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Rikaritta Aries
Rikaritta Aries portait.png
Rikaritta Aries
Series Sakura Taisen V ~Saraba, Itoshiki Hito yo~
Also Known As Rosarita Aries
Age 11
Birthdate April 2nd, 1917
Relations Unnamed Parents
Birthplace Mexico
Martial Talents Two Pistols
Weapon Gun Master (2-barrel shotgun) x2
Gender Female
Height 120 cm (3'11")
Weight 21 kg
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Blood Type AB
First Appearance
Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love

Chapter 2 : Law of the People, For the People, By the People

Last Appearance
Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love

Chapter 8 : Sakura Skyscrapers

First Appearance
Sakura Wars: New York

Episode 1 : Me and My Girlfriend

Last Appearance
Sakura Wars: New York

Episode 6 : Far Beyond New York

Media Portrayal
Japanese Voice Ayaka Saito
English Voice Melissa Fahn

Rikaritta Aries (リカリッタ・アリエス, Rikaritta Ariesu), also known as Rosarita "Rosita" Aries in the English-language version, is a member of the New York Combat Revue's Star Division.


Rikaritta is a young Mexican girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She has two hair braids with red ribbons.

Rikaritta is seen wearing a poncho with green, red and yellow motifs. Underneath her poncho, she is wearing an olive green dress with red lines and a brown gun belt. She also has brown boots.

Rikaritta's Star Division outfit is green and white. As a member of the Five-Ring Warriors, Rikaritta has the Five-Ring mark on her left arm.


As a young child, Rikaritta is an energetic girl with knowledge of some notions. She also enjoys eating, mostly meat, and can even cook pancakes that she learned from her father. Sometimes, she mentions eating Niccolo, calling it her ''Plan B'' should she ever gets stuck in the desert or in a similar situation. Despite that, she truly loves Niccolo and wants to protect it if it gets in danger.

Behind Rikaritta's soft nature lies actually a young girl that is afraid of being alone and abandoned. Following her father's demise, she fears that getting too close to other people will result in them going away. This is shown when Shinjiro protects her from Dokurobo's attack which results in her secluding herself at her home.

After joining the New York Combat Revue, she becomes greatly attached to her friends, especially Cheiron and Shinjiro who she affectionately calls ''Shins''. She enjoys playing and running around as longs as she gets to pass time with her friends.


Rikaritta was born on April 2nd 1917 in Mexico. At some point, Rikaritta lost her mother leaving her with father. Her father taught her about gunsmanship to the point Rikaritta became an expert gunswoman. She also got a pet weasel that she named Niccolo. Together, they traveled and performed in front of people. If Rikaritta did well, she gets a lot of food.

At some point, Rikaritta messed up during a performance. During a rainy day, both Rikaritta and her father fell in a river. Rikaritta and Niccolo both escaped unharmed but her father ended up drowning saving them. The loss of her father left Rikaritta with a desire of being perfect and the fear of messing up. Afterwards, Rikaritta and Niccolo made their way to New York City where they made home in an abandoned warehouse in the Bay Area. Rikaritta then decided to win her life by becoming a bounty hunter and arresting criminals.


Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love

Chapter 2 : Law of the People, For the People, By the the People

Rikaritta makes a small appearance in the Village where she shoots Bill from Steam Frontier after she sees him kicking a kid who wanted to be payed for doing Bill a favor.

Chapter 3 : Rosita in Spirit

Rikaritta arrives in Wal Street where a bank robbery is being made by three bandits. With her amazing gun skills, she takes away the bandits' weapons as they could do nothing but raise theeir arms in sign of surrender.

Chapter 4 : Hamlet in Central Park

Chapter 5 : A Melancholy Intellect

Chapter 6 : Gemini the Twin

Chapter 7 : The Slumbering Lamb

Chapter 8 : Sakura Skyscrapers

Sakura Wars: New York

Episode 1 : Me and My Girlfriend

Episode 2 : X... and the City

Episode 3 : In the Clear, Starry Night

Episode 4 : Mother, I Want to Sing!

Episode 5 : The Forbidden Paradise

Episode 6 : Far Beyond New York


Rikaritta's astronomical namesake,refers to the zodiacal constellation Aries as well as your zodiac sign Aries