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Sakura Amamiya
天宮 さくら
Sakura Amamiya Profile.jpg
Series New Sakura Wars
Age 17
Birthdate March 19th, 1923
Relations Hinata Amamiya (mother)
Tekkan Amamiya (father)
Birthplace Japan
Weapon Imperial Sword "Amamiya Kunisada"
Spiricles Type-3 Koubu
Prototype Obu
Spiricle Color Pink
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
First Appearance
New Sakura Wars

Episode 1

Last Appearance
New Sakura Wars
First Appearance
New Sakura Wars the Comic

Chapter 1

First Appearance
New Sakura Wars the Animation

Episode 1 : The Curtain Rises! The New Combat Revue

Last Appearance
New Sakura Wars the Animation

Episode 12 : The Grand Finale! Hope for Tomorrow!

Media Portrayal
Japanese Voice Ayane Sakura
English Voice Cherami Leigh
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Sakura Amamiya (天宮 さくら Amamiya Sakura) is the center heroine and one of the main female protagonists in New Sakura Wars. She is a new member of the Imperial Combat Revue's Flower Division and the daughter of Tekkan Amamiya and Hinata Amamiya.


Sakura is a young girl with brown hair that has bangs hanging on the left side and blue eyes.

She wears a kimono of turquoise color with a flower on the left side, a pink hakama and a pair of brown boots.


Much like Sakura Shinguji (Amamiya's predecessor and idol) of the Flower Division, Amamiya is shown to be positive and cheerful among the group and has displayed clumsiness with her performances at the beginning of the game. She also shares the same views of justice as Shinguji and has a tendency to feel jealous whenever Seijuro Kamiyama gets close to other members of the division.

What sets her apart from her idol is her strong will to never give up her dreams to follow in Shinguji's footsteps and revive the Imperial Combat Revue against all the adversity thrown at her. Signs of this are shown when she was getting beaten by Yang Xiaolong in her damaged Koubu armor for refusing to yield or getting refused by Anastasia Palma multiple times into accepting her as an acting student.

Sakura is also shown to be close to all members of the division already as she has gotten to know everyone's habits, such as Clarissa Snowflake's concentration with her books and Azami Mochizuki's long absence from the theatre. She is also described to have an impetuous side to herself as her master Hakushuu Murasame described how Sakura intended to dive into a river during the dead of Winter to steel her mind and body in her youth.

Sakura looks towards Seijuro with romantic feelings and can get easily flustered whenever Seijuro gets close to her intimately or catches her in a state of undressing or bathing (albeit not without punishing the captain herself).


Sakura was born on March 19th, 1923 in Japan. In her childhood, Sakura lives in a small village on the outskirts of Tokyo with Tekkan Amamiya and Hinata Amamiya. She also became close friends with the young Seijuro Kamiyama and Hatsuho Shinonome during her life there. During the time spent with Seijuro, they would have fun with swordplay using 'legendary' wooden swords made by her father.

One day, she was attacked by a demon near her home but was saved by Sakura Shinguji in the nick of time. This moment inspired her to pursue her dream of being a Flower Division member of the Imperial Combat Revue. She would later share this dream with Sejuro while they played at a riverbed, which prompted the boy to promise that he will become the captain of the Flower Division. Sakura then made another promise with Seijiro that they would get married after she gets older.

Sakura used to visit and play with Hatsuho at the Shinonome Shrine while her father is delivering swords. One day, she was shown struggling to learn a ceremonial dance with her friend. As a result, the two kids ended up getting into a fight where Sakura ran away crying. Afterward, she was unable to return and apologize to Hatsuho when her father stopped delivering swords to the shrine.

After her mother passed away and Seijuro moved out to study and become a navy captain, she would receive formal sword training from her master Hakushuu Murasame. One time, Sakura would tell her master that she needed to steel her mind and body by diving into a river in the dead of winter, which she never does again after doing it the first time.

By the time Sakura moved to Tokyo and joined with Hatsuho to become members of the Imperial Combat Revue. Unfortunately, the Revue is in a state of decline due to the absence of its core members after the end of the Great Kouma War. This left Sakura with a desire to have both the combat and theater sides of the Combat Revue revived to its former glory and keep Shinguji's legacy alive.


New Sakura Wars

New Sakura Wars the Animation

A year after Genan's defeat, Sakura has been named Acting Captain to lead the Flower Division in the absence of Seijuro Kamiyama (who was sent on a secret mission in Russia). Before leaving, Seijuro asks Sakura to take care of everyone and promises that when he comes back, he'll make it up to her by doing something together and that if could be whatever she wants.

Episode 1 : The Curtain Rises! The New Combat Revue!

A week after Seijuro's departure, the Flower Division prepares itself for the new show, Freezing Soul, which serves as Sakura's first production as Acting Captain. Dressed in a white dress with a blond wig, Sakura is excited that the new show is opening tonight as she tell her comrades to break a leg (especially since it's on the same day that Seijuro returns from his secret mission). Her comrade, Anastasia, then calls the girl. When Sakura asks the older woman if something is wrong, Anastasia says it's nothing dire as she demands to adjust her outfit which is a little tight in the back. Sakura asks if now is the moment but Anastasia replies that she's a perfectionnist. As Sakura accepts, Clarissa then asks the young girl to keep her voice down as she's busy finishing the script. Sakura makes a nervous laugh as she complies. She then wonders where Azami is as Hatsuho says the young ninja left the moment rehearsal was over. Sakura then panics as the performance is about to start and decides to go find her. She then runs out of the dressing room as she says that she'll run costumes while she's at it.

Right after leaving the room, Sakura is greeted by Azami who is hanging upside down from the ceiling. Sakura then asks the girl where she's been with the younger girl replying she was ''elsewhere''. Sakura tells Azami that she just can't disappear but Azami says that Village Rule 29 applies to the theater and that her actions be secrets. With a sigh, Sakura tells Azami to get in costume as the show is about to start while saying that she should not try to leave the building. Sakura then leaves the scene.

Fired up by the start of the show, Sakura continues to run in the hallway to complete preparations as she sees Seijuro coming back from his mission. A joyful Sakura stops and smiles as the young man greets her. However, Sakura sees that Seijuro is holding hands with a young girl that she's never seen before. The young girl hides behind Seijuro while a surprised Sakura asks who the girl is. The other members of the Flower Division arrive and greet Seijuro before noticing the new girl. When Azami asks for the girl's identity, Seijuro introduces her as Klara and that she's joining the Flower Division as part of a trial basis. Sakura and her comrades express their surprise at Klara joining the Flower Division.

The girls return to the dressing room to prepare themselves for the show. Sakura is frowning in frustration due to Klara's arrival when Anastasia says that stage makeup could be quite unforgiving to maidens. Sakura thanks her while wondering why she was frowning. Hatsuho replies that she frowns when she's always worried about something but the black-haired girl says that she was thinking and not worried. Hatsuho says that she understands her friend's worries due to Seijuro coming back from a mystery assignment with a secret smile and a new girl at his side. As Azami and Anastasia agree with Hatsuho's comments, Sakura tells her friends to stop being dramatic and that Seijuro probably brought Klara at the theater for a reason. When Anastasia asks to what end, Hatsuho questions Klara's identity as probably a secret love child of Seijuro before Azami and Claris calling him a villain. Frustrated, Sakura asks the girls if they're crazy and what do they think Seijuro is with all of them calling him a lady-killer that toys with women's hearts. Sakura is upset by their words as Kaoru enters the room and tells everyone to take their places for the beginning of the show. Sakura and the girls do really well as their performance impresses Klara who watching the show from afar alongside Seijuro.

After the end of the show, the girls return to the dressing room aside from Sakura. She says that this her chance to ask Seijuro if he remembers their promise before he left for his secret mission. Sakura then goes to search for Seijuro while hoping that he'll remember their promise and she also has to deal with Klara being so close to him. She finds him coming out from a meeting with Sumire at her office. When Seijuro asks her if something happened, the black-haired girl says that she really wanted to ask him something and that she couldn't wait another second. Seijuro says that they'll talk about it later and that she should get everyone to the Control Room.

With everyone reunited in the Control Room, Sumire tells the Flower Division that a major incident happened in the outskirts of Petrograd in Russia a week ago. Sumire tells the cover story for the incident was an unfortunate explosion but that the truth was far more disturbing : the Moscow Combat Revue was attacked which caused their airship to crash. She says that only one member of the Revue was accounted for while the other are considered missing for the time being. It is revealed that Seijuro and members of other Revues, which include Lancelot of the London Combat Revue and Elise of the Berlin Combat Revue, were dispatched to investigate and secure Klara who is the only surviving member of the attack. When Anastasia questions why they will secure Klara, Seijuro reveals that two mysterious individuals appear to be after Klara, one of them being as powerful as a greater demon. Sakura then concludes that Seijuro brought Klara back to Japan to protect her from her enemies. The young man says he brought Klara because she needed somebody to stand for her as she has lost her comrades. The girls understand the situation as they're like one big family. Sakura tells Seijuro not to worry and they'll take good care of Klara.

Suddenly, sirens are heard as demons appear in the capital, running straight for the theater. Sakura expresses her shock to their appearance as they haven't been seen in quite a while. Kaoru arrives in the Control Room alongside Klara who just woke up from her sleep. The young girl sees a demon displayed on the screen and looks away in fear. Sakura then tells the young girl that it's okay and that no one is going to hurt her anymore. In response, Seijuro orders the Flower Division to deploy and fight the demons. Sakura and the girls climb aboard their robots and land in front of the theater, ready to fight against the enemy. Sakura charges first saying that she'll protect Tokyo with everything she got. As the group are slaying demons left and right, Sakura uses her special attack, Divine Blade: Cherry Blossom Blizzard, to slay the remaining demons, successfully protecting Tokyo.

After the fight, the Flower Division go outside to say goodbye to Seijuro as he's about to return to the WLOF to complete the necessary paperwork. He says that he'll return soon and tells everyone to take care. As Seijuro says goodbye, Klara is worried about being left behind until Sakura grabs her left shoulder and reassures her that everything will be okay. Sakura and the others watch Seijuro leaving the theater without knowing that a mysterious black-caped individual is watching from afar.

Episode 2 : Identity Unknown! A Mysterious Foe Appears

Sakura is talking to Seijuro who calls the the Flower Division the best family he's ever had. As Sakura asks if this true, Seijuro says that he cannot stand Klara being all alone and that she deserves so much more. Sakura deduces that the young girl needs a family and that the Flower Division can give her that. Seijuro nods and says he always knew Sakura could see it. The young man grabs the young girl's hands while stating that one day, they could be more than a family. Sakura blushes as she sees her friend's face coming closer to her. Sakura closes her eyes and waits for their lips to touch. When she didn't feel Seijuro kissing her, Sakura opens her eyes to see herself in her bedroom. Rising up from bed, the young girl expresses her disappointment at the idea that her intimate moment with Seijuro was just a dream. She then looks over at Seijuro's picture nearby and tells him to not worry about a thing and that she'll be the family Klara deserves.

After dressing up, Sakura goes up to Klara's room to knock on the door. When Klara opens, Sakura greets her and asks if she's ready. Both girls go to meet Hatsuho and Azami in the Parlor who were discussing about White Cape's recent vigilante activities. The young swordswoman tells Klara that the Parlor is a great place to hang out when things get hectic. When Hatsuho asks her friend what she's doing, Sakura says that she has decided to give Klara the ''grand theatrical tour'' as the demons showed up before they could show the place. She then introduces Hatsuho and Azami whose friendly behaviour slightly scares Klara, causing her to hide behind Sakura.

Sakura and Klara go to the Music Room where Anastasia is singing while playing the piano. Sakura claps her hand in admiration before praising Anastasia's marvelous performance and asking her if there is anything that she can't do. When Anastasia asks Klara if she can sing, the young girl says that she can just a little before Sakura asks her if it's more than a little. After Anastasia says that Klara must sing more than a little to become part of the Revue, Sakura reassures Klara that they can practice anytime they want. When Klara asks if they could do it together, Sakura says they could. She tells her friend to not feel intimadated by Anastasia's words as it is the older woman's way of being nice.

Both girls' next stop is the Archives where Clarissa is reading a book by the window. After Clarissa just ended her book, Sakura tells the blond-haired girl that she must have read a pretty good book. Her words shocks Clarissa who didn't notice her before telling her to stop sneaking up on her like that. The brown-haired girl says that she didn't sneak on her, it's just that Clarissa didn't notice her. Sakura turns to Klara and tells her that when Clarissa reads, the world outside her book completely falls away. She explains the Archives has everything that she could possibly want to learn about dramatic arts before introducing Clarissa. The young noblewoman says that she'll always be happy to give a recommandation to Klara about what to read with Sakura saying to trust the resident bookworm. She tells Klara that the selection of books is pretty great.

Sakura continues the tour while showing her Sumire's office and Kaoru's office. She explains that in addition of being Sumire's secretary, Kaoru handles all the paperwork and theater finances. Kaoru then notices Sakura's presence and tells her she showed up at the perfect timing. When Sakura asks her why, Kaoru says that when she reviewed the receipts that the young girl submitted yesterday, she noticed that several of them appeared to be from last month. Trying to brush things aside, Sakura timidly says it's weird and that she must have forgotten. Koaru reprimands Sakura by saying that this is not the first time that the young girl did this and asks her for this time to be the last as it makes her job needlessly complicated. When Kaoru asks Sakura if they have an understanding, Sakura says she understands.

Both girls go to Komachi's shop who declares that she could give them anything they ask for. Sakura watches as Komachi expresses her desire to create merchandise with Klara's face as her sweet appearance could be a gold mine.

After that, Sakura brings Klara to the Bath Room while saying that she knew that nobody would be there in the morning. She asks Klara if she's never seen a bath this big before. She tells Klara that while it might take a bit for the young girl to get used to the space, she knows that she'll love it. Sakura opens the bath door and comes face to face with a naked Reiji who was about to leave the bathroom. Embarrassed, both Sakura and Reiji scream before Sakura hits the young man with some bath buckets as Klara watches. After Reiji dresses up, Sakura introduces the engineer to Klara before asking Reiji with a pouting face what does he have to say in his defense for what just happened. Reiji says he needed a bath after pulling an all-nighter. His answer confuses Sakura who asks him if working really meant losing a whole night of sleep. The young man takes the two girls to the Garage where Sakura sees a Type-3 Kobu, which Reiji calls the Type-3 Kobu Custom. Sakura calls the machine beautiful while Klara watches the Kobu in admiration.

Sakura takes Klara to the last location of her tour : the Stage. She tells Klara that she knows that the audience is going to love the young girl when she will perform alongside as part of the Flower Division. Klara smiles at the thought of it and thanks Sakura as this all means a lot to her. Klara was about to say something important before telling her friend to forget that she said anything. Sakura then says that she remembered that there is one person that Klara still has to meet. Both girls then leave the theater while the other members of the Flower Division watch from a nearby window.

Sakura and Klara walk through town when Klara asks who they are going to meet. Sakura says that it is Hakushuu Murasame, the woman who taught her how to wield a sword. She also says that Hakushuu is a sucker for the theater's omelet rice and that she's basically an honorary member of the Revue due to her always hanging out in the theater. She says that she can't wait for Klara to meet her. Both girls arrive on a spot on top of a hill where Hakushuu likes to relax on a good day. Sakura says that while it was a safer bet to find Hakushuu here than her dojo, the swordswoman was nowhere to be found.

Both girls leave the spot and walk though town before they pass by a teashop. Sakura asks her friend if she wants some tea to which Klara nods. Sakura tells Klara she will be right back. She gives a call to Kaoru who tells her to be back no later than 15:00. Sakura agrees before she turns over to the window and spots a weirdo in a cape watching her from a nearby rooftop. Kaoru, who was still listening, asks the young swordswoman what is wrong. Sakura tells her about the black-caped individual before screaming. Concerned, Kaoru alerts the other members of the Flower Division who deduce Sakura must have been attacked by White Cape.

Sakura runs away while holding Klara's hand. Noticing Black Cape pursuing them, Sakura wonders about why this mysterious individual is after them. Both girls keep running into an alley before a bunch of boxes are thrown in front of them. Sakura tells Klara to stay behind her as Black Cape approaches. Black Cape reveals his claws before attacking Sakura, who dodges his attacks before running in another alley with Klara. However, Black Cape runs up in front of them and attacks again. Sakura closes her eyes in fear of the attack but sees that Hatsuho just stopped Black Cape's claws with her hammer. The shrine maiden tells the girls to leave Black Cape to her as Sakura thanks her before escaping with Klara. Anastasia, Clarissa and Azami appear to assist Hatsuho. Sakura and Klara are relieved to see the Flower Division come and help them against their assailant. Azami gives Sakura her sword which she forgot at the theater. As all girls confront Black Cape, Sakura tells Clarissa to take care of Klara. Klara runs behind Clarissa as Sakura approaches Black Cape with her sword. She attacks the assailant but her sword is stopped by Black Cape's arms. Sakura is shocked by this and deduces that the man has metal armor under his clothes.

She is then kicked into a nearby wall before Black Cape attacks Clarissa and takes Klara hostage. Black Cape jumps on a nearby rooftop before Klara is taken by a white-caped woman who came out of nowhere. White Cape jumps down in the alley and puts down Klara on the ground before fighting Black Cape in a sword battle. Sakura is surprised to see that the attacks of both opponents are countering each other. Sakura is then taken out of her thoughts by White Cape who calls her by her name and says that she's not a spectator. Understanding the swordswoman's words, Sakura takes her sword and slashes Black Cape in the stomach. With Black Cape cornered, White Cape praises Sakura who thanks her. Sakura then notices a blue light at the place she slashed Black Cape which made her wonder if her opponent was actually a robot. Black Cape jumps on a rooftop and escapes. Sakura then goes to Klara and asks if she's okay. Seeing White Cape leave the scene, Sakura runs in pursuit wondering how this masked woman knew her name. She follows White Cape into another alley but instead finds her swordmaster Hakushuu who asks why she's so worked up. Sakura asks her if she has seen someone peculiar with a white mask pass by with Hakushuu stating that a very dashing individual might have passed. When Sakura asks where did this dashing individual went, Hakushuu says that White Cape ran away on the roofs. Hakushuu salutes Sakura and leaves the scene with the young girl being suspicious of her swordmaster's answer.

Sakura and the Flower Division return to the Imperial Theater where Sakura takes Klara back to her room, saying that she needs some sleep and to call her if she needs anything. Sakura was about to leave when Klara calls up to her and thanks her for everything today. Sakura states it was nothing before Klara says that she doesn't know how to repay her as Sakura made her feel very welcomed. While Klara says she's grateful for everything the girls do for her, she states that she doesn't think she should be here. Her words confuse Sakura who tells the other girls about her concerns. She thinks that Black Cape's attack possibly frightened her and that she felt responsible. However, the other girls start to suspect that Klara must be responsible for the Moscow Combat Revue's downfall. Sakura is upset by their words and reprimands her friends as Klara has already been through enough and that they promised Seijuro to accept Klara into their family. As all girls stay silent, the room suddenly becomes dark.

The girls go the window and see a massive airship appear above the skies of Tokyo. A mysterious male voice introduces the airship as the Sevastopol which is being operated by the Moscow Combat Revue. Sakura and Hatsuho are shocked by the announcement as the Moscow Combat Revue was though to be missing.

Episode 3 : Tokyo Trembles! The New Moscow Combat Revue!

Sakura and her comrades run outside in the courtyard to see the Sevastopol. Sakura notices that something is coming oout of the airship. Suddenly, five masked individuals jump off from the airship and land in the courtyard. Hatsuho angrily insults the arrivants for suddenly appearing in Tokyo while demanding for their identity and if they're searching for a fight. Landing outside the Imperial Theater, Kaminski meets the members of the Imperial Combat Revue's Flower Division who came outside to see who the group was. Telling the group not to be alarmed by his ominous arrival, Kaminski politely introduces himself as the Captain of the Moscow Combat Revue while giving a blushing Sakura, who he calls ''fairest maiden'', a rose.

Sakura and her comrades follow Kaminski in the Dining Hall. He sits down with Kaoru Rindou while the Flower Division and Klara watch. Kaminski comments on the tea while asking his hosts if they have any jam. Sakura then asks Kaminski about the conflicting reports that the Moscow Combat Revue was taken down in an attack. Kaminski tells the Flower Division that he and his Revue were about to welcome a new member in the outskirts of Petrograd as part of a task given to them by the WLOF until their airship was attacked by an unknown adversary. He mentions that while the entire Revue survived the attack, they will forever be carrying burdens and be scarred by horrible burn injuries, forcing them to wear long black coats and metal helmets. However, he says that because of the attack, the group was able to revive from their ashes like a phoenix as the ''New Moscow Combat Revue'' which perplexes Sakura. Kaoru says that she's relieved that Kaminski's group are safe but asks what is the purpose of their visit. Hatsuho tells Kaminski that a sudden arrival in Tokyo will lead to people thinking he's up to no good, he states they have come as part of a family matter which comfuse both Sakura and Hatsuho.

Right after he spoke, one of the Moscow Combat Revue members, who is revealed to be called Leyla, steps forward and takes off her coat and mask, revealing herself as a beautiful silver-haired young woman. The woman approaches Klara and tells her to come along but Klara does not seem to remember her, much to Leyla's shock. As Sakura worries about the way Leyla talks to Klara, Kaoru tells Kaminski that Klara doesn't remember anything from her past and that while her amnesia could be temporary, they can't be certain. However, Kaminski says that it does not matter and that his Revue will personaly take care of Klara's recovery as she's one of their own. Klara is again approached by Leyla who keeps telling her to come back but the young girl is terrified. Leyla is stopped by Sakura and Hatsuho who angrily says that she does not like the idea of returning an amnesiac defenceless Klara and that she's a member of the Imperial Combat Revue. The other members of the Flower Division agree with Hatsuho that they will never give a terrified child to strangers but Leyla responds by saying they will take Klara by force if necessary. Hatsuho provokes Leyla but the other girl's right eye glows red granting her unknown strength to tighten Hatsuho's fist. Klara can only watch in fear until Kaminski tells Leyla to stop as Revues are made to fight demons and not others. Kaminski insists the Flower Division to give Klara back but Sakura refuses, telling him that they were ordered by their Captain, Seijuro Kamiyama, to watch over Klara and they will keep her until further notice or news from him. Kaminski then asks where Seijuro is and when will he return. Even though Kaoru says that he's currently on a mission in Europe and that the date of his return is unknown, Kaminski still insists for Klara's return.

Sumire unexpectly enters the room asking what is happening. Kaminski, surprised to see a legendary performer of the Imperial Combat Revue, stands up and calls her the heroic woman of Tokyo. The young man creates a full rose bouquet with Azami noting that he only gave one single rose to Sakura (Anastasia says it's because Sakura is not as famous as her Commander much to Sakura's annoyance). When Sumire asks what this is, Kaminski says that Sumire's beauty could thaw the coldest heart while noting the cold Siberian tundra possibly froze his. Wanting to give some thanks of her own, Sumire brings Kaminski to her office where they both discuss about Klara.

Sakura and her friends follow Sumire and Kaminski to Sumire's office. The two are talking while the Flower Division are eavesdropping. Sumire says that while she's the Commander, her hands are tied up as it was Captain Seijuro Kamiyama who ordered the Flower Division to watch over Klara and that the young girl will remain with them under Kamiyama's orders to the Flower Division's relief. However, Kaminski says that he will forcibly request Klara's return under a sanction's decree. He says that an official injonction will not take too much time and that they will meet again. After his meeting with Sumire, Kaminski leaves the theater with Leyla and his group with Sakura and the others watching.

Later, Sumire summons Sakura and the Flower Division to her office to tell them she received a call from the WLOF which confirmed Kaminski is indeed with the Moscow Combat Revue. She tells them that since Kaminski told the truth, it will not take long before an official order tells them to give them Klara. Klara is worried until she feels a repulsive feeling. When Sakura asks her what's wrong, Klara tells her that ''they're coming''. The others are concerned about her words just before the alarm rings, alerting them that the demons are coming. The Flower Division deploys to fight the demon while Klara goes to observe the battle from the Control Room.

Sakura leads the charge against the invaders who appeared near Tokyo Bay but are surprised to find only one demon of a gargantuan size. Sumire says that the demon's size does not matter as they clearly outnumber it. However, Hatsuho starts acting strange by immediately attacking. Sakura tries to reason with her friend but Hatsuho says that she's in a bad mood today and that she wants to release some anger. After Hatsuho got hit by the demon, Sakura runs to protect her friend who was about to get squashed by the demon's foot. Anastasia, Clarissa and Azami attack to distract the beast while Sakura asks her friend if she's alright. Hatsuho says she's fine and receives a transmission from Reiji saying that her machine is fine more or less but that she has to switch to backup power mode.

Sumire then contacts Sakura saying the demon has resumed it's move. Kaminski suddenly contacts the Flower Division during their battle asking them if they desire assistance as their airship is located not far from their current location. Hatsuho talks back by refusing, saying that if it is discovered that they had to rely on another Combat Revue for assistance, it will not do any favors to the Flower Division's reputation. Kaminski replies by saying that such thing in not important in times of crisis and turns over to Sakura to leave her to make the choice as Captain. Sakura refuses saying they do not need any help. Kaminski understands the decision and tells Sakura the Moscow Combat Revue will remain in standby in case they should mobilize. Sakura says that it's not up to the Moscow Combat Revue to defend Tokyo but them. Under Sakura's words, the Flower Division follow the demon which keeps advancing towards the Imperial Theater.

The Flower Division corner the beast which couldn't adavnce any further bacause of the rising bridge. Sakura asks the others if they're ready with Hatsuho replying that she will take the demon down this time. However, Sakura says she won't and that while she was lucky it didn't kill her, it will be better and safer to fight as a team. Hatsuho sacarsticaly answers back with her friend asking her what's her problem. Unknownly to Sakura, her childhood friend has bitter feelings about not being chosen as Acting Captain by Seijuro. Hatsuho says that can do this on her own and ask Sakura to stand down. Hatsuho charges much to Sakura's surprise. While Sakura is worried, Anastasia suggest to use Hatsuho's tenacity to their full adavantage and create coordinated attacks. Everyone weakens the demon with Hatsuho using her special attack Ceremonial Hammer to deal the final blow. As Hatsuho expresses her excitement, Sakura is shocked to see the demon stand up and tries to warn Hatsuho. However, the demon knocks Hatsuho's hammer into the river leaving her defenceless. Sakura tries to save her friend while Anastasia, Azami and Clarissa attack from afar but to no avail. As Hatsuho is about to get crushed, a massive energy blast comes from the sky and hits the beast.

Leyla and the Moscow Combat Revue arrive in their respective Strikers, the Ekaterinas, to confront the demon. Leyla mocks the Flower Division's lack of power and effortlessly destroys the demon with the help of her comrades humiliating the Flower Division in the process. Sakura sees Leyla pick up a piece of shattered blue crystal from the spot the demon fell while questioning what exactly is the object.

Later, Sakura and the Flower Division are on the bridge as Hatsuho's Kobu gets carried away by Reiji. Kaminski and Leyla approach while taunting the Flower Division. Kaminski looks at Klara and warns Sumire that demons will keep appearing in Tokyo as long as Klara remains in the city. Both he and Leyla leave the scene, with Sakura lowering her head in disapointment thinking Kaminski says they failed to protect the city and Klara. Sakura and the others remain silent as Hatsuho screams to the heavens in frustration for her actions.

Episode 4 : Friendship in Full Bloom! Thousand Year Cherry Blossoms!

Following their defeat, Sakura knocks on Hatsuho's room door, wanting to talk with her. Sakura then sees a note from Hatsuho saying that she's gone back home.

Sakura shows the note to the others with Clarissa worrying that they might not see Hatsuho ever again. Sakura tries to say that it's fine and that maybe Hatsuho went back for the spring festival season. She says that there is no need to worry and that Clarissa got worried worked up for nothing. Azami says that she might come back when the festival is over while Anastasia says she'll be glad to give Hatsuho some extra lessons. Sakura then suggest that she could go help Hatsuho as the shrine needs some extra support as well of bringing her back home much quicker. Klara then grabs onto Sakura's kimono which makes the young girl ask what's wrong. Sakura asks Klara if she wants to come to which Klara nods. Sakura and Klara then leave the Theater with Komachi telling them goodbye.

Sakura and Klara take the tramway and walk over to the Shinonome Shrine. Sakura tells Klara that she and Hatsuho used to goof around the shrine all the time when they were younger. Klara jumps up one step and almost loses her stepping before receiving a hand from Sakura. As she and Klara climb the stairs, the young brunette says it will not be much longer until the cherry trees blossom again. She also tells Klara that the sight is beautiful and that when spring comes, the stunning pink flowers go into full bloom. She also says that on top lies the Thousand Year Cherry Tree. Sakura tells Klara about her story about how she used to live far away and came to visit the shrine every single year as part of her father's work. While she didn't have many friends back then, she and Hatsuho befriended each other and made a pinky promise to stay friends forever.

Sakura and Klara go behind the shrine and find Hatsuho who is perplexed by their sudden visit. The three girls sit down for some tea when Hatsuho asks what they are doing here. Sakura says that between Hatsuho's letter and her vanishing, everyone was worried. She also says that she covered Hatsuho by saying she went back home for the spring festival. Hatsuho says she forgot about the whole thing until last night but Sakura asks if she really expects her to believe that. Both Sakura and Klara suspect that Hatsuho is hiding something which makes Sakura asks what really happened while mentioning that even Seijuro is concerned. The mention of Seijuro's name makes Hatsuho ask if Seijuro really contacted. Hatsuho is upset saying that if she knew Seijuro will contact them, she will not have left. However, Sakura replies saying that if Hatsuho never came back home, there will have been nobody to prepare the shrine. Sakura and Klara then suggest that they will help Hatsuho with the festival.

Sakura and Klara assist Hatsuho by decorating and cleaning the shrine which includes hanging lamps and chasing some bats. Sakura says that she forgot how fun it was coming to the shrine while reminescing about her childhood and the Thousand Year Cherry Door. However, Sakura didn't know that Hatsuho still had some jealousy about Sakura being chosen as Acting Captain instead of her. Sakura decides to step out for a second while asking Klara to stay there and help Hatsuho.

Later, Sakura returns and asks Klara if she could dress her. She also helps Klara to put on a flower kimono while saying that it's for the ''pre-festival''. Klara then notices a small frame containing a picture of Sakura and Hatsuho in their childhood. As Sakura comments on the picture, Klara suddenly has a headache which makes her drop the picture and hold her head with both hands. Sakura worries about Klara but the younger girl says that she's fine.

An excited Sakura and Klara go to watch Hatsuho perform some ceremonial dancing. While Klara was watching with joy, another headache comes up as well as a faint vision of a young woman performing ballet. Klara's pain makes Sakura worry but her friend says to stop worrying as it was nothing.

After the festival, Sakura and Klara meet up with Hatsuho to compliment their friend on her dancing. While walking together, Sakura comments on how she was a mess before Seijuro came along. Hatsuho also teases Sakura on her bad dancing. Sakura, Klara and Hatsuho go to sit down behind the shrine where Sakura hopes to see everyone come to the festival next year (which includes dancing with Seijuro). She expresses interest in having everybody dance under the Cherry Blossom Tree. Hatsuho then comments about how the Thousand Year Cherry Tree stopped blossoming ever since their childhood after a painful argument between Sakura and Hatsuho led to Sakura never coming back to the shrine. Hatsuho says that she was a brat and that they should had brought this sooner. Sakura then says if was her own fault for that as she was just a ''green-eyed little crybaby'' that wanted to become just like her friend­ who she saw as the ''coolest kid ever''. Sakura says that she wanted to apologize for a long time but since her father stopped doing business with the shrine, she never came back. Hatsuho comments on how they never brought this incident ever since that day and that she felt bad ever since (she even thought she was the reason why Sakura never came back). Sakura apologizes to her best friend and says that she deserved much better than why she has given her. Hatsuho apologizes for being a pain in the ass recently and that she should have listened to her friend. Sakura tells her to not worry as she is her best friend. Hatsuho also notes on she was about to leave the Imperial Combat Revue because the group was a total mess a year ago, which made them rely on the Shanghai Combat Revue to protect the city. Hatsuho says that Sakura is the reason the Flower Division stands together but Sakura rejects the notion by saying that neither of them will be there without Seijuro or the others.

After watching Sakura and Hatsuho, reconcile, Klara has a vision of herself holding hands with the same ballet dancer from her previous vision. Klara then approaches both girls and ask them what the Thousand Cherry Blossom Tree looked like. The girls are confused but both Sakura and Hatsuho close their eyes while holding Klara's hands. Suddenly, Klara uses a mysterious power from her left eye to make the tree blossom for the first time in years. Sakura and Hatsuho are surprised which makes Hatsuho ask Klara if she made this happen. Klara says all three made the tree blossom because Klara considers them her friends and reached out to them. Klara almost faints before being catched by Hatsuho who asks her if she's okay. Klara says she's just tired. When Hatsuho asks her why she will do this, Klara says it's because she owns so much to them and that because they're friends and that when a friend is sad or hurt, she will reach out to them. The three girls happily look at each other, not knowing that Azami was looking from afar.

Episode 5 : The Goofball Detective Combo! Find Klara's Secret!

One morning, Sakura goes to the Dining Room alongside Klara and Hatsuho for breakfast not knowing that Azami was watching them from behind the staircase. Azami is brought to the table by a grouchy Hatsuho who suggests the young ninja to eat something to make her mood better. Azami complies not knowing that her strange behaviour has attracted Sakura's attention.

Sakura follows Azami to the backstage where she was following Klara. The young swordswoman grabs Azami by her clothes and tells her she knew the former was following Klara. Clarissa comes and tries to defend her friend by telling Sakura that Azami was helping her create a detective story. Feeling nervous by the two girls observing her, Klara tells Sakura that they leave. Both girls leave after Sakura tells Azami and Clarissa to not scare Klara anymore.

Later at night, Sakura and Hatsuho are sent outside to fight a demon that mysteriously appears in the city. They arrive to find Klara, Azami and Clarissa. Hatsuho comments that aside from watching most events happen from afar, they probably missed on a lot. Clarissa comments on how she defeated the demon as well as Black Cape reappearing to capture Klara again only to be foiled again by White Cape. This revelation puzzles Sakura even more. Klara wakes up in relief that she was saved by her friends once again. Azami then asks Klara why she left the Theater as such a late hour. The platinum-haired girl tells her friends to follow her. The girls follow Klara to the top of a hill in a near park where Klara says that the beautiful view reminds her of her homeland. She said that she recently read a poem about Russia which made her reminiscend about her homeland. She then thanks the girls for being there for her as Reiji is watching from behind a tree. Sakura later returns to the theater alongside everyone.

Episode 6 : Strange and Bizarre! The True Identity of Black Cape!

Episode 7 : Stealth Mission! Tail the Date!

Episode 8 : Nonstop Chaos! The Combat Revue Challenge!

Episode 9 : Unbelievable! The Truth About Klara!

Episode 10 : Tokyo Destruction? The Rage of Tunguska!

Episode 11 : A Fantastic, Tragic Love! Leyla's Heart!

Episode 12 : The Grand Finale! Hope for Tomorrow!


With the hack-and-slash mechanics introduced to the 2019 game, Sakura is the only character out of the cast with three different mechas for players to use (Two based on story progress, and one is a patch-exclusive armor used only for the Battle Bot map replays).

Kobu Type-3 Spiricle Armor

  • HP: 6
  • Attack: 7
  • Defense: 8

Sakura Wars 20200513010801.jpg

As the first character to play after Chapter 1's intermission, Sakura's Kobu Type-3 fights with a single katana in close-combat. While her quick attack animations are a bit underwhelming against tougher enemies in comparison to Seijuro's ferocious dual-wielding style and Azami's multi-strike combos, she makes up for it with a single strong attack that allows her to close the distance on an enemy automatically. This gives her the option to move to another group of enemies close by as soon as she clears away her side of opponents.

When using strong attacks in combination with her fast attacks, she offers a strong horizontal slash after the first fast strike and a piercing attack by the second. Her strong attack after the third quick-strike should launch her enemy in the air, and she can perform a strong jump attack at the end of her fast combos.

Since her basic strong attack can knock down most if not all non-gigantic enemies, the best tactic to utilize her is to dash in with an opening strong attack, then chip away the enemies' health while they are down with fast strikes before circling around to repeat the attack. Alternatively, spamming strong attacks is great for keeping the enemies knocked down but it is best to do so when singling out enemies with higher health bars while avoiding to get surrounded. Her aerial attacks offer only basic sword animations with both quick and strong attacks, but it is just enough for her to attack and bring down flying enemies and those she launches in the air mid-combo so long as they are in her reach.

While she is a close-quarter fighter, players should try to be careful with her positioning and how long she can stay in one spot as her attack animations are slightly sluggish compared to Seijuro and Azami, and can easily be countered mid-combo.

Her special attack Divine Sword: Cherry Blossom Blizzard releases a horizontal projectile shockwave that slashes through and knocks away all enemies within its range, even from a distance. It is most devasting up close for swarms in front of her.

Mugen-Class Spiricle Striker

  • HP: 6
  • Attack: 7
  • Defense: 8

Sakura Wars 20200513132341.jpg

This armor is an exclusive Day 1 patch that Sakura can play in only for the Battle Bot map replays, which is accessible within Chapter 3 of the game. While her stats and both her basic and combo attacks remain unchanged in this armor, the only difference is the smoother and faster attack animations that reflect the Mugen units as the state-of-the-art mechas in the game's storyline.

Even dashing in with a quick strike provides a slightly better knockback compared to the Kobu Type-3, allowing players to opt between using a quick or strong attack as the opening move. With the Mugen's attack animations, it is more viable for players to have Sakura fight more efficiently with her quick attacks and allowing her to continue fighting within a close range for a longer duration before needing to evade or move out of crowds.

Her special attack remains the same as her Koubu version, but offers a more different cutscene when she recites her move.

Prototype Obu Spiricle Striker

  • HP: 8
  • Attack: 9
  • Defense: 8

Sakura Wars 20200516152600.jpg

The Prototype Obu is unlocked at the battle phase of Chapter 5 and is easily Sakura's best mecha armor in the game. While the Obu boasts higher stats than the Kobu and has better attack animations like the Mugen, its real asset is being able to release energy projectile slashes at her opponent with her strong attacks (This feature is unlocked after a certain point during the Chapter 5 battle).

As Sakura fights best in the Obu, she can now mix between fighting close-quarters or attacking enemies from afar with projectile energy slashes. Even her strong attack combos carried over from her Kobu Type-3 are further enhanced with this feature.

While her basic strong attack can fire a horizontal slash, Sakura can fire two simultaneously to cover a wider range after making a dash. The projectiles can also increase to four by inputting a strong attack after a regular strike, and Sakura can even fire the energy off from her other three strong attack combo animations to extend the sword's reach.

If players plan to fire their projectile attacks at a distance, keep in mind that her basic strong attack still retains its auto-function to approach enemies. It is best to have a fair distance away from enemies to avoid moving towards them, or to be wary of where Sakura will land as she closes in on her target.

While attacking in mid-air, she can also use her strong attack to release a projectile wave slash to snipe down enemies high up. This, however, requires proper positioning, height, and timing to be able to hit an enemy in the air so it will take a bit of practice to get used to this mid-air strategy.

Sakura's new special attack, Divine Sword: Eternal Cherry Blossoms, unleashes a vertical slash area attack in front of her, with the currents created by its force making it just as wide as her previous special move. It offers a higher damage output that can take out even a giant enemy in the close range center of the attack. Just barely getting hit at the edge of the currents is enough to wipe out the smaller enemies caught by it.


  • The name Sakura means "cherry blossom" (さくら).
  • Sakura's surname Amamiya means "heaven, sky" (天) (ama) and "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (miya).


  • Sakura Amamiya is shown to have a tendency to make spelling mistakes throughout the 2019 game. This is made apparent when Seijuro Kamiyama has difficulty reading two Teletron messages from her on the raids in Ginza, and having found her childhood wooden sword with its intended name written incorrectly on it.
  • Unlike the past stage shows, Sakura Amamiya (As well her comrades and Sumire) wasn't portrayed by the same seiyuu from the games, instead she's portrayed by the actress Yuna Sekine.
  • Before Shin Sakura Taisen was announced, there was already a character named Sakura Amamiya from Judge Eyes: Shinigami no Yuigon, another Sega game, that released on December 13, 2018. One year before Shin Sakura Taisen's release on December 12, 2019. They share the same characters in their name, except for one (bold): Amamiya Sakura Judge Eyes: ( 宮 さくら ) SST: ( 宮 さくら )