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[1] The 4th China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference (commonly known as ChinaJoy), was held on July 28, 2006. At the SEGA booth (more precisely, the SEGA Networks China booth), the production announcement of 「樱花大战MMO」(暂定名) "Sakura Wars MMO (tentative name)" was made. The development for the game was to be split between Sega Japan and Sega China's R&D center in Shanghai and was to be made exclusively for PC. It was not decided as to whether or not the title would leave China and its Japan release may have be dependent upon the success of the China release of the game. The game was cancelled in June 2007 due to Sega's withdrawal from the online games business in China.

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Interview with Osahiro Hiroi, producer of "Sakura Wars MMO"

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