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Sakura Wars: New Promise
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Developer(s): 蒸汽橙製作組 (Steam Orange Production Team)
Publisher(s): SEGA
Release Date: CN: before the end of March 2019
Genre: tactical RPG, Visual Novel
Platform(s): iOS/Android
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Sakura Wars New Promise (樱花大战 新的约定 Yīnghuā dàzhàn-xīn de yuēdìng) was a Chinese mobile game based around the Sakura Wars franchise and was announced around late 2018. The game was scheduled to be launched before the end of March 2019.

There has been no officially released reason for the game's absence. It is speculated that the game was cancelled due to SEGA receiving their China publishing license for the game 2 years after the game was announced and by the time the license was approved the development team for the game had already been disbanded.


"The game is titled Sakura Wars: New Promise and stars a new Theatrical Troupe based in Shanghaï. It takes place during the same time-frame as Sakura Wars 4, and tells the story of the Shanghaï Troupe’s fight against demons which were previously sealed 2000 years ago." [3]


Main Characters

  • Protagonist, an unnamed member of the Chinese military that leads the Shanghai Combat Revue
  • Yu Linglong, a girl from Shangaï who wishes to learn swordsmanship from the protagonist.
  • Rose Chevalier, a dignified, glamorous actress from France.
  • Mori Mori, a girl from Yunnan province, the southernmost province in China, who loves folklore songs from the area.
  • Lilia Lodornia, a shy girl from Russia.
  • Aoi Hinagiku, a Japanese girl from Kyoto who loves cooking.
  • Mo Minglian, a girl from Beijing who highly respects the protagonist because of his noble lineage.

Side Characters

  • Linghua, provides noncombat support to the troupe
  • Fu ling
  • Zi ling

Guest Characters

  • Ichiro Ohgami
  • Sakura Shinguji
  • Ri Kohran
  • Erica Fontaine


Adventure Mode

"Like the mainline titles, Sakura Wars: New Promise‘s Adventure Mode will have players control a chibi version of the protagonist as they bop around a version of the Shanghai theater. From here, he can trigger various events, or initiate conversations with other characters. In conversations, the classic LIPS system is back in full force. Instead of the “filling text box border”, though, the timer is presented as a stopwatch. Moreover, reactions in the game now much more obvious than previous installments. In addition to the chime and character actions, a heart icon will flash onscreen to denote whether this was a good or bad choice." [2]

Combat Mode

Combat mode gameplay is similar to the first two Sakura Wars game. It is tactical grid-based RPG.




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