"Sakura Wars Online" is an online game made for the Dreamcast. The online service was terminated at 9:00 am on November 30, 2005. The games online function cannot be played, but you can continue to play the offline game mode. Players can be protagonists to date your favorite character, and "Sakura" fans can interact and exchange information through chats and business card exchanges.

The first partner that can be selected is "Elegant Days of Paris" based on "Sakura Battle 3" from "Teito Hanagumi" in "Long Days of the Imperial City" based on "Sakura Battle 1.2". Then it is from the five members of the Paris flower set.

You can play online games while chatting with familiar game contents such as Hanafuda and Poker in the main part of "Sakura Wars" and Mahjong which is a classic of online games. Various online operations such as tournaments and related party appearance events are also planned.

It released with a regular version that costs ¥5,800 and a limited edition that cost ¥8,800 and both had a Sakura Wars 4 Preview Disc included with it.

The game had Items that can be purchased at a stand or the like can decorate your own room.

Differences between versions

There are two versions of the game. The home base is different depending on the version purchased, and there is a difference in the partner that can be selected first. There are different types of items that can be purchased at shops, etc., and you need funds to purchase them. You will perform missions (minigames) to obtain funds to purchase them.



The protagonist is the player himself. You can date your favorite "Sakura" character. Unlike the games of "Sakura Wars", the main character is not Ichiro Ogami but the player himself. Players will use the familiar communication device "Kinematron" to contact the "Sakura" character, meet up, and go out to the city.


By operating this, you will contact the desired "Sakura" character and connect to the net. Sometimes an unexpected contact comes in from the partner character.

Going into town

If you go to the city (connected to the Internet), there is a "Sakura" character who promised at Kinematron. Players will walk around the city with this partner and enjoy their conversation. As the main part of "Sakura Wars", there is "reliability" between partners. It is the same as the main story that the mood of the partner changes depending on the content of the conversation by LIPS. In addition, a partner is a friend for a player, a dating partner, a friend who is next to you when playing a game, and sometimes a navigator for players who are new to the city. It is also a reassuring ally for beginners of online games who will guide you through this virtual city without worry.

Playing games while chatting between players

The city is dotted with places related to the series, such as the Great Imperial Theater and Chanoir. There are places where you can play "Hanafuda", "Millionaire", "Poker", and "Mahjong". There, other "Sakura" fans, who are also coming to town with their partners, are waiting.

Partner support

Each player pairs with a partner and fights with other players while receiving support and advice from the partner. Of course, if you win, your partner will be happy and if you lose, you will be comforted. Winning or losing also affects "reliability". Another great pleasure in this online match is chat. In other words, fans can play and talk with each other and become friends ... This is one of the greatest attractions of this work as a fan community.

Collecting Bromide

In Sakura Wars Online, you can get various items while the game is in progress. Among the items, there is also "Character Bromide" which is familiar in the main part of "Sakura Wars", but this is all different from the one available in the main part. Besides, there are many kinds that are incomparable with the main part. Of course, there are also super "rare" things that you can boast to other fans just by having them ...



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