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Sakura Revolution
Developer(s): Delightworks
Publisher(s): Sega
Release Date: JP: December 14, 2020
Genre: Dramatic RPG
Platform(s): iOS/Android
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Sakura Revolution (サクラ革命 Sakura Kakumei?), previewed as Project B.L.A.C.K. is a mobile game developed by Sega and Delightworks. The game was released on December 12, 2020 and is a spin-off title in the Sakura Wars franchise. Following the official title's reveal on September 2, 2020, a 23 minute prologue OVA pretelling and expanding on the game's prologue chapter was uploaded to the game's YouTube channel.

Due to unknown (but most likely financial) reasons the game was supposed to be shutdown on June 30, 2021. But on June 29th it was announced that the game's shut down date was been pushed back to July 20, 2021 because "time is needed to test the functionality of the limited features version of the app" (referring to update 1.8.0).


[1] Sakura Revolution is set in an alternate version of Tokyo, in the year Taisho 100 (2011 CE). In the year Taisho 84 (1995 CE), disaster struck the capital in a calamity known as the Great Imperial Capital Disaster. The nation was able to rebuild and recover, thanks to the discovery of a new energy based on spiritual power, known only as Mirai.

Sadly, with the activation of the New Imperial Tower, the cherry blossoms stopped blooming. Moreover, demons known as “Koki” began to increase in number, lashing out to attack people across the nation. To protect the people, the government formed the Great Imperial Combat Revue B.L.A.C.K., who protect the people from evil while bringing light to their hearts with unmatched live performances.

While peace reigns among the people thanks to Mirai and B.L.A.C.K. and many have put their trust in the government, some have come to realize that it is but a false prosperity.

These brave souls are known as the Imperial Combat Revue, and their mission is to uncover the government’s conspiracy and retake Japan!


Imperial Combat Revue


Aogashima Flower Division

Kyushu Flower Division

Chugoku Flower Division

Shikoku Flower Division

Chubu Flower Division

Hokuriku Flower Division

Kanto Flower Division

Tohoku Flower Division

Hokkaido Flower Division

Cosmos Flower Division

Kinki (Kansai) Flower Division

Great Imperial Combat Revue B.L.A.C.K.

  • Prana Tosei (CV: Lynn)
  • Kurumi Saimei (CV: Nao Touyama)
  • Meisa Akashi (CV: Ami Koshimizu)
  • Miyabi Hanami (CV: Ayako Kawasumi)
  • Claire Sekisho (CV: Ahiru Ohira)
  • Maju Kazayuki (CV: Ayumi Ayano)
  • Tenka Keburai (CV: Chihaya Yoshitake)

Imperial Government

  • Tokisane Kira (CV: Toshiyuki Morikawa)
  • Mammon (CV: Akio Otsuka)
  • Belial (CV: Soma Saito)
  • Bai-lin (CV: Jun Fukuyama)
  • Samael (CV: Ryohei Kimura)
  • Belphegor (CV: Chafurin)
  • Lucifer (CV: Kazuhiro Yamaji)



Official How To Guide

Consume AP to advance the main story

in order to take on quest you must use AP to play them.

Commanding the maidens in Battle

The battlefield separated by lines, in which you must considers your distance from the enemy. The closer you are to your enemy the better attack damage can be inflicted on them but the cavoite is the closer you are to the enemy the more more damage you take also.

Using reinforced materials to increase your armors' stats!

By clearing various quests and you can get reinforced materials. Using these reinforced materials will increase the stats of the Spiricle Dress and amulets of your choice and give an advantage in battle.


App Versions

  • Ver 1.0.0 (Dec 14, 2020): New release
  • Ver 1.1.0 (Dec 28, 2020): Various UI improvements, Bug Fixes
  • Ver 1.1.1 (Dec 30, 2020): Bug Fixes
  • Ver 1.1.2 (Dec 31, 2020): Bug Fixes
  • Ver 1.2.0 (Jan 26, 2021): Various UI improvements, Bug Fixes
  • Ver 1.2.1 (Feb 03, 2021): Bug Fixes
  • Ver 1.3.0 (Feb 09, 2021): Various UI improvements, Bug Fixes
  • Ver 1.4.0 (Feb 22, 2021): Various UI improvements, Bug Fixes
  • Ver 1.5.0 (Mar 10, 2021): Various UI improvements, Bug Fixes
  • Ver 1.5.1 (Apr 01, 2021): Bug fixes
  • Ver 1.6.0 (Apr 22, 2021): Various UI improvements, Bug Fixes
  • Ver 1.7.0 (May 26, 2021): Various UI improvements, Bug Fixes
  • Ver 1.7.1 (June 9, 2021): Bug Fixes
  • Ver 1.8.0 (July 16, 2021):


Prologue OVA


On February 22, 2021 the game reached 1.5 million downloads.

During the game's launch week the game had a rating of 2.7 on the google play store and a rating of 3.0 on the Apple app store.

As of July 20, 2021 the game has a rating of 2.8 on the google play store and a rating of 3.8 on the Apple app store.

[Rumor / Speculation] Sakura Revolution was noted by the press as a major flop despite a budget said to exceed 3 billion yen (around US $27.6 millions), it brought a meager 73.7 million yen (around US $703,000) in revenue in its first month. Source:

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