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Sakura Wars GB ~Go Forth-Flower Division Enlist!~ (サクラ大戦GB 檄・花組入隊! / Sakura Taisen GB Geki Hanagumi Nyuutai!) is a Japanese spin-off of the first Sakura Wars. The game was later followed by a sequel Sakura Taisen GB2.


A dramatic adventure in which the protagonist, who has joined the Imperial Hanagumi Corps and Hanagumi as an apprentice, communicates with Hanagumi members while performing daily training.

It can be linked to the portable game with a pedometer, Pocket Sakura, by communication, and you can shop at the goods shop during the game according to the points.


  • Midday Swordsman (真昼の剣豪): A minigame with Sakura Shinguji. Earn points by slicing down what Sakura throws.
  • Koubu Running (光武ランニング): A minigame with Sumire Kanzaki. Run around the 3-lap course and beat her.
  • Loving Quickshot (愛と青春の早撃ち): A minigame with Maria Tachibana. Shoot down enemies within 9 targets.
  • Doki Doki Lesson (ドキドキレッスン): A minigame with Iris Chateaubriand. Use the doll to pop soap bubbles from 6 locations.
  • Lots of Gears (歯車がいっぱい): A minigame with Kohran Li. Finish 20 questions about where the gears fit in under 60 seconds per question.
  • Dancing Karate (踊るカラテカ): A minigame with Kanna Kirishima. Mimick her movements by timing the button push just right.

Special Editions

  • Game Boy Color Pack: Sakura Wars GB Commemorative Version "Game Boy Color" (Body color: Clear Cherry Pink)
  • Pocket Sakura Pack: Pocket Game with Pedometer "Pocket Sakura"
  • Premium Pack: Original T-shirt
  • Sakura Pack (Lawson Limited): Pins Strap
  • Violet Pack (Lawson Limited): Pins Strap
  • Maria Pack (Lawson Limited): Pins Strap
  • Iris Pack (Lawson Limited): Pins Strap
  • Koran Pack (Lawson Limited): Pins Strap
  • Kanna Pack (Lawson Limited): Pins Strap


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