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Yasha Shin Sakura Taisen
Gender Female
First Appearance
Shin Sakura Wars
First Appearance
New Sakura Wars the Comic
Japanese Voice Chisa Yokoyama

Yasha (夜叉, Yasha) is one of the main antagonists of Shin Sakura Wars. She is an advanced Kouma and a member of Gouma with Sotetsu Genan and Oboro.


She first makes her debut bombing the opening ceremony of the Combat Revue World Games, and damaging President G's ship. Her appearance and voice lead Sakura Amamiya to believe that she is none other than the legendary Sakura Shinguji. But the new theatre manager Sumire Kanzaki, believes not to be the case and forced to disclose Operation Twin Capitals to the new Imperial Revue.

Yasha's goal is to obtain the Imperial Key), the key item of the operation to seal the Archdemon in Shadow Tokyo. To this end, she placed Anastasia Palma in the Flower Division as a spy, promising to reunite her with her deceased family. When Yasha learns that the Key is Sakura Amamiya's Katana she activates her mole. As Anastasia completes her mission and delivers the Teiken to Yasha, Yasha cuts her down with a near mortal wound.

She confronts the Flower Division once more as Shadow Tokyo begins to unseal. Charged with demonic energy, Yasha is able to finish off the Flower heroines one after another. Hatusho is the last to challenge Yasha, but eventually falls too but managing to breakthrough Yasha's power, allowing Sakura, and Seijuro Kamiyama to defeat her.

As the wounded Yasha emerges from her mech, her mask falls off revealing her demonic aberration with a distorted face and crystal protrusions. The revelation that Yasha was not Shinguji at all encourages Sakura Amamiya to finally finish her off borrowing Kamiyama's katana. Yasha fades away a single lock of hair remains, implying she's some sort of flawed clone of the real Sakura Shinguji.


Yasha's appearance consists of a grey outfit with a black cape around her body and had her hair tied up in a ponytail, implying a similar appearance but the most important motif is the mask that Yasha wears on her face which covers her eyes.



  • In the manga, Yasha's face was revealed to be the same as Sakura Shinguji.


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