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Sakura Wars: Song of Sakura
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Developer(s): Snowpipe
Publisher(s): Snowpipe
Release Date: Kr: 04/26/18
Tw: 12/20/18
Hk/Mo: 03/28/19
Genre: SRPG
Platform(s): Android/iOS devices
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Series: Mobile game

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Sakura Wars: Song of Sakura (사쿠라대전: 벚꽃의노래) is a Korean mobile game based on the Sakura Wars series and is an upgraded version of the mobile game Sakura Wars: The Legend Begins. The game launched in Korea on April 26, 2018, Taiwan on December 20, 2018 as 櫻花大戰: 櫻之歌 and in Hong Kong and Macau on March 2, 2019.

Support for the game ended near the end of 2019 with the game's final update being version 1.0.40 on 09/30/19. The reason for why support ended was because Snowpipe was "Currently trying to make a whole new game that will satisfy the people who remember the original games because changing this game would take more time than making a new one" and "the server isn't going down, but will be weakly maintained. No more purchases and new downloads for the game will be intended, giving some items for free instead. Some game events will also be repeated (such as Lobelia's cherry blossom viewing)".

App description

◆ Feel the impression of Sakura Wars as-is

After the battle with the mighty ancient ruler (Nobunaga), the world embraced a brief period of peace, before facing yet again the doomsday countdown because of the Gate of Demonic World. To close the Gate and protect the crumbling world, establishes Luxury Operatic Foundation (LOF) and a novice commander with special ability is appointed.

The user is the commander for this new Foundation, who prepares for the battle against the great being beyond the Gate, who is trying to revert the world back into the darkness in the beginning of the universe.

◆ Various stories & event dungeons

Enjoy: Fighting in battle with Sakura Wars heroes in 'Battle Stories' and 'Various event dungeons that changes by time and date along with 'Revolver Cannon' and 'Infinite training sessions that continue endlessly 'Virtual Training'!!

◆ Romance with LOF heroines!! Dramatic storylines

Earn the heart (likeliness point) of each heroines with their dramatic stories and a novel mode is available where buffs and joint skills are available according to the likeliness points

◆ PVP to decide which LOF member is the best

With your own LOF team combined across class/member/mecha (< idk what this means),a tactical PVP with thrilling battles to determine the strongest!!

◆ Colorful illustrations and CVs that contain the impression of the previous series!

High quality illustrations with original animation, and character voices of previous series are applied as-is, providing rich spectacles and deep immersive experiences!

Update Changelog

  • 1.0.1 - 1.0.12:

Fixed some errors

  • 1.0.13 - 1.0.16:

Other bug fixes

  • 1.0.17 - 1.0.21:

Fixed some errors

  • 1.0.23:

Some feature fixes

  • 1.0.26:

1. Added combat skill effects for some objects

2. Improved lighting to be applied as soon as the attack/hit object changes

  • 1.0.27:

1. New crew 'Queen of Hearts' Maria added

2. Balance adjustment-Defensive 3 types

  • 1.0.28:

1. Crew, mecha, equipment list UI reorganization

2. Batch menu convenience greatly improved

3. Fixed-term crew system added

4. Two new crew members added

5. Changed lobby background

  • 1.0.29:

Symptoms modifications loading speed when moved to the lobby screen degradation and other error correction

  • 1.0.31:

1. The 'Observe Treasure' event begins.

2. When attempting to promote Mecca, the phenomenon that the name of the basic Mecca is exposed at the top of Mecca has been corrected.

3. Intermittent summoning, mecha level up when the pop-up lack of goods has been corrected the phenomenon of being exposed.

4. Fixed a connection time check error in connection time compensation.

5. Fixed a problem where the game freezes after restarting after moving to the background on the PvP result screen.

6. When a crystal product is touched after touching a packaged product, a phenomenon in which incorrect pop-up information is exposed has been fixed.

  • 1.0.32:

Collected content has been added.

* The map displayed on the Battle Story screen has been improved.

*The title screen and lobby screen have been changed.

*Premium Pack I, II, Special Pack I, II, III, IV and Support Pack products will be discontinued.

*Premium Pack products are released.

*The free summoning standard will be changed based on 24 hours at the time of use.

*The skill cut animation of 5 types of Daewon Sakura has been improved.

Fixed a bug where

*Erika Gwangmu F2 was placed in a PvP or Raid formation where the name of the Mecha was exposed at the top of the hangar.

*Fixed MACHED effect overlapping when attempting to level up Mecha.

*Fixed the phenomenon that the price figure overlaps the gold icon when the number of goods sold reaches 1 million won.

*Fixed an issue where the PvP entry key was not synchronized when MAX.

*Other rendering bug fixes

  • 1.0.33:

Bug Fix

- Fixed an issue where the UI was broken when entering a raid and then entering the battle story.

  • 1.0.34:

Other bug fixes

  • 1.0.35:

-Add event


  • 1.0.37:

Major Updates

1. A new crew has been added.

-New crew members can be obtained from Premium Pack and Summon Event Crew.

-Orihime, a woman in the rose garden

2. The product composition of the Premium Pack has been changed.

-The product price has been changed from 30,000 won to 19,000 won.

-Randomly acquire equipment summon tickets and crystal counts.

3. Supporting Festa event begins.

-Event period: After checking on June 5, before checking on July 4

-Event features: Includes summer season crew.

Bug Fix

1. Some mistranslated traditional Chinese characters have been fixed.

2. Fixed an issue where the UI overlapped when reconnecting to a battle story after finding a raid in the battle story.

3. Fixed the phenomenon that the stage information pop-up window appears slowly in the battle story.

  • 1.0.40:

Major Updates

1. Hell difficulty of the battle stage has been added.

2. The difficulty of the existing stage has been partially adjusted.

3. The battle view and UI have been adjusted.

4. The battle flow has been partially changed.

5. The battle view and UI have been adjusted.

6. List / Organization UI has been partially changed.

7. The standard for displaying various goods at the top has been partially changed.

8. New character 'Pirates Ricarita' has been added.

9. 'Labelia's cherry blossom viewing' event has been added.

10. The sale of packages and crystal products has ended.

11. Some of the mission rewards have been changed.

12. Revolver Canon's daily admission restrictions have been significantly eased.

13. Raid exposure has been increased.

14. The number of guild raids allowed has been increased.

15. Reform system has been reorganized.

16. The reform of the formation system has been changed to allow the opponent to be changed when matching PvP


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