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Sakura Wars GB ~Go Forth・Flower Division Enlist!~
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Developer(s): Jupiter
Publisher(s): Media Factory
Release Date: 07/28/00
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Platform(s): Game Boy Color
Mode(s): Single-Player
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Sakura Wars GB ~Go Forth・Flower Division Enlist!~ (サクラ大戦GB 檄・花組入隊! / Sakura Taisen GB Geki Hanagumi Nyuutai!) is a Japanese spin-off of the first Sakura Wars. The game was later followed by a sequel Sakura Wars GB2.


You have been ordered to a probational enrollment of 1 month after meeting Imperial Combat Revue's Vice Captain Ayame Fujieda, who has been searching all over Japan to find people with great spiritual power. In this game you will meet 6 members of the Imperial Combat Revue and aim to complete your graduation exam.


  • Midday Swordsman (真昼の剣豪): A minigame with Sakura Shinguji. Earn points by slicing down what Sakura throws.
  • Koubu Running (光武ランニング): A minigame with Sumire Kanzaki. Run around the 3-lap course and beat her.
  • Loving Quickshot (愛と青春の早撃ち): A minigame with Maria Tachibana. Shoot down enemies within 9 targets.
  • Doki Doki Lesson (ドキドキレッスン): A minigame with Iris Chateaubriand. Use the doll to pop soap bubbles from 6 locations.
  • Lots of Gears (歯車がいっぱい): A minigame with Kohran Li. Finish 20 questions about where the gears fit in under 60 seconds per question.
  • Dancing Karate (踊るカラテカ): A minigame with Kanna Kirishima. Mimick her movements by timing the button push just right.

Special Editions

  • Game Boy Color Pack: Sakura Wars GB Commemorative Version "Game Boy Color" (Body color: Clear Cherry Pink)
  • Pocket Sakura Pack: Pocket Game with Pedometer "Pocket Sakura"
  • Premium Pack: Original T-shirt
  • Sakura Pack (Lawson Limited): Pins Strap
  • Violet Pack (Lawson Limited): Pins Strap
  • Maria Pack (Lawson Limited): Pins Strap
  • Iris Pack (Lawson Limited): Pins Strap
  • Koran Pack (Lawson Limited): Pins Strap
  • Kanna Pack (Lawson Limited): Pins Strap

Fan-Made Chinese Release

On December 17, 2014 a fan-made rom hack was released by "sss888888sss" on This rom hack patched in a Chinese translation into Sakura Wars GB. Original Release thread / Game Download (Chinese)

The Chinese logo made for the rom-hack

Fan-Made English Release

On November 8, 2021 by a fan-made rom hack was released by Daniel Jianoran on This rom hack patched in a English translation into Sakura Wars GB. page / Github page

The English logo made for the rom-hack

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