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Sakura Wars V:Episode 0
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Developer(s): Sega, Red Entertainment
Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong: Sega
Korea: YBM
Release Date:

Playstation 2 version:

Japan: 09/22/04
Korea: 09/22/04
Taiwan & Hong Kong: 09/22/04
Genre: Role-playing game
Platform(s): PlayStation 2
Mode(s): Single-player
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Sakura Wars V Episode 0 ~Samurai Girl of the Wild West~ (サクラ大戦V EPISODE 0〜荒野のサムライ娘〜 Sakura Taisen V EPISODE 0 ~Kouya no Samurai Musume~) is the prequel game of Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love. It was released in Japan on September 22, 2004 on the Playstation 2.


World Map

This screen shows a map of the United States, which is the stage of Gemini's adventure. In this work, as the story progresses, it progresses from west to east. A marker is displayed at the place where you can proceed, and you can proceed. Markers include "Main Mission" (marker of red M), which is essential to advance the story, and "Submission" (marker of blue S), which allows you to enjoy the action purely. A new marker will appear. The missions displayed on the screen can be selected at any time on this world map, so you can try any number of times. You can also use this map to grow Gemini, change equipment, save, etc.

Adventure Part

The adventure part is a part of the story of Gemini and his friends across the United States. The story progresses as Gemini talks with friends and sometimes enemies, and various dramas are told.

Action Part

The action part is the "combat part" in the previous series, and is the main part of "Sakura Wars V EPISODE 0". You can enjoy various actions by operating Gemini and Rally. All main missions and submissions on the world map have action parts, and some main missions have multiple action parts.

Mission Clear

The grade of the action part is displayed, and the grade of the play of the completed mission is evaluated in four grades comprehensively. Reputation is not always high if you defeat many enemies, but it is also evaluated whether you cleared quickly or defeated enemies efficiently. You can also get swords and harness items here.

Growth Factor

Gemini's growth can be done by "Customize" on the world map screen. Gemini's growth is categorized into three types, "strength," "speed," and "horsepower." You will use your accumulated skill points to improve your level. A person who is not good at action, if a strong enemy appears and can not proceed! It is safe when you say that. Missions that appear can be selected any number of times, so if you clear the previous mission many times, you can accumulate skill points more and more. Can you open your way if you grow up Gemini and take on a mission that could not be cleared again? On the other hand, Gemini's sword and harness that Rally equips (Harness) can be obtained by completing the mission. The sword changes the attack power and the secret used by Gemini, and the harness can use rodeo actions tailored to the item. Equipment changes on the world map.

Skill points

Skill points are the points needed to grow Gemini. It can be earned based on battles and items in the action part, LIPS in the adventure part, and achievements when clearing missions. Let's save more and more to strengthen Gemini and Rally!


In the fictional Taisho era of the Sakura Wars series, the stage moves to the United States. You can experience the fictional United States progressing thorugh steam industrialization after the war of independence and the Civil War. The ecomony and politics have boomed while steam-powered innovations have devloped transcontinental railroads, airplanes and cars, and bringing its citizens in and out of the new continent towards a whole new frontier.

But ... on the other hand, new developements also come with threats. Humanoid weapons powered by steam engines were built with dangerous possibilities of becoming humantiy's threat. People referred to them as "nore steam", and organized a cavalry unit per city for self-defense to opposed them. In 1927, a girl was running in the wilderness. Her name is Gemini Sunrise, and with her steed, Rally, she leaves her hometown of Texas and runs through the continent to pursue her American dream.



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