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Shanghai Combat Revue
Shanghai Combat Revue

The "Wu Shenlong (五神龍)"
Nationality China
Headquarters "Shenlong" Restuarant
Affiliation WLOF
Captain(s) Yang Xiaolong
Spiritual Arms Wanlong
Status Active
First Appearance
Shin Sakura Wars: Episode 1

The Shanghai Combat Revue (上海華撃団 Shanhai Kagekidan?) is one of the national anti-demon squadrons in the New Sakura Wars series stationed in the municipality of Shanghai, China.


One of the new combat revues established by WLOF stationed in Shanghai as China's new defense force. They function as the local protectors of Tokyo before the Imperial Combat Revue's reassembly.

Sakura Wars (2019)

Prior to Seijuro Kamiyama's arrival, the SCR were at rivalry odds with the Imperial Combat Revue belittling the latter for their weakening from their golden years and becoming yesterday's news. It wasn't until the next mission featuring Seijuro's debut pulls the ICR back to its feet and slowly by mission, they began to acknowledge the new ICR for what they were once after they were defeated in the 3rd Combat Revue World Games.


Shanghai Combat Revue Emblem
Name Division Status
Yang XiaolongWu ShenlongActive
Huang YuiWu ShenlongActive

Military Arms


  • All the characters are designed by artist, Yukiko Horiguchi.


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