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Sakura Wars Taisho Romance Academy (サクラ大戦 ~太正浪漫学園譚~ Sakura Taisen: Taisho Roman Gakuen Tan) was a Japanese online browser game announced around November / December of 2010 and was scheduled to be launched in spring of 2011. No new information about the game has been released since late 2010/early 2011. As of August 2013, the game official website has been shut down. The game was most likely quietly cancelled, no public explanation has been released by SEGA as to the game's disappearance.


Grand Imperial Academy

This is the first Sakura Wars game to be focused on a "school" theme. The game's main background is the Grand Imperial Academy (大帝国学園 Daiteikoku Gakuen?) located on New Imperial Island (帝都新島 Teito Shinjima?), where online players gather as students where the gameplay extends to enjoying school life, meeting classic Sakura Wars characters, fighting demons, and combat training with spiritual armor.


The game's combat would have been similar to previous Sakura Wars games with the game being an SRPG in which you move the game's characters across a grid base level to defat demons


New Imperial Island

Sakuramachi Shopping Street

Suzaku Shrine

Shijima Factory District

Shirakawa Coast

New Imperial Island (帝都新島 Teito Shinjima?) is an island located about 10km east-west and 7km north-south near Tokyo Bay. It is believed that the island which never actually existed, but was formed by some sort of tectonic shirt movement during the Taisho era.

Now designated as a governmental district where the military uses the island as training grounds for urban defense. Only military personnel and Academy staff and students are permitted privilege around the island. While the island still functions as a military area, over half of it is filled with city functions, residential areas, and factories for living necessities while the unoccupied areas remain untouched.

  • Sakuramachi Shopping Street (桜町商店街 Sakuramachi Shotenkai?): The island's town square and shopping district. Modeled after Ginza's, Tokyo's top shopping district, it has many shops, malls, cafes, restaurants lined up and fully occupied by many of the Academy students during holidays.
  • Suzaku Shrine (朱雀神社 Suzaku Jinjya?): Located on the island's northeast on the foothills of Mt. Meisho. After going through the vermilion torii and climbing the long stone steps, the precincts of the shrine are spread out in a high place overlooking the forest of the guardian deity, and it is surrounded by the silence separated from the world.
  • Shirakawa Coast (白河海岸 Shirakawa Kaigan?): Located on the island's southeast, with a lighthouse atop the tip of the beautiful coastline. On the coast where the white and beautiful sandy beach stretches for a long time, the athletic club members are often seen training, and popular during summer.
  • Shijima Factory District (新島工業地区?): Located on the island's northwest. Lined up with a variety of factories owned by Kanzaki Heavy Industries, and loaded with various industrial products to support the island's lifeline.


  • Waki Samurai: An unmanned magical fighter who was created by Amami Amami and once attacked the Imperial City as a front soldier of the Kuronosukai. Among them, the side samurai called "Ashigaru" is equipped with a sword and is exclusively for close-quarters combat.
  • Demon (claw): A demon that was embodied in the grudges of the people of the earth called "Yamato" that existed on Tokyo Bay in the olden days. The sharp claws of both hands, which are living creatures, slashes everything and a tough body cannot be injured with normal weapons.
  • Ushioni: A strange monster with a cow head. It has no intelligence but has a sturdy body and a terrifying monster that fights by swinging its huge horned head like a weapon.
  • Ogre spider: A strange monster in the shape of a huge spider. It is a spider thing that has been passed down in Japan since ancient times, and its huge jaw has the terrible power to crush anything.
  • Knightside Samurai: A rare monster called a side samurai riding a horse-shaped devil. Combining the agility of demons with the combat ability of magical fighter soldiers, running through the battlefield inexhaustibly reminds me of cavalry




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