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On July 1, 2002, "Sakura Wars World Project" (サクラ大戦 ワールド・プロジェクト) was announced at the Tokyo in the Akasaka Prince Hotel, 8 Sakura Wars related titles were announced to release in spring of 2003. The purpose of the project was to extend the franchise into multiple new genres and to revitalize the series falling sales numbers. Most of the games that were announced did release but three of the games were scrapped. There were also two announced OVAs series which were all released. The following games released for the project did not see great finical success. None one of the games individually came close to selling half a million in sales and the project failed to revitalize the series falling sales numbers.


サクラ大戦5 〜さらば愛しき人よ〜 [Sakura Wars 5]

The story of Ichiro Ogami, the main character of "Sakura Wars," is now set to a break in "Sakura Wars 4". And this time, for PlayStation2, we are announcing a new beginning, "Sakura Wars 5 -Farewell Man". The new stage will be the skyscraper city of New York. In the movie "Sakura Wars the Movie", the activity of the string troupe who was told about its existence will be depicted.

サクラ大戦5 Action(仮称)[Sakura Wars 5 Action (Tentative name)]

A string troupe that will appear in front of you for the first time in "Sakura Wars 5". The development of Gaiden in which the character is active has already been decided. A story of a new character told from a different angle from the main story. In the genre of action games, which has never been seen in "Sakura Wars".

サクラ大戦物語 帝都編 [Sakura Wars Story Imperial City Edition] CANCELLED

サクラ大戦物語 巴里編 [Sakura Wars Story Paris Edition]

It may not be worth mentioning that the story weaved by the characters is a big attraction of "Sakura Wars". This "Sakura Wars story" is a pure adventure game style, and it will be a work that depicts the drama of characters deeper than ever.

KOUMA/降魔(仮称)[KOUMA / Demon (Tentative name)] CANCELLED

is an action-adventure game set in the imperial capital before Sakura Wars. The game follows the predecessors to the Imperial Combat Revue, a group called the anti-demon unit. "KOUMA / Demon (tentative name)" depicts the demon War, an important event that is the background of the main story of the "Sakura Wars" series.

桜姫錦絵巻(仮称)[Sakura-hime Nishiki Emaki (Tentative name)] CANCELLED

The "Sakura-hime Nishiki Emaki (tentative name)" is a work that symbolizes the "expansion of time and space" introduced in the "Sakura Wars World Project." The game takes place is the Edo period of Japan. Please look forward to the story unfolding in a completely different way than the main series.

サクラ大戦3 〜巴里は燃えているか〜 [Sakura Wars 3 ~Is Paris Burning~]

Currently, the first and second titles of the "Sakura Wars" series have been ported to Windows, but this time "Sakura Wars 3" will finally appear on Windows. Please take a look at the debut of the Paris Flower Attack Team. Similar to the first and second films, it is planned to expand to Asia, and the Japanese and Chinese versions are currently being produced at the same time.

サクラ大戦 ~熱き血潮に~ [Sakura Wars ~In Hot Blood~]

he "Sakura Wars" series, which represents Sega's consumer software, is finally on a new stage! The first entry into PlayStation2 of "Sakura Wars" is the first story in the series that should be called the origin. Please enjoy the "series latest work" completely reborn for PlayStation users.

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Six years since its release in 1996 ... "Sakura Wars" finally debuted on the stage called PlayStation2! In the new series, "Spread of time and space" will be added to the world of "Sakura Wars". A new genre, a new era setting ... Please expect the evolving "Sakura Wars World"!


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