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Seijuro Kamiyama
神山 誠十郎
NSWTA Seijuro-Kamiyama.png

Seijuro Kamiyama
Series New Sakura Wars
New Sakura Wars the Animation
Age 20
Birthdate 1920
Birthplace Japan
Weapon Twin Katanas
Spiricles Mugen
Spiricle Color White
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
First Appearance
New Sakura Wars
Chapter 1 : Winds of Change
Last Appearance
New Sakura Wars
Chapter 8
First Appearance
New Sakura Wars the Animation
Episode 1 : The Curtain Rises! The New Combat Revue
Last Appearance
New Sakura Wars the Animation
Episode 12 : The Grand Finale! Hope for Tomorrow!
Media Portrayal
Japanese Voice Yohei Azakami
English Voice Ian Sinclair

Seijuro Kamiyama (神山 誠十郎 Kamiyama Seijūrō) is is the male protagonist of New Sakura Wars. He is the captain of Imperial Combat Revue's Flower Division.


Seijuri is a tall handsome Japanese man in his early twenties with black hair and brown eyes. His unifrom consists a violet gilet with a white shirt underneath. He is also wearing black gloves, black pants and a brown belts that can carry his swords.


Normally, the most personality of Seijuro, just like the past captains in old games, depends of the Player Choices.

But outside the choices scenes, Seijuro is serious in his duties, and can even sacrifice his own life for the sake of other people. Seijuro has a strong sense of justice, and cares deeply for his friends.

His knack for unfortunate incidents makes him not that much different from the past Flower Division captains (Ichiro Ogami and Shinjiro Taiga), as he unintentionally (or intentionally depending of the player) peep into womans bathrooms.

Aside of that, what makes Seijuro unique when compared to the other games captains is his past, which is somewat tragic and sad. Unlike Ichiro who has a excellent record even before the Flower Division assignment, and unlike Shinjiro who had to learn how to deal with the Star Division's members, but doesn't had a tough life, Seijuro's record wasn't good as when he was a naval captain, he couldn't save the people in another ship, but the Shanghai Combat Revue did saved them.

Seijuro is pretty much more optmistic than the other Captains, being excellent in motivating people. As for flattery, he seems to learned better and faster how to treat the Flower Division girls, making even Sumire Kanzaki proud and happy for that. As she said, Seijuro is the second best Flower Division man that she even had meet (although she didn't revealed openly who was the first, as much for Seijuro's chagrin, she was talking about Ogami).

As Sakura Amamiya's childhood friend, he is protective, supportive and willing to make her smile, but sometimes he pushes Sakura's patience into limits due to his (intentional or unintentional) pervert jokes or funny antics. He appears to have the closest relation with Sakura since while he orders the Flower Division to watch over Klara M. Ruzhkova, he is seen to have the biggest confidence in her especially since he named Sakura Acting Captain during his mission in Russia.


Seijuro was born in Japan in 1920. In his youth, Seijuro would spend his time playing with his childhood friend Sakura Amamiya around her home. Usually one of their activities involves playing with their 'sacred' wooden swords given to them by Sakura's father, Tekkan. After Sakura told Seijuro her dream of becoming a Flower Division member, the boy would make a promise that he will become captain of the Flower Division so that he can protect her. Happy that Seijuro made this promise, Sakura also asks if Seijuro could promise to marry her once they're older, which the boy agreed.

As Seijuro grew older, his family would move away and he eventually has forgotten both of his childhood promises with Sakura. He would later study at an academy to become a naval officer, where he met and became good friends with Reiji Shiba. When Reiji was depressed after finding out he has no spirit energy to power up a spiricle striker, Seijuro convinced him not to let his dream end there and unknowingly inspired his friend to become an engineer instead.

By the time Seijuro joined the navy, he was appointed as captain of the Marishi-ten. The young captain would take his crew and ship out on several missions until a fateful day when a passenger ship was attacked by demons out in Tokyo waters. Seijuro performed his best to ensure the safety of his passengers and crew by using his ship as decoy, but the Marishi-ten soon sank due to not being equipped to deal with demons. It was the Shanghai Combat Revue that rescued Seijuro, his crew, and the passengers from the demons on time before any casualties happened.

Due to what happened with Seijuro's fiasco attempt to save civilians, his naval superiors eagerly accepted Sumire Kanzaki's request for him to transfer to the Imperial Combat Revue so that he can become captain of the Flower Division. Though depressed that his dream of being a naval captain is over, Seijuro would put his worries behind and look ahead to what his next assignment will be.


New Sakura Wars

Chapter 1 : Winds of Change

In 1940, Seijuro is sitting in an airship where he laments that he studied a long time to get in the navy but might never be allowed back on a ship after the Marishi-ten fiasco. While upset at things didn't work out as much as he wanted, the young man looks forward to start fresh with his next assignment which is still unknown to him.

After landing in Tokyo, Seijuro comments on how clean the place is as the last time he was there, the whole place was torn by the war. Seijuro decides to get a newspaper to get more information but realizes that he needs to loosen up and think more like a civilian. As Seijuro is looking for information, a demon jumps inside the station. The young man jumps to save a young girl from the beast while countering with his sword. After telling everybody to flee, Seijuro tries to attack the beast but is hit back against a brick column. The demon tries to strike the defenceless Seijuro but is stopped by a green spiricle striker who destroys the demon by punching it in the abdomen. Following the demon's demise, Seijuro assumes he was rescued by the Shanghai Combat Revue. After being thanked by the girl he rescued earlier, Seijuro hears the station bell and realizes he's going to be late. He then runs fast to get to his destination.

Seijuro arrives to the Grand Imperial Theater where he ponders on what kind of assignment where put him in a civilian theater. As he's thinking, a young girl who is cleaning the sidewalk tells him he's in the way. Seijuro apologizes and introduces himself when the young girl asks him what brings him to the theater. After hearing his name, the young girl calls him Sei which makes Seijuro asks if they have met before. Shocked that Seijuro doesn't remember her, the brown-haired girl takes a stance with her broom which makes the young man recognize her as Sakura Amamiya, a childhood friend he hasn't seen in ten years. Suddenly, an elegant woman, who Sakura refers to as Ms. Kanzaki, approaches the pair. The woman introduces herself as Sumire Kanzaki, the general manager of the theater and welcomes Seijuro. The former Navy captain ponders on where he actually heard Sumire's name before.

During a meeting with Sumire in her office, the woman comments on Seijuro's resumee and accomplishments while asking him if he's heard about the Imperial Combat Revue's Flower Division. She tells him about how the military unit, who exists to protect Tokyo and fight against the Demons, is no longer as strong as they were before and that they have to rely on the Shanghai Combat Revue to protect Tokyo. While listening to Sumire, Seijuro recalls hearing that one of the stars of the original Imperial Combat Revue was named Sumire Kanzaki and that she's most likely the woman in front of him. The former actress then tells Seijuro about what his task is : become Captain of the Flower Division. She also tells him that she wants the Flower division to win the Combat Revue World Games. Intrigued by the challenge, Seijuro accepts the task and receives some advice and equipment from Sumire's secretary, Kaoru Rindou.

After the meeting ends, Seijuro exits Sumire's office and opens the door to accidently hit Sakura, who was eavesdropping (she claims she couldn't hear anything as the door was too thick). Seijuro tells his friend that he's become the new Captain of the Flower Division which excites the young girl as she's also part of the Flower Division. The young girl proceeds to call Seijuro ''Captain Kamiyama'' event though the young man is not a fan of formalities. Sakura then proceeds to give Seijuro a tour of the Grand Imperial Theater while telling him she always dreamed of joining the Imperial Combat Revue. When visiting the theater's first floor, Seijuro is introduced to Hatsuho Shinonome, a shrine maiden and member of the Flower Division and Komachi Oba of the Wind Division who manages the theater shop. While exploring the Archives on the second floor with Sakura, Seijuro meets Clarissa Snowflake, a noblewoman and member of the Flower Division who has pessimistic feelings about the current state of the Flower Division. When Seijuro asks if there are just three members in the Flower Division, Sakura mentions that the fourth member, Azami Mochizuki, is absent as she is running an errand.

After meeting the Flower Division members, Seijuro returns to Sumire's office. The Commander tells him that the Flower Division is having a stage representation of Momotaro which she hopes will go a little more smoothly. She tells Seijuro that she wants him to act as a ticket collector the days shows are running. While Seijuro is taken back at the idea of just collecting tickets, he accepts to do the job.

A week later, Seijuro starts his job as a ticket collector the first day of the play. The young man is surprised at the lack of people which prompts him to go see how the play is going. While being there, Seijuro witness Sakura and Hatsuho trip during the play while Clarissa accidently drops the stage lights with her costume. As the audience laughs at the girls' incompetence, Seijuro fears that the situation might be more problematic than he thought. After the show ran for a week, Seijuro meets with the girls who lament their lack of skills with Clarissa commenting on how they lack funds to fix their costumes and the stage. Seijuro suggest to fix the stage himself while Sakura suggests to ask the people for feedback about the play.

After asking feedback from people that have seen Momotaro (including Itsuki Saijou), Seijuro is summoned to Sumire's office where the Commander is upset by the show's abysmal performance as it was the latest in a long string of them. While Seijuro suggests they fix every issue one by one, Sumire reveals that they only have until the Combat Revue World Games to revive the Imperial Combat Revue. Seijuro accepts to lead the girls even though they're going to confront some of the world's best Combat Revues. Sumire says that she has faith in Seijuro to acheive this. After the meeting, the young man is concerned about how the Flower Division is ''out of the frying pan and into the fire''. The young man goes to meet up with the girls and tell them about how they're entering the Combat Revue World Games.

After meeting with girls, Seijuro is summoned by Kaoru to the hangar. Down there, Seijuro comments on the outdated appearance and lack of maintenance of the Flower Division's spiricle strikers. He is approached by Kaoru who tells him that because their spiricle strikers are unable to be deployed to fight the Demons, the Shanghai Combat Revue are the ones protecting Tokyo instead. She asks him to rebuild the Flower Division and make Sumire's vision a reality. Kaoru also reveals the Imperial Combat Revue is struggling financially as they have literally no funds and that no one wants to finance their Revue. While Seijuro finds the current situation practically impossible to fix, he still decides to help the Flower Division. Seijuro also notices on how he doesn't seem to have his own combat armor with Kaoru saying that he will have one when they get the money. After leaving the hangar, Seijuro is concerned that without any form of money or maintenance staff, it will be impossible to revive the Flower Division. Seijuro then notices a really spacious bath and decides to inspect it. However, he realizes that since the Flower Division is composed of girls, he has entered the girl's bath. Seijuro exits the room but gets spotted by a brown-haired girl who calls him a pervert before running away.

Seijuro and the Flower Division are then summoned to the Parlor by Sumire. Once there, Sumire tells the group that her superiors intend to shut down the Flower Division and the Imperial Combat Revue. When Sakura asks why they intend to do that, a male voice calls out to her and say that it's because the Flower Division is too weak. The Flower Division turns to see a young man and a young girl enter the room. Sumire introduces the pair as Yang Xiaolong and Huang Yui (the basement girl who called Seijuro a pervert) of the Shanghai Combat Revue. Sakura is worried that the Flower Division will get disbanded but Seijuro suggests that they win the Combat Revue World Games to prevent that from happening. While the girls agree about that, Xiaolong mocks the group by saying that they have no chance and the tournament is for the ''best of the best'' Combat Revues. Sumire calmly answers back by saying that only the Flower Division choose their own fate. Seijuro agrees the Commander while Xiaolong and Yui leave the room. After the meeting, Hatsuho and Clarissa feel demoralized by the fact they have to win the Combat Revue World Games to save the Flower Division. Sakura reprimands her friends for feeling down before trying while also yelling at Seijuro for not feeling confident that they have a chance. The brown-haired girl accuses Seijuro for not caring about the Flower Division's fate and runs away much to her childhood friend's confusion. Seijuro decides to go find Sakura and make amends with her.

Seijuro finds Sakura training her swordplay on the stage. When Sakura asks him what he wants, Seijuro tells her not to be angry and that he just wants to talk. Sakura says that she feels useless as she screws up the Flower Division's stage performances and have to rely on the Shanghai team to protect Tokyo. She also says that trying is not enough and that she won't stop until she becomes better. Seijuro asks his childhood friend why is the Flower Division so important to her. The young swordswoman tells him that when she was a child, she was attacked by a demon only to be saved by Sakura Shinguji, the star of the original Flower Division, and that as a result she longed to become as strong and beautiful as her idol. She describes as her dream and reason for joining the Imperial Combat Revue. Feeling down by her perceived inability to acheive her dream, Sakura decides to go the bed. Seijuro silently watches his friend leave the stage with a gloomy look.

The next day, Seijuro is in his room looking down at a picture of the Marishi-ten until Sakura knocks on the door. The young girl enters the room to apologize about her behaviour from yesterday. She notices the warship's photo which leads to Seijuro telling her that he was the ship's Captain before it sank. When Sakura was about to say something, the alarm rings. Sakura tells her Captain that Demons have appeared in Ginza. Because of the situation, Seijuro orders the Flower Division to deploy.

Seijuro and the Flower Division meet up with Sumire in the Control Room where Kaoru tells them about the demons that have appeared in Ginza. When Hatsuho asks where is the Shanghai Combat Revue, Komachi says that they won't be back for a while as they're fighting Demons in Yokosuka meaning that the Flower Division has to fight. Seijuro mentions that he doesn't have an armor but Sumire tells him that he has to lead the team from the Control Room. Seijuro nods and orders the Flower Division to chase the Demons.

Sakura's Ending

Seijuro hears that Sakura is about to be transferring to the Shanghai Combat Revue and decides to catch her before her ship leaves the port. Seijuro drives a car towards the ship at high speed. Sakura, who is already aboard the ship, is surprised to see him but tells him she will make him proud and give everything she has to the Shanghai Combat Revue. However, Seijuro immediately says that he's already proud and that he wants Sakura to remain at his side. Realizing his feelings for her, Sakura jumps off the ship and into the water with Seijuro and his car following her. Seijuro grabs Sakura's hand as both come at the surface. Both of them are greeted by the rest of the Imperial Combat Revue throwing flowers at them. Seijuro and Sakura turn to each other and kiss in front of their friends as the ship is leaving.

Hatsuho's Ending

Seijuro and Hatsuho go together to a festival. Seijuro is waiting for his friend while wondering where she is. After hearing Hatsuho call him, the young man turns around and is surprised to see Hatsuho wearing a pink kimono with red motifs. The shrine maiden shyly asks him if feminine clothing looks good on her. The young man tells her it looks great on her which makes Hatsuho blush. Both of them then proceed to enjoy the festival activites such as catching fish or eating cotton candy.

Later at night, Seijuro and Hatsuho go to hang out near the shrine where the young girl feels her heart racing and body burning up while hoping she doesn't catch up a cold. Suddenly, fireworks happen in the sky with Seijuro calling the view beautiful. Touched by his words, a blushing Hatsuho goes to suddenly embrace Seijuro in her arms. After a few seconds, the young girl and the young man kiss together as fireworks keep shining in the sky.

Clarissa's Ending

Seijuro and Clarissa go to a hot spring retreat together. Clarissa goes into the water to see a naked Seijuro surprised to see her. Surprised and embarrased, Clarissa wonders if they have entered a mixed bath. Suddenly, both hear people approaching the hot spring which leads to both of them hiding behind a rock. Seijuro and Clarissa are both blushing while waiting for the people to leave the scene. After noticing that the coast is clear, Clarissa suggests that she and Seijuro exit as well. However, she turns around to see a completely red Seijuro floating in the water due exhaustion from the heat.

Seijuro is brought back by Clarissa to theirto their room where the young man wakes up with his head on her knees. After a while, both of them sit to watch the sunset where Seijuro is slightly upset that he ruined the mood in the bath. Clarissa smiles while saying that she still enjoyed the hot spring because she got to spend time with him. Both of them turn to each other to share a lovely kiss.

Azami's Ending

Seijuro and Azami go to a theme park to get on many rides like a swan boat and a haunted house. She tells Seijuro she wants to ride a rollercoaster. The young man says that while he thinks a ninja like her will be fine, he has some reservations about going in himself but accepts to go. Both enter the cart and don't move as the cart goes up their first slope. When the cart goes down the slope, Azami appears excited at first before being terrified by the ride's many turns. As the cart goes inside a tunnel, Azami screams in terror.

After exiting the rollercoaster, a traumatized Azami goes to sit on a bench where Seijuro asks her if she's okay. The young girl says that she's fine but that her knees are still shaking. The young girl sees her friend walk away as she hopes he's not mad. Seijuro comes back with some ice cream which pleases the young ninja. Seijuro sits down before asking her what does she want to do next whether it's the petting zoo, the Ferris wheel or the carousel. Azami gently suggests they hang out a little on the bench before closing her eyes. Seijuro smiles as the young girl puts her head on his shoulder. Azami holds Seijuro's left hand while telling him she loves him.

Anastasia's Ending

Seijuro and Anastasia go out to walk at night. Anastasia tells him that there is somewhere that she will like to go. Seijuro agrees and follows the young woman to a flower field made up of blue flowers. The young man asks her what is going on here but Anastasia says that he'll see soon. Suddenly, both look up in the sky to see shooting stars falling. Seijuro comments on how beautiful they look while saying he forgot there's meteor shower tonight. As they both look in awe, Anastasia thanks Seijuro for helping her find herself.

Both of them lay down on the flower field side by side to admire the shooting stars. As she keeps looking, Anastasia turns her head to the right to face Seijuro only to turn away in embarrassement. Afterwards, both Seijuro and Anastasia sit up on the field where Anastasia puts her head on Seijuro's right shoulder. The two keep enjoying a peaceful night together.

New Sakura Wars the Animation

In 1941, a year after Genan's defeat, Seijuro was tasked by the WLOF to go on a secret mission in Russia to investigate a mysterious incident where the Moscow Combat Revue's airship was attacked by unknown forces. Because of this, his comrade Sakura has been named Acting Captain to lead the Flower Division in his absence. Before leaving, Seijuro asks Sakura to take care of everyone and promises that when he comes back, he'll make it up to her by doing something together and that if could be whatever she wants. After arriving in Russia, Seijuro is paired with Lancelot of the London Combat Revue and Elise of the Berlin Combat Revue.

Episode 1 : The Curtain Rises! The New Combat Revue!

A week later, in a dark snowy night, Seijuro, Lancelot and Elise arrive on a train to secure Klara M. Ruzhkova, the only member of the Moscow Combat Revue to have survived the Revue's downfall. They confront two individuals, a white-caped woman and a black-winged demon, who are both after Klara. After the Lancelot and Elise suggest White Cape to release Klara, the woman tried to leave but was asked by Seijuro to not move. White Cape complied and put down Klara before leaving the scene. However, the black-winged demon attacked, still insisting on retrieving Klara. After a small scuffle, Lancelot tells the demon to come with them as she might have more information for them. Instead, the demon flew away in the dark night. An unconscious Klara is then secured by Seijuro making the rescue operation a success as Lancelot watches and Elise says the rest is up to Kamiyama and the WLOF.

After that night, it was decided that Klara should leave Russia as her two assailants are still at large. Seijuro then decides to bring the young girl along with him to Tokyo, Japan. Seijuro and Klara arrive at the Imperial Theater as they are greeted by Sakura Amamiya. Slightly frightened, Klara hides behind Seijuro's back when Sakura asks to know who she is. The rest of the Flower Division arrives to greet Seijuro but are surprised to see their captain come back from a secret mission with a new girl. When Azami asks for Klara's identity, the young man introduces her while telling the frightened girl that he trusts the girls whith his life. He then says that Klara will join the Flower Division as part of a trial basis much to the other girls' surprise. While the girls go back to the dressing room to prepare themselves for the show, Seijuro goes to take care of the arriving audience as a timid Klara stays close to him.

After all the guests have arrived, Seijuro and Klara go to take their seats in the upper rows of the room. Seijuro then tells Klara to enjoy the show as the Revue is quite something to see. He also says that they worked so hard and that she should consider their expertise. Klara nods at the show begins. As the show is happening, Seijuro sees that the Revue's singing and acting abilities leave quite an impression on the young girl as she watches with astonishment. After the end of the show, Seijuro asks Klara if the girls have her seal of approval, to which the young girl nods saying that they're fantastic.

After that, Klara goes to rest in a room while Seijuro goes to Sumire Kanzaki's office and explains that Klara is the sole survivor of the Moscow Combat Revue. He also reveals that she remembers nothing of the incident (the trauma has caused amnesia) while hoping the effects could be temporary. He also says that a good night sleep could help the young girl. Seijuro mentions that by bringing Klara to Japan, a stipulation asks that he must return to the WLOF headquarters to complete the necessary paperwork which Sumire finds curious. After leaving Sumire's office, Seijuro is greeted by Sakura who was searching for him. When Seijuro asks her if something happened, the black-haired girl says that she really wanted to ask him something and that she couldn't wait another second. Seijuro says that they'll talk about it later and that she should get everyone to the Control Room.

With everyone reunited in the Control Room, Sumire tells the Flower Division that a major incident happened in the outskirts of Petrograd in Russia a week ago. Sumire tells the cover story for the incident was an unfortunate explosion but that the truth was far more disturbing : the Moscow Combat Revue was attacked which caused their airship to crash. After Sumire says that Seijuro went to Russia to investigate, Seijuro reveals that he, Lancelot of the London Combat Revue and Elise of the Berlin Combat Revue, were tasked to secure Klara who is the only surviving member of the attack. When Anastasia questions why they will secure Klara, Seijuro reveals that not only was Klara found without so much of a scratch on her, two mysterious individuals appear to be after Klara, one of them being as powerful as a greater demon. He mentions that while many questions are left unanswered regarding Klara's survival and amnesia and the disappearance of the Moscow Combat Revue, she is certainly important that mysterious individuals are after her. Concerned about Klara's welfare, Anastasia asks Seijuro if he has any information regarding the assailants. The young man says he does not as they haven't attacked since that night. He says that to protect Klara, she had to be taken away of Russia which leads Sakura to concludesthat Seijuro brought Klara back to Japan to protect her from her enemies. The young man says he brought Klara because she needed somebody to stand for her as she has lost her comrades. The girls understand the situation as they're like one big family. Sakura tells Seijuro not to worry and they'll take good care of Klara while he goes back to the WLOF headquarters.

Suddenly, sirens are heard as demons appear in the capital, running straight for the theater. In response, Seijuro orders the Flower Division to deploy and fight the demons. Seijuro remains in the Control Room as Sakura and the girls climb aboard their robots and land in front of the theater, ready to fight against the enemy. The Flower Division wins, succesfully protecting the theater.

After the fight, the Flower Division go outside to say goodbye to Seijuro as he's about to return to the WLOF to complete the necessary paperwork. He says that he'll return soon and tells everyone to take care. As Seijuro says goodbye, Klara is worried about being left behind until Sakura grabs her left shoulder and reassures her that everything will be okay. Seijuro leaves the theater without knowing that a mysterious black-caped individual is watching from afar.

Episode 4 : Friendship in Full Bloom! Thousand Year Cherry Blossoms!

Seijuro contacts Sumire via a transmission to update her on his mission. Sumire asks him if he's completed the paperwork for Klara's transfer. Seijuro says that he hasn't done it yet as the WLOF are giving him a tough time though he hopes to finalize it very soon. Sumire tells Seijuro how a group calling themselves the Moscow Combat Revue appeared in Tokyo asking to retrieve Klara much to Seijuro's surprise.She says that the WLOF hasn't sent an arbiter and that any negotiations are at a complete standstill. He notes that their resurgence changes everything about the situation. Suddenly, the Control Room door opens revealing Clarissa, Azami and Anastasia who were eavesdropping on the conversation. Both Seijuro and the girls express their joy at being able to talk for the first time since his departure. Seijuro then asks the girls why are Sakura and Hatsuho not there with them. The three girls tell Seijuro about how Hatsuho fell into a depression after their last battle.

Episode 7 : Stealth Mission! Tail the Date!

Seijuro returns to Tokyo much to the delight of the Flower Division especially Sakura and Klara, the latter ran to hug him much to the surprise of Seijuro and the girls. Noticing that Klara had tears of relief, Seijuro and Sakura are perplexed by this.

Seijuro goes to meet with Sumire in her office to ask for an update regarding his side of the investigation. She tells Seijuro that the Flower Division and Hakushuu Murasame did their best to handle the multiple events that happened in Tokyo but that their unknown foe is still a mystery. She asks Seijuro if he's learned anything about the Moscow Combat Revue but to her dismay, Seijuro tells her bad news. The young man reveals he came back because he was concerned about a possible conspiracy at the WLOF headquarters. He reveals that he hasn't found a single public record proving that Valery Kaminski was ever a part of the Moscow Combat Revue even before the incident. While searching at the WLOF archives, he says that any useful document might have been destroyed which worries Sumire. Seijuro also reveals that the Kobu prototype that Kanzaki Heavy Industries developed for the Berlin Combat Revue is in Moscow and that it was taken by an unidentified party. Sumire mentions how her father told her about a prototype (a sister version of the Obu) that was supposed to be lost in Operation Twin Capitals. She then tells Seijuro that she has another assignment for him.

Afterwards, Seijuro joins Sakura in the Dining Room where she gives him a bowl of miso soup. The young man comments on how Japanese the dish is. The other girls then join the pair to give their own dish to Seijuro (Hatsuho has onigiri, Anastasia has moussaka, Clarissa has steamed mussels, Klara has beef and Azami has the ''Ninja Surprise Pot''). Seijuro asks Azami if her meal is the one where you don't know what they eat. Azami confirms his suspicions which worries him. The girls then ask Seijuro what he's going to eat first. However, Seijuro suggests that they all eat together because there is so much food. Everyone agrees and sit down to enjoy their meals.

Later at night, Seijuro meets up with Sakura and Klara at the top of the Imperial Theater. The three watch Sumire get inside a car before the car leaves. The young man informs that Sumire is going to meet someone as things are about to get complicated in the next two days. Sakura asks her friend if he's leaving again. Seijuro says he will have to return to Europe to find more about what is currently happening much to Sakura's disappointment. Seijuro says that while he knows things got really hard for Sakura, he's really proud of her. Seijuro says that Sakura did a great job of treating Klara like family. He also says that when he named Sakura Acting Captain, he promised her that when he came back, they will go together somewhere just the two of them. Seijuro asks the young swordswoman if tomorrow is a good day for her to go out to which she nods. However, Sakura notices that Klara felt ignored.

The next morning, Seijuro stands in front of the Imperial Theater where he waits for Sakura and Klara. After both girls joined him, Sakura tells the young girl to come with them on their date as she will not have it any other way. While Klara is worried that her presence will only get in the way of Seijuro and Sakura, the young swordswoman tells Klara that she will never think of leaving her behind with Seijuro claming that they're like the Three Musketeers. Overjoyed, Klara goes into the city while holding Seijuro and Sakura's hands. However, none of them are aware they're being watched by Valery Kaminski and Leyla who have decided to follow them. On top of that, Reiji mobilizes the rest of the Flower Division and the Moon Division to follow the trio.

Aboard a tramway, Seijuro and Sakura tell Klara that they're going to Asakusa. The trio are walking in the streets while being watched by the Flower Division and the Moon Division. The trio are then approached by Hakushuu who recognizes Sakura. When Hakushuu asks if Seijuro and Sakura are on a date, the brown-haired girl blushes and tries to explain in vain when Klara approaches to greet Hakushuu. Seeing Klara, Hakushuu suggests that the date looks more like a family outing. Hakushuu then whispers to Sakura's ear and tells her that she's being followed. Worried that someone is trying to capture Klara again, Sakura feels uneasy but is told by Hakushuu to go to Hayanashiki. Sakura grabs Klara's hand who then grabs Seijuro's hand leading to the trio running in the street. While running, the trio bumps into Kaminski and Leyla (who are disguised) with Sakura apologizing to the pair.

Arriving somewhere, the trio stops as Sakura is regaining her breath. Klara asks her friend if she's alright while Seijuro is asking her if she has changed her mind about Hayanashiki. Sakura tells her friends about how they're being followed and takes them on top of the tower. There, Seijuro is accidently pushed into Sakura by a young man. Both Seijuro and Sakura blush while saying that they have not seen anybody suspicious. Sakura wonders if Hakushuu was wrong about them being followed but Seijuro suggest that that they keep moving if they want to find out. The trio goes to the temple while still being followed by the Moon Division.

Arriving near an alleyway, Seijuro asks Sakura if she wants to take another path to which the young girl nod as it will shake off any of their pursuers. Seijuro suggest that they split up so that they meet up at the pier. Sakura goes in the alleyway with Klara while Seijuro goes into another direction.

Seijuro meets up with Sakura and Klara at the pier and get onboard a boat. The Flower Division arrive too late to get onboard but Kaminski and Leyla run to catch the boat. Sakura notices the pair but doesn't recognize them as they wonder why they're running. Everyone seem surprised only to see the two fall into the river. Seijuro and the girls watch as lifebuoys are thrown to Kaminski and Leyla.

At sundown, wjile Klara is asleep, Sakura says that she's really happy with this decent ''family outing''. She says that she wishes that Seijuro didn't have to leave so soon with the young man agreeing to her words but that he really has to find out about the current situation. The brown-haired girl says that it really means to everyone that Seijuro has decided to entrust Klara to them. Seijuro then gives a small bell to Sakura as a gift and and asks her if she will accept it. The young girl smiles and accepts the gift with joy.

Episode 9 : Unbelievable! The Truth about Klara!

After the tragedy behind the competition between the Imperial Combat Revue and the Moscow Combat Revue, Seijuro contacts Sumire and the Flower Division. The young man informs his comrades about what he discovered in Russia during his investigation. He reveals that after travelling around Russia, he discovered that the Moscow Combat Revue truly perished when their airship fell down and that Valery Kaminski's Moscow Combat Revue are actually frauds.

Seijuro tells the Flower Division how he was in contact with a woman called Natalia Ruzhkova. Natalia, who was a scientist researching on Demons, met up with Seijuro one night and revealed how she used cells harvested from a certain greater demon to create human-demon hybrids known as Nadezhda. Natalia attempted many times to create Nadezhda as a way to bring upon a new age of coexistence between humans and demons and bridge the gap between them. She almost gave up due to many failed experiments until two Nadezhda that she created were born : Leyla and Klara. She also told Seijuro on how Kaminski, joined the project as a ''volunteer'' to further Natalia's research. However, Kaminski, who mysteriously knew about the Nadezhda, secretly joined the project to use the Nadezhda's power to rule the world. After Natalia discovered Kaminski's plans, she escaped with Klara and contacted the WLOF to warn them. The WLOF sent the Moscow Combat Revue to pick up Klara near Petrograd but Kaminski, who knew about it, arrived and attacked the Moscow Combat Revue's airship, killing the entire Revue in the process.

Seijuro reveals that on the same night he met up with Natalia, they were attacked by Kaminski's mechanical dolls. While Seijuro easily destroyed them, Natalia's health made the elderly woman cough out blood. Seijuro says she needed a doctor but Natalia is more concerned that her daughters are in danger and that there is nothing she could do to save them. The woman made Seijuro promise that he will protect his daughters. The woman tells Seijuro about how she has a friend in Japan that could him. Seijuro silently stands as Natalia closed her eyes and seemingly passed away.

After telling everything, Seijuro reveals that because Kaminski failed to capture Klara that day, the Imperial Combat Revue were given the Moscow Combat Revue's original assignment. Sumire asks the young man if he always intended to ask the Flower Division to watch over Klara without telling them about Klara being a Nadezhda. Seijuro says that if he has told them that, they would have declined the assignement. However, he mentions on how Klara is still an innocent girl despite her true nature and how they have done their duty. After finishing his message, Seijuro leaves by saying that he will await orders.

Episode 10 : The Destruction of Tokyo? The Rage of Tunguska!

After Valery Kaminski destroyed a mountain near Tokyo using a powerful cannon known as the Rage of Tunguska, Seijuro, alongside Lancelot of the London Combat Revue and Elise of the Berlin Combat Revue, confronts the director of the WLOF in his office. The director, who is revealed to be one of Kaminski's mechanical dolls, attacks the trio but is easily killed by Seijuro.

After that, Seijuro contacts Sumire and the Flower Division and tells them that the director was Kaminski's mechanical puppet and that Kaminski probably took advantage of the Genan Incident from one year ago to plant his puppet. Clarissa asks Seijuro if the WLOF is back to normal. The young man says that while the WLOF is safe now, European nations are concerned about Kaminski's display of power earlier and are already considering surrendering. When the Flower Division refuses to back down and abandon Klara and Tokyo, Seijuro agrees with their decision and turns to Sakura. He asks his friend what will she do now that she has lost her Mugen earlier. The young girl says that she will adapt and use a Type-3 Kobu. Even though Kaoru thinks that using such a relic could be dangerous, Seijuro accepts and asks the group to save Klara. Seijuro turns over to Hakushuu who is waiting in the shadows of the Control Room. Confirming that she's the friend that Natalia Ruzhkova told him about, Seijuro says that while he has many questions for her, he doesn't have the time. He asks Hakushuu to watch over his girls until he manages to come back home. Hakushuu is unsure about his demand but agrees to do so. After everyone agrees, Seijuro leaves.

Episode 12 : The Grand Finale! Hope for Tomorrow!

Seijuro leads an alliance made of Huang Yui of the Shanghai Combat Revue, Lancelot of the London Combat Revue and Elise of the Berlin Combat Revue to assist the Imperial Combat Revue as they rescue Klara from Valery Kaminski. The Combat Revue's airships launch several attacks on the Sevastopol allowing the Flower Division, Klara and Hakushu Murasame to escape as the heavily damaged Sevastopol falls into the ocean before exploding.

Seijuro asks for the status of the Sevastopol and is told about an unidentified heat signature coming from underwater which worries Seijuro. When a mysterious beam fires from underwater, Seijuro is shocked by the sight that appears out of the ocean. To the surprise of everyone, Kaminski fuses with the Sevastopol to create a giant golem-like monster. As Seijuro plans to get to his Mugen, he is approched by Klara with the young man telling her to get to safety. However, a confident Klara asks him to join the battle as he told her before that she's a member of the Flower Division and this is also her battle. When the young man asks her if she's sure, he realizes how far Klara has grown and agrees before telling the Imperial Combat Revue to attack.

Following Kaminski's death, Seijuro and the others run over to Sakura and the Flower Division's side to celebrate their victory.

Following Valery Kaminski's defeat, Seijuro, along with Lancelot and Elise, are in the Imperial Theater watching Klara's first stage performance as an official member of the Imperial Combat Revue's Flower Division.


With the hack-and-slash game mechanics introduced to the 2019 game, Seijuro performs as both a dual-sword fighter and the player's fixed character unit in battle.

Mugen-Class Spiricle Striker

  • HP: 9
  • Attack: 7
  • Defense: 7

As captain of the Flower Division, his playstyle is the most offensively well-balanced among his fellow melee allies. The player can make easy use of his dual swords and the Mugen armor to finish off enemies with ease at their own pace.

His fast attacks are like Sakura's, but with an extra slash to put more ferocity and speed into strikes. He can also perform a spinning slash on the third fast strike to protect him from behind as well before moving on to his fourth consecutive hit.

Seijuro's basic strong attack allows him to perform a cross slash with his two blades that can knock his enemies back, and his strong dash attack offers three rotational slashes through his foes. In combination with his fast strike combos, Seijuro's strong attack can perform a ground stab with his swords to electrify his enemies around him. In chain with the second fast attack, he can pierce his foes with his swords, and he can use a strong launch to lift his opponent in the air after the third strike. Once Seijuro reaches his fourth and final fast strike, his strong attack can become a jump strike that also electrifies his foes around him when he lands.

For Seijuro's mid-air moves, he can make consecutive slashes with his fast attacks, or perform a vertical cartwheel with his swords to bring him straight down and making a splash of electricity. Given that he can slash vertically in his strong attack state, it can be useful for clearing enemies beneath him or damaging tall enemies.

Since Seijuro is fixed into every battle map in the game as the main protagonist, players can find him easy to use with his Mugen's attack speed and combos compared to Sakura Amamiya's Kobu Type-3. His role as a fixed melee character helps to balance out with the other members' playstyle as well, allowing the player to switch between characters for the occasion during the battle.

While Seijuro is the most balanced when it comes fighting close-quarters, his weaknesses include enemies that can attack him from a long range as he will need to get close to attack them. He is also not infallible to getting countered when fighting stronger enemies and bosses so players will need to make efficient use of his dodging to avoid overextending themselves.

Seijuro's special attack, Crossblade Tempest, is a combination of most of his fast and strong attack combo animations. Like all specials, he remains immune to getting attack as he continues to slash at his foes. By controlling where he moves, his sword strikes in this state can either wipe out all enemies around him or even focus all the damage at one target that can even kill giant foes like Hellfiends. Seijuro's Crossblade Tempest can easily devastate and KO most bosses' health, even without requiring a team attack to give him an offense boost to his damage.


  • The name Seijirou means "sincerity" (誠) (sei), "ten" (十) (ji) and "son" (郎) (rou).
  • Seijuro's surname Kamiyama means "god" (神) (kami) and "mountain, hill" (山) (yama).