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Sagitta Weinberg
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Sagitta Weinberg
Series Sakura Taisen V ~Saraba, Itoshiki Hito yo~
Also Known As Cheiron Archer
Age 21
Birthdate December 6th, 1906
Birthplace New York, USA
Weapon Scissors Chain x2
Spiricles Highway Star (STAR V)
Spiricle Color Black
Gender Female
Height 180 cm (5'11")
Weight 68 kg
Hair Black
Eyes Gray
Blood Type B
First Appearance
Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love

Chapter 1 : A Samurai Makes His First Stand

Last Appearance
Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love

Chapter 8 : Sakura Skyscrapers

First Appearance
Sakura Wars: New York

Episode 1 : Me and My Girlfriend

Last Appearance
Sakura Wars: New York

Episode 6 : Far Beyond New York

Media Portrayal
Japanese Voice Junko Minagawa
English Voice Erin Fitzgerald
"That's the Harlem style!"

Sagitta Weinberg (サジータ・ワインバーグ, Sajīta Wainbāgu), also known as Cheiron Archer in the English-language version is a member of the New York Combat Revue's Star Division.


Sagitta is a Afro-American young woman with grey eyes and black hair tied up behind. While wearing other clothes, Sagitta is shown to have adult charm and sex appeal.

Her casual attire, she wears a black business suit with a green tie and a white striped shirt underneath.

When she was the leader of the Centaurs, Sagitta has her long hair out while wearing a biker suit that shows her cleavage.


Cheiron is hot-tempered and initially obsessed with the supremacy of the law. This was caused by an early case she took to help a friend who was framed, however she lost that case and he was subsequently arrested. Thus she sticks to the law as the only way to solve things.

After Shinjiro and the others showed her otherwise, she mellows out while keeping her drive and even becomes an older sister figure to Rosita. As she lightens up, she also starts having more fun with the other Star Division members and her old gang.

She appears to have some sort of rivalry with her comrade Subaru mostly due to their opposite personalities. Subaru's distant and sometimes cold attitude angers Cheiron who perceives Subaru as a pretentious know-it-all who thinks everyone around her is incapable of standing at her side. Despite that, both girls admire each other's presence.


Cheiron grew up in Harlem to become the leader of the Centaurs, a group of bikers. While Cheiron was admired by her friends, her attitude and actions also led to being badly perceived by people of power.

At one point, one of Cheiron's friends was arrested for a crime he did not commit. Wanting to save her friend from going to jail, Cheiron started learning about the law to become a lawyer and help her friend. Despite her best efforts, Cheiron lost the case and her friend was sent behind bars. This loss prouved to be a major event in Cheiron's life as it led her to seek more power only to make her more obsessed with the law. Her new resolve made her distant from her friends in the Centaurs and Harlem who branded her as a traitor.

At some point, Cheiron joined the Littlelip Theater as an actress and performer while also serving as a member of the New York Combat Revue's Star Division.

If the player chooses Cheiron as Shinjiro's love interest, it is revealed Cheiron is a reincarnation of the Nameless Nun, a member of the original Five-Ring Warriors who has been in a romantic relationship with Shinjiro's previous life Koya Hijiri before sacrifing herself to seal away Nobunaga.


Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love

Chapter 1 : A Samurai Makes His First Stand

Chapter 2 : Law of the People, For the People, By the People

Chapter 3 : Rosita in Spirit

Chapter 4 : Hamlet in Central Park

Chapter 5 : A Melancholy Intellect

Chapter 6 : Gemini the Twin

Chapter 7 : The Slumbering Lamb

Chapter 8 : Sakura Skyscrapers

Sakura Wars: New York

Episode 1 : Me and My Girlfriend

Episode 2 : X... and the City

Episode 3 : In the Clear, Starry Night

Episode 4 : Mother, I Want to Sing!

Episode 5 : The Forbidden Paradise

Episode 6 : Far Beyond New York

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Sagitta's astronomical namesake,refers to the zodiacal constellation Sagittarius as well as your zodiac sign Sagittarius