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Sumire Kanzaki
神崎 すみれ
Sumire Kanzaki portait.png
Sumire Kanzaki
Series Sakura Taisen
Sakura Taisen 2: Kimi Shinitamou koto Nakare
Sakura Taisen 3 ~Pari wa Moeteiru ka~
Sakura Taisen 4 ~Koi Seyo, Otome~ ~Koi Seyo, Otome~
"Sakura Wars (2019)
Age 16 (Sakura Taisen)
18 (Sakura Taisen 2)
19 (Sakura Taisen 3)
20 (Sakura Taisen 4)
33 (New Sakura Wars)
Birthdate January 8th, 1907
Relations Hinako Kanzaki (mother)
Shigeki Kanzaki (father)
Tadayoshi Kanzaki (grandfather)
Birthplace Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Martial Talents Naginata (long range attack with the naginata)
Weapon Naginata
Sprite NeutralHappyBlushing
Gender Female
Height 161cm (5'3")
Weight 50 kg (111lbs)
B/W/H 83/57/81
Hair Brown
Eyes Dark Purple
Blood Type B
First Appearance
Sakura Wars
Last Appearance
New Sakura Wars
First Appearance
Chapter 1
First Appearance
Sakura Wars: The Gorgeous Blooming Cherry Blossoms Battle in the Flowery Capital
Last Appearance
New Sakura Wars the Animation

Episode 12 : The Grand Finale! Hope for Tomorrow!

Media Portrayal
Japanese Voice Michie Tomizawa
English Voice Sascha Biesi (Sakura Wars OVA)
Lauren Zinn (Sakura Wars 2 OVA) (both ADV Films)
Leigh Anderson Fisher (Sakura Wars TV)
Christiana Yuuki (FUNimation)
Michelle Ruff (Bandai/Geneon)
"You dare to suggest that the only daughter of Kanzaki Heavy Industries, and the star actress of this theatre, and, and.......the top lady of Japanese high society, I, Kanzaki Sumire, should pick up a fork dropped on the floor!?"
—Sumire to Ogami

Sumire Kanzaki (神崎 すみれ Kanzaki Sumire?) is a member of the Imperial Combat Revue's Flower Division. She's the daughter of the Kanzaki Heavy Industries which are the ones behind the creation of the Kobu. Sumire eventually left the group due to her failing power.

After the events of the Great Demon War in 1930, Sumire was the last surviving member of the original Flower Division as the group has sealed themselves in Shadow Tokyo to prevent the resurrection of the Archdemon. Following that, Sumire has become the new Commander of the New Imperial Combat Revue as the world went back to an era of peace.


Sumire is a gorgeous young woman with chin-length brown hair, purple eyes and a slender frame. She also has a beauty mark next to her left eye.

She usually wears a purple kimono with a yellow band which usually shows her shoulders and carries a matching fan with her.


An established actress of great talent and self-professed star of the Imperial Combat Revue, Sumire is arrogant and conceited. This is likely because her father and grandfather spoiled her during the brief moments they saw her when not running their company. Despite her arrogant attitude, she is a skilled pilot and highly capable of wielding a naginata, and can sometimes be rather insightful. She is a daughter born into the elite Kanzaki industrial clan, whose factory produced the spiritual armors. After Sakura Taisen 4, Sumire's spirit energy dwindled to a level below what is necessary to operate a prototype Koubu. Because of this, she decided to run her last theatrical performance and retire. This is shown in the OVA Sakura Taisen: Sumire.

In New Sakura Wars, Sumire's attitude has mellowed with her age and position as commander of the Imperial Combat Revue as she no longer displays her arrogance like she used to. However, she still retains her aura of professionalism and mannerisms from her days as a famous actress. Such examples include how she continued to greet a number of guests at the Grand Imperial Theatre on the eve before the Christmas show, and the way she addresses even her fans despite having retired long ago.

Sumire also exudes more patience than her younger self, such as how she maintained her poise against President G when the latter berates her and the revue for not handling the incident with Yasha at the opening of the Combat Revue World Games before he questions her on the location of the 'Imperial Key'. However, she can show off her anger towards people under her when she needs to get control of them, such as when the Flower Division's conversation got derailed after Yui accused Seijuro Kamiyama of being a pervert, and when she needs to deal with Reiji Shiba's antics that interferes with both of their duties (in the sequel anime series).----

Though she now bears a more mature side and responsibility as commander of the Imperial Combat Revue, Sumire also hides her own feelings of pain and loss for her old comrades from the original Flower Division who have gone missing in the past 10 years after the Great Demon War. Despite that, she possesses a strong will to keep herself in control of her desires such as when Sotetsu Genan attempted to sway her to his side by using the old Flower Division as leverage to keep her from interfering with his plans. Sumire also maintains her hope that she will reunite with her old friends again one day after they find their way back from Shadow Tokyo.


In the games

Sakura Wars

Sumire's VMU portrait.

Sumire's debut in the game is when Ichiro Ogami enters the theater after meeting Sakura and Iris. While walking around he hears an angry woman's voice. As he passes through the kitchen, Sumire calls out to Ogami. She orders Ogami to pick up a spoon that fell on the floor. It's up to the player to decide the outcome, but either way Sumire is shocked when she discovers Ohgami is the officer sent to aid the Imperial Assault Unit and begins laughing.

In Bloom into Flowers! By the Maidens' Obstinacy! the fifth episode, Ogami along with Sumire and Kanna explore an abandoned mansion. While in the mansion, Sumire gets bitten by a spider. After the Ogami tries to intervene, Sumire explains that when she was a child she was a very lonely girl. Her mother and father were too busy working to spend time with her. One day while exploring her gardens, she gets bitten by a poisonous spider. this gave her a phobia of spiders. If the player makes Sumire fall in love with Ohgami, the games end with Ohgami going to a party and dancing with Sumire. As the clock reaches midnight, Ohgami and Sumire kiss and the credits start rolling soon afterward.

Sakura Taisen 2

Sakura Taisen 3

Sakura Taisen 4

New Sakura Wars

Having retired from active duty, Sumire has now taken up the job of manager of the Great Imperial Theater and by extension the commander of the Flower Division. Her attitude has mellowed with age though she still exudes the aura of a top star. She personally recruited Kamiyama to be the Captain of the Flower Division.

In films and television

Sakura Taisen: Ouka Kenran

Sakura Taisen: Gouka Kenran

Sakura Taisen: Sumire

Sumire announces her retirement from the flower division unit to Ikki Yoneda in this OVA. She plans on working with the Kanzaki industry protecting the capital and making the Kanzaki stronger. She talks to Kanna, Ogami, and wishes Sakura success as the star of the show. She does her final performance which she walks down the lane with everyone giving her one last round of applause as she walks out happily and saddened. This coincides with Michie Tomizawa's decision to retire from voice acting in 2002, as she was getting married. Although she has come out of retirement several times since then.

Sakura Wars (TV Series)

As this series is set into a alternate timeline of the main games and has a much more darker setting, Sumire's arrogance there(Which is present in the first game, but was downplayed from the second game and further due to her maturity and emotional connection with the other members of the Flower Division) is raised into severe levels. She acts wilder(At point of despiscable) against Sakura and even jeopardize the team in some moments due to her intense envy of Sakura's eventual evolution as both actress and soldier(Even being surprassed by the very same Sakura). Her past towards her father was maintained there.

Sakura Wars: The Movie

New Sakura Wars the Animation

Episode 1 : The Curtain Rises! The New Combat Revue!

One week after Seijuro left for Russia, he returns by bringing Klara M. Ruzhkova, a young timid girl. After the show ended, Sumire has a meeting in her office with Seijuro. He explains that Klara is the sole survivor of the Moscow Combat Revue. He also reveals that she remembers nothing of the incident (the trauma has caused amnesia) while hoping the effects could be temporary. Sumire then asks the young man where Klara is with Seijuro saying that she went to take a nap with Kaoru watching over her. Sumire expresses her relief while saying that they must remain vigilant and that they cannot afford to let Klara's guard down. She then mentions being concerned that the two individuals that pursued Klara in Russia are still a threat. Seijuro mentions that by bringing Klara to Japan, a stipulation asks that he must return to the WLOF headquarters to complete the necessary paperwork which Sumire finds curious, as she can't understand why they will ask for Seijuro to travel for something so meannial. After that, Seijuro leaves Sumire's office leaving her in thoughts.

With everyone reunited in the Control Room, Sumire tells the Flower Division that a major incident happened in the outskirts of Petrograd in Russia a week ago. Sumire tells the cover story for the incident was an unfortunate explosion but that the truth was far more disturbing : the Moscow Combat Revue was attacked which caused their airship to crash. She says that only one member of the Revue was accounted for while the other are considered missing for the time being. She reveals that following the incident, the WLOF asked Revues around the world to send one of their members to investigate. When Anastasia questions why they will secure Klara, Seijuro reveals that two mysterious individuals appear to be after Klara, one of them being as powerful as a greater demon. Sakura then concludes that Seijuro brought Klara back to Japan to protect her from her enemies. The young man says he brought Klara because she needed somebody to stand for her as she has lost her comrades. The girls understand the situation as they're like one big family. Sakura tells Seijuro not to worry and they'll take good care of Klara.

Suddenly, sirens are heard as demons appear in the capital, running straight for the theater. Sumire tells Seijuro that he knows what to do. In response, Seijuro orders the Flower Division to deploy and fight the demons. Sumire remains in the Control Room as Sakura and the girls climb aboard their robots and land in front of the theater, ready to fight against the enemy. The Flower Division wins, succesfully protecting the theater. Klara is impressed by the group's fighting abilities as Sumire agrees saying that performance is one side of the coin and that fighting is the other side.

After the fight, the Flower Division go outside to say goodbye to Seijuro as he's about to return to the WLOF to complete the necessary paperwork. Sumire and the other watch Seijuro leaving the theater without knowing that a mysterious black-caped individual is watching from afar.

Episode 3 : Tokyo Trembles! The New Moscow Combat Revue!

Sumire unexpectly enters the Dining Hall during a meeting between the Flower Division and the Moscow Combat Revue asking what is happening. Moscow's Captain Valery Kaminski, surprised to see a legendary performer of the Imperial Combat Revue, stands up and calls her the heroic woman of Tokyo. The young man creates a full rose bouquet with Azami noting that he only gave one single rose to Sakura (Anastasia says it's because Sakura is not as famous as her Commander). When Sumire asks what this is, Kaminski says that Sumire's beauty could thaw the coldest heart while noting the cold tundra possibly froze his. Wanting to give some thanks of her own, Sumire brings Kaminski to her office where they both discuss about Klara.

The former actress notes that it must have taken time for the Moscow Combat Revue to find Klara's whereabouts as they have went through many things but notes she cannot bend to Kaminski's demands much to the young man's surprise. Sumire says that while she's the Commander, her hands are tied up as it was Captain Seijuro Kamiyama who ordered the Flower Division to watch over Klara and that the young girl will remain with them under Kamiyama's orders. Kaminski says that he will forcibly request Klara's return under a sanction's decree. He says that an official injonction will not take too much time and that they will meet again. After his meeting with Sumire, Kaminski leaves the theater with Leyla and his group with a worried Klara watching.

Later, Sumire summons Klara and the Flower Division to her office to tell them she received a call from the WLOF which confirmed Kaminski is indeed with the Moscow Combat Revue. She tells them that since Kaminski told the truth, it will not take long before an official order tells them to give them Klara. Klara is worried until she feels a repulsive feeling. When Sakura asks her what's wrong, Klara tells her that ''they're coming''. The others are concerned about her words just before the alarm rings, alerting them that the demons are coming. The Flower Division deploys to fight the demon while Klara goes to observe the battle from the Control Room. As the demon marches to the Imperial Theater, Sumire questions the monster's motives. She looks over at Klara which mades her wonder if the girl is being targeted by the demons. She and Klara wait for their friends to dispose of the demon. However, because of Hatsuho's reckless behaviour and frustration over Sakura being chosen as Captain instead of her, the Flower Division gets overwhelmed by the demon forcing the Moscow Combat Revue to intervene and destroy the demon, humiliating the Flower Division.

After the battle ended, Kaminski and Leyla approach the Flower Division who are on the bridge watching Hatsuho's Kobu getting carried away by Reiji. Kaminski taunts the Flower Division by noting that the mighty have fallen. Unamused, Sumire asks the young man what he wants. Kaminski looks at Klara and warns Sumire that demons will keep appearing in Tokyo as long as Klara remains in the city. He says that his Revue may not be there to help the Flower Division the next time demons appear. Both he and Leyla leave the scene, leaving the Flower Division stand silently as Hatsuho screams to the heavens in frustration for her actions.

Episode 4 : Friendship in Full Bloom! Thousand Year Cherry Blossoms

Sumire is contacted by Seijuro via a transmission update her on his mission. Sumire asks him if he's completed the paperwork for Klara's transfer. Seijuro says that he hasn't done it yet as the WLOF are giving him a tough time though he hopes to finalize it very soon. Sumire tells Seijuro how a group calling themselves the Moscow Combat Revue appeared in Tokyo asking to retrieve Klara much to Seijuro's surprise. She says that the WLOF hasn't sent an arbiter and that any negotiations are at a complete standstill. He notes that their resurgence changes everything about the situation. Suddenly, the Control Room door opens revealing Clarissa, Azami and Anastasia who were eavesdropping on the conversation. Both Seijuro and the girls express their joy at being able to talk for the first time since his departure. Seijuro then asks the girls why are Sakura and Hatsuho not there with them. The three girls tell Seijuro about how Hatsuho fell into a depression after their last battle.

Episode 5 : The Goofball Detective Combo! Find Klara's Secret!

Sumire is visited at her office by Valery Kaminski. After giving him some tea, the Commander asks him what brings him today. Kaminski says that Klara's presence could be felt in his Revue and wonders if he could appeal to Sumire's good nature. Sumire says that while she admires his resolve, no official decision has been made by the WLOF. Kaminski says that while he understands, the stalemate they have reached is vexing. He then tells Sumire he came to make her an offer which intrigues the former actress.

Later, when a demon suddenly appears in Tokyo at night, Sumire orders the Flower Division to deploy but Kaoru tells her Commander that that the Mugen are not ready to be deployed. When Sumire asks her why, Kaoru says she blames Reiji (as the young man did not worked at all during the day) which makes Sumire worried.

Sumire goes out to find Reiji who was observing Klara, Azami, Clarissa, Sakura and Hatsuho hang on a hill in a nearby park to watch the beautiful city lights. She appears behind Reiji with a frustrated look while asking the young technician why he wasn't working on the Mugen and why he left the Hangar without authorization. Shocked at Sumire's appearance, Reiji was unable to give an answer and could only scream in fear. After that, Sumire forced Reiji to work overtime for slacking off.

Episode 7 : Stealth Mission! Tail the Date!

After Seijuro returns to the Theater for the first time in a while, Sumire receives the young man in her office to ask for an update regarding his side of the investigation. She tells Seijuro that the Flower Division and Hakushuu Murasame did their best to handle the multiple events that happened in Tokyo but that their unknown foe is still a mystery. She asks Seijuro if he's learned anything about the Moscow Combat Revue but to her dismay, Seijuro tells her bad news. The young man reveals he came back because he was concerned about a possible conspiracy at the WLOF headquarters. He reveals that he hasn't found a single public record proving that Valery Kaminski was ever a part of the Moscow Combat Revue even before the incident. While searching at the WLOF archives, he says that any useful document might have been destroyed which worries Sumire. Seijuro also reveals that the Kobu prototype that Kanzaki Heavy Industries developed for the Berlin Combat Revue is in Moscow and that it was taken by an unidentified party. Sumire mentions how her father told her about a prototype (a sister version of the Obu) that was supposed to be lost in Operation Twin Capitals. She then tells Seijuro that she has another assignment for him.

That night, Sumire is seen getting into a car by Seijuro, Sakura and Klara. Seijuro tells Sakura that Sumire is going to meet someone as things are going to get complicated in the next two days.

The next day, Sumire enters the Control Room where she sees Reiji tampering with her machinery. She asks him what he's doing with the young man saying that he's trying to ruin Seijuro and Sakura's date. However, Reiji learns with shock that Sumire was the one talking to him. The former actress looks coldly at the young man, flabbergasted at the idea that her Control Room and resources are used to ruin a date. Realizing that he's in trouble and with no way of explaining, Reiji could only stand still and scream in panic.

The next day, Sumire returns to her office where she finds a letter on her desk.

Episode 8 : Nonstop Chaos! The Combat Revue Challenge!

Sumire and the Flower Division meet up with Valery Kaminski and the Moscow Combat Revue for a live broadcast competition determining Klara's future. While confronting Kaminski, the former actress accuses the young man of challenging the Flower Division knowing well that they cannot reject the challenge without their reputation suffering and partnerships breaking apart. After indirectly mocking the Flower Division for being in such a conundrum, Kaminski leaves the scene with Sumire looking at him with a frustrated look.

Sumire and her assistant Kaoru watch the first round as Hatsuho performs a traditional Shinto dance with the Commander hoping that the shrine maiden will succeed. However, Leyla from the Moscow Combat Revue follows with the Black Swan ballet which allows her to claim victory with 196 points.

For the second round, Kaminski is set to face Azami in an obstacle scavenger hunt course. However, the young man does not show up much to the surprise of everyone. From his loge, Kaminski tells them to understand that the members of his Revue are ''of dignity'' and thereby too refined to participate in something so uncouth. He also comments that he's granting a handicap to the Flower Division as a ''gift''. Kaminski's declarations provoke Sumire who watches with an angry smile while commenting that he's mocking them.

In the last round, which is a mock combat, Sumire watches the Flower Division battle the Moscow Combat Revue in a three vs three battle where the group that frees Klara from the top of the tower is declared the victor. After the battle begins, Sakura races to the top of the tower while Hatsuho and Azami defeat two of the opponents. While Sumire is watching, Kaoru mentions that something is not right as it's being too easy. Suddenly, Sumire spots two more Moscow Combat Revue members appear out of nowhere and assault Sakura.

When a blackout occurs, the Moscow Combat Revue suddenly strike back with the use of real weaponry and ammunition. Shocked by the sudden reveals, Sumire tries to ask Kaminski about what he's doing and to tell his team to stop. Since Kaminski is not answering, Sumire sends Clarissa and Anastasia to stop him in his loge only to find out that he ran away and has been replaced by Black Cape.

Sumire and Kaoru could only watch helplessly as the Moscow Combat Revue's actions cause the stadium to be destroyed while Klara flies away after awakening her powers.

Episode 9 : Unbelievable! The Truth About Klara!

Following the events at the stadium, Sumire returned to the Imperial Theater alongside Kaoru and the Flower Division. An angry Hatsuho asks Sumire why the media think the Flower Division are working with the Moscow Combat Revue. Sumire says it's because they cannot allow the public to learn the truth about the events they're currently facing. Sumire is asked by Sakura about Klara's whereabouts but the Commander says that there are no leads regarding Klara and that the Sevastopol disappeared at the same time as the Moscow Combat Revue. Sumire is approached by Kaoru who tells her she has a video transmission. The Commander tells her she's unavailable and that they should call later but Kaoru tells her it comes from Seijuro.

Sumire and the Flower Division listens to the young man as he informs his comrades about what he discovered in Russia during his investigation. He reveals that after travelling around Russia, he discovered that the Moscow Combat Revue truly perished when their airship fell down and that Valery Kaminski's Moscow Combat Revue are actually frauds. He also reveals how he was in contact with a woman called Natalia Ruzhkova. Natalia, who was a scientist researching on Demons, met up with Seijuro one night and revealed how she used cells harvested from a certain greater demon to create human-demon hybrids known as Nadezhda. She almost gave up due to many failed experiments until two Nadezhda that she created were born : Leyla and Klara. She also told Seijuro on how Kaminski, joined the project as a ''volunteer'' to further Natalia's research. However, Kaminski, who mysteriously knew about the Nadezhda, secretly joined the project to use the Nadezhda's power to rule the world. After Natalia discovered Kaminski's plans, she escaped with Klara and contacted the WLOF to warn them. The WLOF sent the Moscow Combat Revue to pick up Klara near Petrograd but Kaminski, who knew about it, arrived and attacked the Moscow Combat Revue's airship, killing the entire Revue in the process.

After telling everything, Seijuro reveals that because Kaminski failed to capture Klara that day, the Imperial Combat Revue were given the Moscow Combat Revue's original assignment. Sumire asks the young man if he always intended to ask the Flower Division to watch over Klara without telling them about Klara being a Nadezhda. Seijuro says that if he has told them that, they would have declined the assignement. However, he mentions on how Klara is still an innocent girl despite her true nature and how they have done their duty. After finishing his message, Seijuro leaves by saying that he will await orders. Sumire asks the Flower Division what will they do now that they know the truth. While her Flower Division comrades are uncertain of their next move, Sakura speaks out and says that the entire truth about Kaminski and the Nadezhda is too much to take. However, she says how much she loved being with Klara, how she doesn't want to see the girl suffer anymore and that she just want to tell her ''Welcome Home'' should she returns to the Theater. After hearing that, the other Flower Division members agree with their friend when one of the workers informs them that the Sevastopol has just appeared. Noticing that the Sevastopol was hiding underwater, the Flower Division wonders on why has Kaminski's forces reappeared now with Sumire theorizing that they might have found Klara. Sumire tells Sakura and the other girls to rescue Klara from Kaminski's forces and bring her home.

Episode 10 : The Destruction of Tokyo? The Rage of Tunguska!

Sumire, Kaoru, Reiji, Hakushuu and the Flower Division assemble in the Control Room to watch Valery Kaminski's live broadcast where he uses a crystal-like weapon known as the Rage of Tunguska to destroy a mountain in a matter of seconds. After demonstrating his powers, Kaminski gives all of the world governments an ultimatum : disband and recognize him as their supreme ruler or be destroyed.

After that, Sumire and everybody else are contacted by Seijuro who tells them that the director of the WLOF was Kaminski's mechanical puppet and that Kaminski probably took advantage of the Genan Incident from one year ago to plant his puppet. When the Flower Division refuses to back down and abandon Klara and Tokyo, Sakura says that she will adapt and use a Type-3 Kobu to replace her unsalvagable Mugen. Even though Kaoru thinks that using such a relic could be dangerous, Sumire accepts to let the young girl do as she pleases and asks the group to save Klara.

In the Hangar, Sumire and Kaoru watch Reiji as he helps the Flower Division assemble in their repaired Mugen as they prepare to infiltrate the Sevastopol. When Kaoru says that they haven't considered how the Flower Division will infiltrate the airborne Sevastopol, Reiji reveals that he has built a launching mecanism that will send a Spiricle Striker to its target in an instant : the Great Bow, a giant crossbow-like machine that shoots big bullet-like capsules holding the Flower Division members. After the Flower Division boards their capsules, Hakushuu, now dressed as White Cape, approaches Sumire. Sumire asks her if the White Cape getup is necessary with Hakushuu saying that the Flower Division has their customs while she has hers. The swordswoman tells her that she will follow the Flower Division as she promised Seijuro that she will watch over the girls. Reiji then brings Hakushuu inside one of the capsules. With everybody ready, Reiji launches the Flower Division and Hakushuu all the way to the Sevastopol.

Sumire, Kaoru and Reiji assemble in the Control Room to watch the Flower Division and Hakushuu confront a group of Kaminski's mechanical dolls who have transformed into golem-like creatures. Reiji contacts Sakura to warn her that the Type-3 Kobu is reaching its limits. As Reiji and the Flower Division try to persuade Sakura of leaving, the young swordswoman refuses as she cannot leave Klara. Her courageous declarations remind Sumire of her missing comrade Sakura Shinguji which prompts the Commander to ask Sakura if she's ready to go all the way to save Klara. Reiji and Kaoru, who understand Sumire's words, try to convince Sumire that using the prototype Obu could drain Sakura's entire spirit energy and possibly kill her but Sumire manages to convince Reiji to send the prototype Obu to the Sevastopol.

Episode 11 : A Fantastic, Tragic Love! Leyla's Heart!

Episode 12 : The Grand Finale! Hope for Tomorrow!

Other appearances

Hanagumi Taisen Columns

In the manga


  • The name Sumire (スミレ) is the Japanese word for the violet flower. This, along with her last name, maybe a reference to her nickname.
  • Sumire's surname Kanzaki means "god" (神) (kan) and "cape, peninsula" (崎) (saki/zaki), which may be a reference to her being the top idol and possible legend.