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Sakura Wars Paris Eve
Author Satoru Akahori
Illustrator Shinji Ochi
Publication date Book 1: October 20, 2004

Book 2: November 19, 2005

Published by Fujimi Shobo
ISBN Book 1: ISBN 4-8291-1660-9

Book 2: ISBN 4-8291-1767-2

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Sakura Wars Paris Eve (サクラ大戦 巴里前夜 Sakura Taisen Parizenya?) is a novel series prologuing the events before Sakura Wars 3.


Book 1

“I will turn my uncle into a son-in-law!” A partner of the great French nobleman, the young daughter of the Bleumer Duke family, Glycine, vowed to marry. It was my uncle Richard. Glycine's heart is attracted to her uncle, who is good at raising flowers and has a gentle smile. However, the girl who admired Richard goes to the battlefield of the European War-("Glicine"). Paris, the capital of France. The Paris flower troupe, Hanagumi, fights to protect this beautiful city from the existence of demons. On the stage of the battle, the story hidden in the smiles of the brilliantly active maidens is revealed now! Glycine and Coclico are recorded, and finally appeared with fullness.

Book 2

"I am getting married," Glycine stunningly stared at her best friend's face in an unexpected phrase. A letter from a father who arrived under fireworks, the daughter of the Kitaoji Baron family. There was a word instructing her to marry. The opponent is Philip, the legitimate man of the Mare Blanche family who is known to hate women. Glicine opposes that she can't marry her best friend to such a man ... (from "Kitaoji Fireworks"). The Paris sword-fighting group that defends Paris, the capital city of Europe, from the existence of demons. The second in a series that depicts the unknown past of brilliantly active girls.


  • A side story revolving around Erica Fontaine was published for 5 chapters on DreaMag magazine from September 2005 to February 2006 issues, but was never officialized for release.

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