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Sakura Wars Story
〜Mysterious Paris〜
Mysterious Paris Game Cover.jpg
Developer(s): Red Entertainment
Sega Wow
Publisher(s): Japan & Taiwan: Sega
Release Date: JP: 03/18/04

TW: 03/18/04

Genre: Adventure
Platform(s): Playstation 2
Mode(s): Single-player
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Sakura Wars Story 〜Mysterious Paris〜 (サクラ大戦物語 〜ミステリアス巴里〜) is a side story that takes place shortly before Sakura Wars 4 and was released for the Playstation 2 on March 18, 2004 in Japan and Taiwan.



The story is set six months before Sakura Wars 4 (One year after 3). In Montmartre, Paris, a mysterious case ensues when the dancers of Chat Noir keep disappearing.


The Paris Combat Revue's Flower Division; Erica, Coquelicot, Glycine, Lobelia and Hanabi, are sent to investigate following the dancers' footsteps.


The protagonist in this story is Kojiro Akechi. He has been living in Paris since his younger sister Miki became a dancer. The Akechi siblings' lives began to intertwine with the Paris Flower Division's as they approach the core of the incident.

四里花組とは切っても切り離せない「霊力」という滞任能力。 その「霊力」を巡る、政府と軍部の陰謀に小次郎はまきこまれていくことになる

The ability to stay in the "spiritual power" that can not be separated even if it is cut with the four-village flower group. This is the first time I have been able to do this for a long time.


LIPS System

The "LIPS (Live Interactive Picture System)," allows you to select choices under all events, where the player's choice determines the future outcome in various ways. You select an item before the remaining time runs out. There is another time limit in the LIPS system, and after that time limit, LIPS will change such dialogue options appearing other than the current select items or disappearing. LIPS is where story development changes depending on the strength of input. Adjust the gauge within the time limit to determine the strength of your action. Entering the left stick / directional key on [↑] raises the gauge to “stronger”, and typing the left stick / directional key on [↓] lowers the gauge to “weak”.

Item selection

This is the flow until the item is used. Clicking on the bag at the lower right corner in the click mode will display an item list. Click again on the character (location) you want to use. Item list is displayed by button input.

LIFE system

This is the flow of the player's LIFE system. I get tea from the fireworks, but if I make a wrong choice in the options, it will be damaged as shown on the screen. Also, you may be damaged if you encounter any attacks or obstacles during the game. In addition to the game over due to the failure of the choice by the specific LIPS, the game over is also caused by the damage received in this way and the LIFE becomes 0.


Allows Moving using the map within Theater Chanoir and Montmantle