Sakura Wars Eve (サクラ大戦 前夜 Sakura Taisen Zenya?) is a novel series prologuing the events before the first game. It was published for 3 volumes under the Dengeki Bunko imprint.


Volume 1


Volume 2

Kirishima Kanna. Born and raised in Busmon. Stronger than anyone, no one beats. So Kanna was just living to beat the man who buried his father. That was Kanna's life. Maria Tachibana. Everything about her ... It's my country, so I need to live my life. Maria lost all her life, far from her homeland, and still alive. Are the two girls just at the end of their lives? However, what they have visited is ... you, the reader, witness the life of a young girl who, despite being young and young, still conquers her destiny.

Volume 3

Power seemed to bring only sorrow. Destiny seemed to produce only suffering. Sakura Shinguji ... It was a spring day when I lost my beloved father. However ... a new friendship is coming to Sakura. A new life in a new land was coming to Sakura. Was the girl destined? Or did the girl overcome her fate?


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