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Sakura Wars ~All-Star Collection~ (サクラ大戦〜オールスターコレクション〜) is a free to play (with microtransactions) smartphone card game. Its services eventually ended in 2016.



[3] In each mission, the player will become an apprentice of the Flower Division, interact with members of the Imperial Combat Revue and the Hanagumi, and destroy the strong enemy that appears. In the conversation during the mission, "LIPS (Live & Interactive Picture System)", which is one of the elements that color the game world of "Sakura Wars", has appeared! By choosing an action from the options called "LIPS", the "motivation" of the characters will change.

If the characters' motivation is high, special gachas will be drawn and the status of the card will be raised, so let's raise motivation while enjoying conversation with the characters!

Cards types

Normal cards

In addition to successive characters, mecha and other mechanics, as well as powerful cooperative attacks with members, appear in cards. You can get it during the missions or by gacha.

Famous scene card

You can get "Famous Scene Cards" by completing all the cards that appear during the mission. Reproduce the familiar scenes, stage performances, etc. with cards.


Fight against users who have bromide fragments and collect them. When you collect all 6 pieces, the "Bromide" with the stars is completed; you can use it as a card.



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