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Gender Male
First Appearance
Sakura Wars (2000 Anime)
Japanese Voice Hiroshi Yanaka

Satanaoi (葵 叉丹 Aoi Satan?) is one of the major Kouma villains in the Sakura Wars series. He first appears as one of the Hive of Darkness's Deathlords in the first Sakura Wars game, and was revived by Oni-Ou's necromancy to become one of the Black Demon Society generals, where his identity is revealed.

Appearance and Personality

Aoi Satan is a man with blue eyes and silver hair, his outfit consists of a traditional samurai outfit with blue color, a pair of traditional Japanese sandal.


Originally by the name of Shinnosuke Yamazaki, one of the original members of Imperial Army's Anti-Kouma Squadron, and a former comrade of General Ikki Yoneda, Kazuma Shinguji and his lover Ayame Fujieda. He was even the genius engineer who devloped the Spiricle Armor blueprints for the Koubu suits, thus Kohran Li's idol. But for reasons unknown went missing after the Demon War and presumed dead.

Now reappearingas Satanaoi, he leads the Black Sanctum Council to revive Tenkai so he can watch the utter destruction of Tokyo and those who mocked him in his former life.

He is later revealed to be the biblical Satan, the King of Darkness who was cast down from Heaven.

As a member of the Hive of Darkness, he uses the name Kuroki Satan (Black Satan); when he returns as the leader of the Kouma, he uses the name Aoi Satan (Blue Satan). It was also revealed that Satan was responsible for reviving Tenkai, who actually died during the Demon War.

In the games

Sakura Taisen

In films and television

Sakura Wars (2000 Anime)

At the end of the Demon War, Yamazaki went mad and allowed himself to corrupted by the power of darkness.

Other appearances

Granblue Fantasy

Satanaoi is one of the NPC Sakura Wars characters


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