Sakura Taisen: ~Su~mi~re~ (サクラ大戦 神崎すみれ 引退記念 す・み・れ Sakura Taisen Kanzaki Sumire Intaikinen Su・mi・re?) is an original OVA episode of Sega's Sakura Wars franchise. It commemorates the retirement of Sumire Kanzaki from the series and was released on December 18, 2002.


Sumire Kanzaki, the top star of the Imperial Theatre Revue and member of the Combat Revue. She continues to perform while fighting to protect Tokyo from the lurking darkness, but somehow seems to be appearing more anxious than usual.

And after much worrisome pondering, the prideful actress whom she upholds within her chest has decided to retire from the revue, both stage and combat, to a quiet life.

While her Flower Division comrades were shocked by her announcement, Sumire's decision remains determined and final. With everyone's feelings in mind, the time of the opening of "Kamizaki Sumire Retirement Memorial Performance" is approaching.

Continuity and Placement



  • The animation was produced in conjunction with Sumire Kanzaki's voice actress, Michie Tomisawa's retirement from video-game voice acting, to which is followed by the live performance Harukoi Shisumireyume Nowakare.[1]
    • Information regarding Tomisawa's retirement from the voice-acting department was regarded false but just temporary for only her future marraige. She returned to the Kayo shows, only with much of her work reduced.
    • It should be noted also, Tomizawa returned to portray Sumire in the Shin Sakura Taisen series, both the 2019 and the 2020 anime.


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