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Sakura Wars katsudou shashin / Sakura Wars activity photo (サクラ大戦 活動写真) is a light novel based on the Sakura Wars: The Movie.


A secret unit that protects the Imperial City from the existence of demons, the Imperial Flower Squadron Hana-gumi. The girls of the Hanagumi, who have repelled the two invaders of the evil spirit and brought peace to the Imperial City, have been busy on the stage of the opera, which is a face-up. One day, a new member comes from Japan. Ratchet, an elite who was a Broadway top star and former captain of the Stars. However, her joining casts a subtle shadow on the unity of the flower troupe. Almost at the same time, a conspiracy was about to be created in the darkness of the Imperial City. The endless desire and ambition of "people" brings a crisis to the Teito and the Hanagumi maidens. The Imperial Flower Squad, Hanagumi, who brilliantly decorated the silver screen debut in "Sakura Wars Activity Photograph". Introducing the novelized version of their brilliant dance, which is a complete version of the dance on the paper.





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