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Sakura Wars -Dream Story of 100 Flowers Blooming- (サクラ大戦〜百花繚乱夢物語〜). The game was released on August 08, 2014 for free with microtransactions. On February 26, 2016 00:00, Paid item sales were discontinued. On March 28, 2016 17:00 the game was discontinued.


A completely new story that was never told in the main story

In the Imperial City, there was a frequent incident of "psychic death," a case where a demon possessed a person's heart and led to death. The protagonist (user) becomes the captain of the "Imperial Combat Revue / Yume-gumi" in order to solve the psychic illness case, and board the "New Reiko Armor / Lingwu" with the members of the Flower Troupe such as Sakura Shinguji. It was decided to get into the "deep world" of those who were possessed by this.


With a voice! Dress up the heroines!

Change your character's costume and make your own favorite cards. Since the main characters are equipped with voices lines, you may be able to hear their famous lines!!

Defeat strong enemies in cooperation with your friends!

"Spirit death disease" the solution of the incident enemy attacks one after another! It is essential to cooperate with your comrades in order to win the battle.

Improve "reliability'' from heroine with real-time battle!

A real-time 4-to-4 real-time battle "combat training" that holds your hands. If you win, the confidence with the heroine who fought together will increase!


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A new generation of beautiful costumes!

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