki Hito yo~
Age 20 (Sakura Wars: The Movie)

21 (Sakura Wars V)

Birthdate June 23rd, 1906
Birthplace Washington DC, USA
Martial Talents Knife throwing
Weapon Throwing knives
Gender Female
Height 162 cm (5'3 1/2")
Weight 48 kg
B/W/H 84/56/83
Hair Blonde
Eyes Teal
Blood Type AB
First Appearance
Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love

Chapter 1 : A Samurai Makes His First Stand

Last Appearance
Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love

Chapter 8 : Sakura Skyscrapers

First Appearance
Sakura Wars: The Movie
Last Appearance
Sakura Wars: New York

Episode 1 : Me and My Girlfriend

Media Portrayal
Japanese Voice Akiko Kuno
English Voice Julie Anne Taylor (Bandai/Geneon; Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love)

Ratchet Altair (ラチェット・アルタイル, Rachetto Arutairu) or Lachette Altair in Sakura Wars: The Movie, is the acting vice-commander of the New York Combat Revue's Star Division. At first, Ratchet was the Captain of the European star Division alongside Orihime Soletta, Reni Milchstraße and Subaru Kujou before she clashed with them over her ideals resulting in the division shutting down. Afterwards, she joined the Imperial Combat Revue while secretly working for Brent Furlong of the Douglas-Stewart Company who was trying to make the Flower Division obsolete.

After Furlong's demise, Ratchet went back to America and became the Captain of the New York Combat Revue's Star Division. Along with Cheiron Archer and former teammate Subaru, Ratchet defended New York from demons and hoped that Ichiro Ogami, Commander of the Imperial Combat Revue, will come to assist them only to learn that he has instead sent his nephew Shinjiro. During a battle, Ratchet loses the ability to command a spiricle striker and orders Shinjiro to replace her as Captain. With Shinjiro leading the team, Ratchet assisted the Star Division in their war against the forces of Nobunaga.

Several months after Nobunaga's defeat, Ratchet goes overseas to assist in the formation of the Berlin Combat Revue.


Ratchet is a busty American woman in her early twenties with long blond hair and teal eyes. She is shown to be extremely beautiful as she gains the attention of many men including Shinjiro Taiga who is stated to be younger than her.

During her time in the Imperial Combat Revue, Ratchet is seen wearing a blue and white striped dress that reveals her shoulders.

While working with the New York Combat Revue, Ratchet wears a blue business suit with a blue tie and a skirt. She's also seen wearing her ring-shaped earrings.


During the time she was the captain of the European Star Division, Ratchet was a very focused "into victory" person. That clash of hers and the other members' behavior (Orihime, Reni and Subaru) caused the dissolution of the division. Because of that, she was going to do anything for absolute victory to protect the capital and the entire world, even the unthinkable, as she follows the "ultimate justice". She was a very imposing-extremist figure not hesitating to even kill soldiers with her own hands during her time with the Imperial Combat Revue or sacrifice her own comrades to achieve victory (she attempted to kill a mind-controlled Orihime despite her comrades trying to save her).

Before her extremist behavior, Ratchet has a very respectful and wiser way to talk with the others, being normally friendly with everyone, as well being a teasing woman. After her convivence with the Imperial Combat Revue's Flower Division (and especially after a very improvised dialogue by her and Sakura that she confesses her original mission as a spy of Brent Furlong, expecting to be a thing to help the world), Ratchet has now mellowed her brutal behavior, turning a more mature and caring leader as she leads the New York Combat Revue's Star Division (in both regular playings or her secret route that only can be obtainable after ending the game once). However her teasing nature didn't changed any bit, especially towards Shinjiro Taiga if her route was followed.


Ratchet Altair was born June 3rd, 1906 in Washington DC, USA. In her early years, she became the captain of the European Star Division. Subaru Kujou, Orihime Soletta, and Reni Milchstraße served with her during that time. However, her ways and views has caused her to clash with other members of the team which caused the dissolution of the team.

She then transferred to the Imperial Combat Revue's Flower Division to prepare herself to become New York's Star Division captain.


Sakura Wars: The Movie

Ratchet arrives in Tokyo as she makes her way to the Imperial Combat Revue's base.

Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love

In 1928, the New York Combat Revue has made a deal to have Ichiro Ogami, the Commander of the Imperial Combat Revue, to come to New York and assist the New York Combat Revue. Ratchet then leaves to the port to welcome him, not knowing that Ogami didn't come and instead sent his nephew Shinjiro Taiga.

Chapter 1: A Samurai Makes His First Stand

Ratchet arrives at the port when she sees a police detective attempting to arrest Shinjiro because he mistook him for a bank robber. Ratchet then stands up for the young man and conving the detective to let go much to the detective's frustration.

Chapter 2: Law of the People, For the People, By the People

Chapter 3: Rosita in Spirit

Chapter 4: Hamlet in Central Park

Chapter 5: A Melancholy Intellect

Chapter 6: Gemini the Twin

Chapter 7: The Slumbering Lamb

Chapter 8: Sakura Skyscrapers

Sakura Wars: New York

Episode 1: Me and My Girlfriend

In 1929, several months after Nobunaga's defeat, Ratchet has been dispatched to Berlin in Germany to establish the new Berlin Combat Revue. She salutes Shinjiro Taiga and the rest of the Star Division as her ship leaves New York.

Powers and Abilities

Master Knife Wielder: Ratchet is highly skilled in using throwing knives as her primary weapon in combat both in close range and in long range making her a capable of taking down just about anyone with ease.

Experienced Commander: Ratchet is able to command the New York Combat Revue's Star Division before she stepped down as Captian.

She is also capable of piloting her very own STAR and KOBU to battle and defeat her opponents no matter what the cost.